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Love : The Stimulator

We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

------ Orson Welles

“Sure sir. I already mentioned you my discomfort. Sure Shruti will get Piu in the beginner’s batch tomorrow. Good Night sir” Govind disconnected the call giving knowing looks to Shruti who was trying to take in the words that she heard her husband imparting to the coach.

It was a great thing that the head coach Sabu sir himself called up but what exactly had Govind agreed to was not something that Shruti could decipher.

“So what did he say?” Shruti asked as she gave in to Govind’s seductive moves. They were having sweet and hot moments with Piu sleeping; a rare chance that couples get after they become parents and Govind wasn’t the one to miss it.

But Shruti needs to know for her entire schedule which has turned extremely busy with classes and extra counseling sessions these days, she has to adjust and plan her schedule accordingly.

Shruti now had started taking counseling sessions.

She had learnt a lot from her life and when parents approached her for helping their nerd wards, Shruti couldn’t deny.

She had been through it. She studied too about the same.

“Please give me a chance. I won’t disappoint you.” begged Govind.

Shruti closed her eyes in dismay. She did not fear of disappointment by Govind. Instead her biggest fear was soon Govind would realize that she wasn’t any good.

He’ll be disappointed by her.

“I am scared Govind.” Shruti managed to mumble.

She would always turn mute in front of Govind, self conscious always wondering what on earth does Govind see in her to want her as his girl friend.

He deserved so much better than her with his tall, fair and handsome looks, his arm muscles flexing as he holds his grip on the steering wheel of the white Mercedes he is driving.

She looks at him and then stares at her image in the side glass of her car.

Dark sun tan skin, something that Asians do not approve of, thick dark mane of hair but were frizzy, thick lips that did look better now for her friend forced her to wear that silly lipstick.

Her face was clear of pimples now but again the spots of their arrival still stand teasing at her.

She sighs as Govind says “I guess I am in love with you.”

She looks at the glass again wondering the blush pink is due to Govind’s words or she brushed off the makeup put by Sapna, her only friend too harshly to leave a pink patch.

The former was a better option, hadn’t she fantasized her prince charming but she very well knew that those were dreams of the adolescent.

Reality was different.

She got back to senses and said curtly now. This handsome man was smart, a dream prince that every girl would long for. But she wasn’t any girl she was a nerd and she has to tell him before her reality comes back slapping to her face crushing her newly constructed homes of desires under the bulldozers of harshness of the world and society. “Govind, we have hardly met. How can you fall in love with me?”

He is insane’ she thought to herself.

“Shruti” Govind called as he parked his car on the left corner of the road where it was safe.

He lifted Shruti from her chin as she kept her head bent feeling guilty of snapping at him. Cupping her face in both his hand making butterflies flutter in Shruti’s stomach and arousing feelings that Shruti had only read and was abominal that such were for the ease and delight of the writers.

Deep brown piercing eyes of Govind pulled her into them as honest words flowed from his mouth “I had been in love with you from the day I heard about you. the way you never disrespect your parents, the polite speech of yours, the sacrifice you gave to nurse your sick granny staying at the under developed place of her deprived of all the necessities albiet luxuries and....“Govind smiled haughtily she took in all the innocent expressions of Shruti’s he wondered how lucky he’d been to have Shruti exclusively for himself. He was so glad the other day he learnt that she is single. In fact she’d been single all her life.

Is it possible in this era?

“And...?” Shruti asked not to hear any further flattering phrases by Govind but something that wasn’t true and she’d claim that she wasn’t right for him.

Govind chuckled as he looked longingly at her, his fingers brushing her plump lower lips as a sudden desire f feeling them under his teeth surged through him “I love your beautiful eyes that sly down shyly when I say something about you, these lips that you bite when you are nervous making me jealous of your own lips wanting them to be replaced by mine.

“I love you Shruti” Govind admitted making Shruti miss a beat “And I am sure one day you will love me back.” he said confidently.

“And what if you realise that I am not worthy of your love? You are one eligible bachelor that you’d get best girls out in the city ready to mingle with you.” Shruti heart wrenched at the thought of seeing Govind with another lass but she didn’t want her hopes to be lifted.

“For that I guess you should try and make yourself feel worthy of you. I know your worth very well. You are illiterate about your own bests.” Govind said as he raised his eyebrows.

The sudden knocking of the car door by the traffic police, a cue that this wasn’t the best place for love bees to talk and off her drove back to Shruti’s place dropping her right on time as he promised her parents who already approved of him.

Shruti never wanted to disappoint Govind. She’d fallen a bit for him. Though it was slow but still she couldn’t bear the thought of losing him, he was too good to be true, one of its kind.

So the first thing that she did was ‘go to the library and fetch all the books related to personality development, confidence building, trust your own worth ’ and on and on and she read them each.

Though there wasn’t a miraculous change in the reading they first time but gradually as she spent time with Govind she felt her reincarnation, she was no longer a nerd.

Today Shruti is considered as one of the famous personalities in her town, super mom

Now if she could benefit others with the studies she’d betrothed for herself she was more than willing to do it at an instant.

She could not forget the happy tears of a mother whose daughter had turned aloof from the society after she entered her teen, reason being her acquaintance with her chumps and now she wants to live her life fully again like her daddy’s girl that she was earlier, she even asked to get her belly piercing done which was quite a bold step by a naive girl like hers but seeing the positive change in her daughter, she was all in for that.

Now this teen ager guy needs her badly as he has a strange habit of plucking his eyebrows when he was stressed.

Then there was also a weird one who was so addicted to use the curse words which were all ’x rated including often putting himself into huge trouble and Shruti knew exactly how to tackle him...

What stress would a mere 15 year old carry with him, Shruti sighs but she’d already committed to the mother who came to her hopefully, she won’t backup but still she was a mom and she couldn’t keep her priorities above her daughter’s upbringing.

She had the biggest source of energy with her Govind’s love, her personal stimulator.

And with that she’ll do the best for Piu in her life.

Piu will win:)

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