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Positivity: It Can Change Mud Into Gold And Gold Into Diamonds

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it, just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.

-------Demi Lovato
Shruti had almost given up expecting results from Piu, heartbroken that it wasn’t possible with so much better players like Simi and Anjali and coaching with the beginners wasn’t helping any way.

Last week when Piu stayed back for skating and other higher profile players arrived, Piu was the last to finish in one of the races arranged by Sabu sir? Yes he’d dodged Amit sir and made Piu skate with senior players.

Good for Shruti as now she wasn’t so much into skating and was trying to balance between her short tempered husband these days, her classes and her daughter’s studies too.

“I expected Piu to win today.” said Govind after Piu came fourth on the road skating tournament held in their own home town.

“I was happy, I felt she skated well. She beat Raven from St. Lewis group with a huge lead” Shruti said beaming happily at her minx with the helmet for performing so well.

“No last few days whenever she skated and Simi would join in for the roads, she’d easily beat her in practice session with a lead. Today her performance.” he nodded his head in dismissal and disappointment both.

Sugar coated bitterness had fogged Shruti due to snide remarks passed by Amit sir again and again regarding how worthless it was putting Piu in skating.

Last evening Piu said to shruti “Moma come to pick me early tomorrow.”

“Why?” Shruti asked perplexed. Piu always wanted to stay back to play with Surabhi for a while.

“I want to go home early.” Piu said glaring at the green eyed Amit sir who was yelling at the skaters shouting at them to perform well or be ready for spanking.

Shruti sighed as she took Piu home, least she stayed at same place where the negativity about Piu breathed and walked back.

Also Govind’s temper had been on the edge making Shruti conscious all the while

“Really Piu is been beating Simi in practice sessions of road race?” Shruti asked. She wanted to concentrate on the positives.

Never ever in her silliest of thoughts had Shruti imagined Piu beating Simi in any race?

“Yeah every day.” Govind replied as he went to enquire Piu about her lack of performance where both the parents learnt that the flags from where the skaters would turn were wrongly placed earlier when Piu reached and then it was altered later delaying Piu on the race, other three being at the advantage because of the folly by the organizers.

Shruti smiled positively in her mind thinking atleast Piu was first to reach at the turn.

Shruti and Govind chose not to rebel against the organiser’s mistake and prepare for the next major tournament that was to be held in Ahmedabad.

“Well skated child” Sabu sir patted Piu on her head “Sir now I would want Piu to join batch of advance players and I take it as my responsibility that she skates as per their standards” he said addressing Govind.

Shruti chose not to intervene between Govind and Sabu sir and gets comfortable with Rita and Lina who were discussing about the performances of the children from their academy especially Piu. Raven from other team was a tough one and Piu beat her easily

“You don’t come in the morning, Piu is excellent at road skating.” Rita commented.

“yeah I tried to keep myself away from too many expectations.” Shruti said politely

“I am missing you. why don’t you start coming at regular timings.” Lina added. “I know there is something wrong that you are not sharing with us.”

“Why don’t you mingle up and make a group?” Mimi asked Shruti while teacher was busy explaining something about accounts and Shruti was sincerely listening to her.

“Who? Me?” Shruti asked scared to be caught.

“Yes! come make a group. be part of ours.” Mimi invited.

“Ssshhh..she is staring.” Shruti said squinting at the teacher who we staring angrily at them obvious o f the disturbances day two girls.

“So what? This is university, teachers dare not shout at students here. They are too scared of being answered back and spoil their reputation. First year no, you’ll learn gradually” Mimi replied sarcastically as she removed her cell phone reading a text message and replying to the same with a goofy smile on her face.

The teacher sighed as she saw the girls were unaffected and directed her explanation to other students who appeared to be interested in what she was teaching.

“And what do you guys do in group?” Shruti asked enthusiastically. It was the first time somebody was inviting her to be a friend not only with her alone but with the whole group.

Staying with Sapna for the whole final year had made her realize the important of friendship and she did not want to miss the opportunity that came banging to her.

She missed Sapna because she had chosen another stream of academics.

“Nothing bunk classes, go for movies, diners and yes lot of gossip.” Mimi replied as she flicked her curly hair away like a movie star.

“Gossips?” Shruti asked confused, nerd that she was.

Mimi tapped her hand on her forehead and pointed at a girl sitting two rows ahead of them said “I am gossiping about her. Listen she is a repeat in this class. she’d failed last year and I have also heard that she was dating the most popular bad boy from the college who dumped her and impregnated her. She had to go for break and get the abortion done.”

Shruti found the story a bit too attention grabbing and therefore “Really is that true?”

“Yeah! I think so. I heard it from one of my friends who is a senior over here.” looking Shruti all ears to her Mimi asked “Isn’t gossiping an entertaining thing to be done?”

Lost in her thoughts about the suffering of the girl Shruti simply nodded, her eyes locked on the girl in yellow top

Later Shruti was stopped by an intimidating guy “Hey listen Fresher, you can gossip all you want but she is my sis that you were talking about and she’d just lost her dad six months ago and that’s the reason she is repeating . So you gossip mongers think before you speak.”

Never had Shruti ever felt that guilty in her life.

Moore the guy who had taught Shruti to keep away from gossiping turned to be one of her good friends in the university

“Did you ask Piu what happened during the race. Why she lagged behind? Why don’t you come for the batch in which better skaters practice?” Lina the outspoken friend of Shruti rambled with her queries.

“I think Govind needs me” Shruti excused not wanting to give them the reasons she wasn’t coming for the advanced skaters batch especially she didn’t want to create any negative vibes ill talking about someone so good at his work and again when Sabu sir has asked Govind to switch timings that Shruti had overheard there was a rare chance that he’d not agree.

“I am feeling too cold to shout and cheer.” Shruti told Govind as she stood alarmed with the upcoming fever that was on the cards. Shruti could feel it.

Shruti wonders if it was the stress of the events lately or the weather.

Shruti had tough time with Piu and her skating hwen she started the advance batch again

“Mommy, I hate skating.” Piu said, her words not meeting her expressions.

“But you loved it. You always wanted to fly and go for a tournament?” shruti asked confused trying to bring back Piu in focus

“Amit sir” Piu paused as she stared at the shouting coach “I hate when he shouts. He pisses me.”

Shruti couldn’t help but chuckle at the word pisses’ that Piu had learnt from latest Shinchan cartoon series. Mentally promising to make sure Piu doesn’t watch it again she bends to her level pecking Piu on her red helmet and said “Do you remember I shouted at you for writing you maths home work untidily.”

“yeah you made me do it again” Piu pouted as she folded her hands.

“And what happened when teacher checked the same assignment in the class?” shruti asked concentrating on what she needs to do next to create positivity in Piu’s mind for Amit sir.

A bright twinkle shone in Piu’s eyes as she said proudly “For the first time teacher made all my friends clap for me and not Daisy. She also gave me a star and smiley in my notebook.”

“Did daisy’s mom ever shout at you for not doing your homework tidily?” Shruti asked

“No only you do.” Piu answered easily giving full attention to Shruti’s words which were coming very politely.

“That’s because I love you and care for you. Right?′ Shrti waited for piu’s reply which was a nod in agreement

“Similiarly” Shruti took a deep breath as she added “Amit sir is concerned about your skating and wants you to improve that’s why he shouts at you.”

“Oh well. I understand now.” Piu said and skated past Shruti.

“Where are you going?” Shruti asked confused. Wasn’t she impatient to go home.

“Last two rounds moma please." Piu begged and off she went on the start line to skate ignoring the yells and shouts of Amit sir finishing neck to neck with the pro skaters.

Amit sir applauded for her performance making Piu smirk and Shruti a proud mother.

Yet till the start of the day of tournament, Shruti’s anecdotes to make Amit sir favorable for Piu were ending giving her a longing headache and now she could feel fever too.

“It’s okay you sit here.” Govind rests Shruti on the bench working on the warm woolen shawl that she was carrying to cover her properly.

Govind was worried about her, she’d been too lousy lately and hyper active super mom Shruti never was lazy. Obviously she is unwell and is not saying to keep him away from bothering.

Shruti sat on the wooden table besides the tea stall hugging herself trying to fight the biting cold wondering why she alone is affected by the smoldering cold.

Having lost in the other two rink races though Piu reached final heats, she did not expect any miraculous victory today but still she enjoyed the euphoria of the tournament, the shouts, thrill, cheers and bucking up of the audiences filled in adrenaline in Shruti’s body and she couldn’t help but go to the finishing line to find out who made it to final three, first one was Anjali of course, she always wins, second a girl from south and with bated breath she awaited for Simi to bag the third place and what she saw made her shout….

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