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Patience : Your Biggest Asset

For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice - no paper currency, no promises to pay, but the gold of real service.

-----John Burroughs

“Are you sure Shruti the new wheels are needed and the coach is not minting money at the cost of your innocence?” Govind asked tired of daily expenditures on the skates.

They were happy with Piu’s performance.

Hell they were proud parents when Piu skated against girls under 14 at a school in Inter school skating championship.

The tiny kid with immense speed, thrill and the way she sashayed her hands on the rink leaving girls thrice her age behind was quite a scene to watch.

Even the principal of Ryan international School was forced to come out and see the little girl who was talked about in the whole school.

Govind and Shruti smiled inertly as they saw faculties and the staff peeping from the corridors and windows to see the little girl who is only five and still skated like a speed of swift.

Even the elder kids of the school patted on Piu’s helmet and pulled her cheeks they loved her so much.

Piu won all the three races qualifying for the higher level inter school tournament, which was supposed to be held in another state, and it was a thing of prestige for the school to have such a student.

Piu would now be apple of the eye of all the teachers of her school.

Principal of Piu’s school Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan had organized a special felicitation ceremony for Piu on the Independence Day honoring her with a trophy of school’s hologram.

Govind and Shruti very well had the knowledge that had Simi and Ria who were same age as Piu participated in the event; there would have been a rare chance for Piu to win.

So Shruti made it her sole motive to make Piu deserve the honor she was blessed with.

They did enjoy the attention Piu received; living for the moment and the confidence booster was a kick to the final gear of Piu’s hard work.

Shruti did not want to leave any coin unturned.

Shruti wanted Piu to be equally skilled in academics as she was gaining proficiency in her chosen sport ’skating and therefore was taking care of Piu’s studies too herself.

In spite of missing school so much due to her skating tournaments and practice session, she scored remarkable in her academics.

One of the teachers also commented and complimented Shruti “had all the parents been like you, teaching would have been a blessed profession.”

Here all Shruti could do was look for what she could do which was bring her on practice on time, feed her well and also buy her the best of the modern equipment for the sport.

Govind on the contrary thinks that she is going overboard with the thing.

“You shouldn’t spend that much on skating. We did buy her rink wheels then why new?” He argued and added “it’s investment time in business and I need liquid cash.”

“Oh don’t worry about money” Shruti said cheerfully, her shoulders lifted all of a sudden as she proudly exhibited “I have saved ample from my classes. I will cover that.”

“Shruti” Govind’s voice pitched higher “I can afford that.”

Shruti flinched at her husbands all of a sudden change of behavior.

Govind tries to control himself. He knew Shruti gets too much involved in whatever work she does but now the water level has reached beyond danger level. She needs to be stopped. The other day she wanted to invite Piu’s coaches for her birthday bash.

It took all his nerves to control his anger. Her rather got upset with her not talking to her for two good hours. Finally when he was no longer able to handle her upset face he patched up. He thought she might realize that she is getting too much involved emotionally in the game.

The credit to a large extent goes to that $exy n skimpy red night wear that she wore to bed that night. She very well knew that he couldn’t resist her in that dress.

A word or two of honey coated chirps, apologies, seduction and there he was like a moth in front of fire burning under desires for her.

He was scared that she might hurt herself. After all this was a game and winning and losing was a part of it.

Also Piu was just a kid. It was her life and it was her choice if she wanted to stay in skating.

He did not want to see Shruti hurt later.

Again she is making unnecessary purchases or even if the purchases aren’t unnecessary they aren’t essential too. He needs to stop this.

Piu participated in couple of tournaments after that with no luck to pertain her a medal neither in road race nor in rink race, Simi bagged bronze always with Anna from other academy getting the gold.

Shruti who was great with her English speaking had now started another segment of personal grooming for kids that further flourished into adults.

What were amazing about her class was even grand mothers and house wives turned up to her for English speaking class.

Shruti on the other hand was completely stressed and over ambitious about Piu’s performance in skating.

Last match she gave a disappointing sigh as she commented to Rita, her bestie now “I wonder if Piu would ever win. Her skating is going nowhere. It’s been five consecutive tournaments that she hadn’t shown any results.

Always positive Rita tried to encourage Shruti “you shouldn’t think about results and calculate the improvements, see her speed has considerably improved and look at the way she bends too low, good for skating. Be patient my friend” and looked for Surabhi, her daughter who was couple of years elder to Piu and in an advanced level of skating doing in lines. She tends to win always earning a gold medal.

‘When you have it, you cannot feel for the ones deprived off.’ Shruti thought to herself and continued cheering for Surabhi. She loved Surabhi for obvious reasons one she being an excellent skater and proficient in academics too as she was always an A’ grader of the class and the other she was as humble and polite as her mother. She loved when Piu spent time with Surabhi.

But another failure in the tournament was breaking Shruti. She got restless and irritated often which affected negatively to hers and Govinds relationship too. They argued and disagreed with each other often spoiling the serenity that they had maintained in their cosy family so far.

But like matured adults madly in love they solved the matters quickly and retained playing happy family.

Govind understood the fact that Shruti was over pressured with too much work.

Also his anxiety to take Piu to a higher level in skating increased so he volunteered to take Piu for skating in the morning wherein Shruti can manage one in the evening that would save her time and help her with a bit of peace of mind.

That was the most he could offer.

“Be home at six” Govind said sternly. It was their wedding anniversary and he’d planned a movie with a follow up dinner for three at Shruti’s favorite restaurant.

He knew Shruti wouldn’t miss Piu’s skating for the world especially when it comes to her luxuries.

It was the movie that Shruti was dying to see, a cliché love story and Govind being a hard core fan of actions still arranged for the movie only for Shruti.

“Why Shruti? How many times have I told you? We have life.” Govind barked as he worked undressing his tie.

He expected his wife to be ready home dressed in her sexy dress that he gifted her in the morning but to his dismay she did not return back home on time.

“I am so sorry Govind. Sir wanted Piu to skate with senior skaters. He wanted her to skate freely and realize how better she could get. I couldn’t say no to that.” She apologized with her puppy dog face that always worked for Govind.

“No Shruti this is not done. We missed the show. I had so dearly planned the evening. I am very disappointed.” He started wearing his shorts no longer interested in his date.

“I am sorry Govind. We can watch the next show. Piu can manage staying up a little late.” Shruti reasoned.

“Okay agreed than she’d miss the skating session tomorrow morning.” Govind offered his bargain after a long pleading by Shruti as he stopped midway going for a bath.

Shruti though didn’t appreciate the fact but she knew not to mess with Govind especially when he is so pissed off because of her.

Piu was skating so well with all big kids on the rink that Shruti lost the track of time.

Though she’d agreed only for one lap of race, she didn’t realize when that lap turned into two three and four till Rita who had come to the rink after ages wished Shruti for her anniversary.

Reality dawning on her she quickly called Piu disappointing the coach who wanted results from her and drove fast, dangerously fast back home.

She did not want to hurt Govind especially on their anniversary but she was too late and Govind had reached home waiting on the porch for her.

“Yeah. I know you’ll be tired.” She reluctantly agreed as she kissed Govind on his lips earning an immediate respond from him.

Coughing of Piu who stood in front of them with folded hands made them realize that they had audience and needed to behave like mature parents.

Matter solved, fight resolved and love was in the air.

“Ma’am there’s a very good news.” A highly excited and enthusiastic Sabu sir called Shruti as she entered the rink with Piu for her session.

“You seem to be very cheerful today.” Remarked Shruti. She’d always seen him stressed and active on the rinks, a bit short tempered too as he worked on the kids.

Skating was a passion for him and he had to fight with his whole family to resume it as his profession.

Now being the best coach of the town, no wonder he has earned full support and respect of the family.

Sabu sir had seen same passion in Piu’s dad Govind and so they turned out to be best friends.

Training other kids for skating always made him happy.

“We have a new qualified coach who after a lot of convincing has agreed to render his services to our academy.” He announced as he bloated “our skaters would now receive extensive training from an academically qualified skater who is also good in theories, I am only a skater wherein he is equally good in theoretical training. I am sure my kids are going to be benefited by him.”

He was high on air with his personal drug which was skating.

“Who is the new coach?” Shruti asked. If Sabu sir is so euphoric about him, he needs to be someone really good.

The ground on which Shruti was standing started wobbling, her head spinning and nerves jittery as she heard the name of the coach.

’No this couldn’t happen’

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