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Law Of Attraction

“You will attract everything that you require. If it’s money you need you will attract it. If it’s people you need you’ll attract it. You’ve got to pay attention to what you’re attracted to, because as you hold images of what you want, you’re going to be attracted to things and they’re going to be attracted to you. But it literally moves into physical reality with and through you. And it does that by law.

--------Bob Proctor

The wobbling head of Shruti was trying to take in what was happening around when Piu reached but was intrigued by loud voices of quarrelling and Simi’s crying.

Unable to decipher, Shruti was on the verge of collapsing when Govind smiled at her hugging Shruti and patting Piu proudly.

“I want to go home...” Shruti uttered in muted voice that sick she was when Rita, Lina and mothers of other skaters came over congratulating Shruti

“Congrats, your hard work and of course Piu’s”

“Congo. See finally both your efforts are paid off.”

“You are such evil”

“You cheated”

“This victory is biased”

The mix of voices some bitter, some appreciative echoed Shruti’s ears.

It was later after a long nap and some medics that Shruti gulped than Irfan sir came to talk “I can’t believe it; this happened. Piu was always my favorite and I wanted her to win but” he shrugged.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. I only knew there was a major fight between you and Simi’s mom on the venue. What happened?” Shruti asked as she picked her luggage ready to leave back home.

Govind was taking care of the fuel and the pressure of the tyres for a long journey by road.

“It was like on the start line Piu started late and I had seen her skating during practice sessions. So. I simply commented to one of my friends who also happens to be a local coach here that ’see this girl is last and once she returns after the turn she’ll be in top three position and while I was celebrating Piu’s bronze medal, I turned around to see a very fumigated Simi’s mom standing disappointed that Piu overtook Simi in the race. She just lost it.”

“I honestly never knew about all this” Shruti said

“You were too unwell to realize what was happening around. You almost collapsed in my arms” Govind said as he protectively picked luggage from Shruti’s hands and walked towards the car signaling Shruti to follow.

He wanted to avoid gossips haunting his dear wife. And what happened in the morning wasn’t a very healthy thing to be discussed. He’d brief Shruti up on the way home. It was anyways a six hours drive.

Shruti was left in wonder how Piu overtook Pro-Simi in the road race. It was an amazing achievement but the thought of a disappointed Anu, Simi’s mom and her accusing Shruti and Govind as buying favoritism from the coach was inviting the killer headache that she’d been suppressing with painkillers since morning.

“It’s okay” Govind squeezed Shruti’s hand comforting “we didn’t do anything wrong. Soon they’ll realize. Don’t worry. Sit back, relax and enjoy Piu’s victory. Our little baby had made us proud” Govind said wriggling his eyebrows at Piu’s reflection on the rear view mirror

Piu’s shoulders broadened at a word of appreciation by her father.

“What?” Shruti shouted at the other end of the phone where Rita was monging over the impact of piu’s victory on Simi’s parents.

“You mean they were so disappointed about the fact that Piu won that they preferred to leave the academy?” Shruti confirmed startled.

She’d been a good friend of Anu especially since they belonged to same home town, they cherished the little moments they spent together.

It hurt her to know that she won’t meet her anytime soon except for the tournaments when Piu and Simi who were good friends would only meet as rivals.

“Yeah, she is surely upset and misunderstood. I can say because she didn’t even invite Piu on Simi’s birthday today.” Shruti sighed as Rita asked about the gift that Piu would be taking to the big bash.

“But Amit sir why did he leave?” Shruti did not know whether to act happy or shocked about the revelation.

“See St. Lewis is a big academy and Simi’s father is a big shot so he accommodated Amit sir’s professional training skills there for Simi obviously” Rita explained indifferently. Her trust in Sabu sir’s coaching skills was still prominent.

Unfortunately for Simi and Piu, the game had taken an evil turn and friends were lost in the array.

Govind and Shruti bowed in front of the idol of their lord Krishna and sat there for a while. The vibrations of the temple were a bliss and they felt ecstatic spending time in the lush green verandah of the temple.

“Sabu sir says he’d prove to Simi’s parents that Piu won, not because coaches favored her parents but because she deserved to win” Govind said calmly as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Shruti scrunched her eyebrows wondering what sir is up to “and how does he intend to do that?” Shruti asked vehemently.

“Next month isn’t there nationals in Baroda remember?” Govind asked a question without expectations of answer as he continued “Sabu sir pledges to train Piu in such a way that she’d outperform Simi both in rink races and road races and prove that he indeed is a good coach.”

“Is he trying to use both the kids to prove his superiority?” Shruti asked not very happy about the entire thing.

“No my dear wife this is a blessing in disguise from The Lord where he has blessed the best of the interests if the coach with Piu’s capability of winning. All we have to do is work hard and honestly towards our aim, to make Piu win”

“At the cost of somebody’s loss” innocent Shruti reasoned. Somewhere she felt the loss and missed sweet little Simi, Piu’s friend and Anu, her friend at the rinks and that too because of some silly misunderstanding.

“No my innocent darling” Govind cooed “This is here where your law of attraction comes into action.” Govind explained Shruti in the language she’d understand, a big follower of Rhonda’s Secret that she was “If you want something so desperately, the forces of the universe unite to bring to you what you desire.”

Shruti nodded in approvement wondering if Piu was capable of fulfilling the target or goal that Govind and her coach had set for her.

Like an united front where all the soldiers would fight for their country, the entire coaching staff, parents and even skaters of the academy stood together helping and putting their bit in training Piu.

The coaches were working hard on Piu’s improvement creating new and innovative techniques in training.

Shruti was stunned and even worried when coaches tied on her feet above the heavy skates and made her run for three laps with weight tied to them.

But later she felt immense proud when suddenly her speed doubled after removing those weights, surprisingly increased.

Rita would make sure that she maintained a record of Piu’s timing for 200 mts time trial and check the improvement.

She even came regularly to rinks to check her improvement.

Lina would bring healthy soups and appetisers for Piu, Mihir’s mom Kruti would make sure that Piu is hydrated all the while with water and energy drinks.

All the senior and elder skaters would wait even after their session was over to skate a round or two with Piu which would further give a huge lead to accomplish and improve her speed.

Shruti was awed to notice that gradually the distance between Piu and other skaters was shortening.

Little Piu would get tired and come to Shruti saying “Mommy I am sooooo tired.”

Shruti would feel pity for her little cherub and look around if the coaches are busy and say “Let’s call the day out then.” Then she’d excite her with “I will make you your favorite sphagetti today.”

Piu’s eyes would twinkle over the offer and she’d agree but while she’s about to remove theskates, her eyes would kand on the skaters skating and he resolve woukd strengthen again “Mommy just last round then we’ll go home.”

Shruti would smie and then sigh. She always knew that there wasn’t any last round till theend of the training session of the academy and Piu would keep on skating, never return to her fearing that her mom would take her home.

Shruti’s heart clenched when Piu would sleep at night. She’d get so tired that she wuldnt even take turns at night. Sometimes Shruti herself would get up in the middle ofteh night and turn her sides so that she doesn’t wake up sore in the morning, not before stealing a kiss from her.

Irfan sir was working on improving the start. Piu was a slow starter and he worked an hour each day to improve her start noticing the timing and recording them each day till it came to his satisfactory mark. And he also innovated to use same strokes as the ones used during the start of lifting her feet and marching ahead at the visibility of white ribbon which marks the end of the race.

Sabu sir was working in improving her V strokes and speed wherein coach Mark had dedicated his skills in training cross skating which if accurate saves a lot of time during turns thereby improving the speed and efficiency.

Like a country cheering and praying for their team in international sports was Sabu sir’s academy putting a dedicated team effort to show to the world that their academy was the best. It was a matter of prestige and loyalty now.

Honest to birth Shruti couldn’t step back now.

She strived even though she had to drive 4 hours each day to a remote village where the skating rink was newly constructed as per international standards and was similar to the one they’d be having in Baroda where the tournament was scheduled.

She even volunteered to pick Mihir and Surabhi on her way to the rink. Rather she longed for the company of Rita and Lina too naive to travel such a long drive alone.

“You are coming for the annual function?” Asked one of her friends in the college. She had joined a group finally and was trying to keep up with social etiquette.

“Yeah sure. But I doubt I do not know the way.” Shruti added earning a mocking laughter from Josh.

“Are you crazy who on earth residing in our town won’t know the address of celebration hall? Well then little baby ask a chaperone to join.” He commented.

Feeling intrigued and humiliated by his uncanny words Shruti opted to reach the venue on her own where one of the girls from the group was giving a stage performance under a huge drama company. Also she had a protocol not to leave house for a particular duration. So she thought better leave a little late and stay till the end of the show.

Unfortunately Shruti who haven’t traveled much, being a loner got lost and kept on walking same streets till the show was about to end. She made it but was ridiculed by her new friends which though she took sportingly earning a lot of respect from her friends. But since then she’d been careful about being very comfortable with the routes before she chose to travel.

Rita being with her, she need not bother about the same.

Also she enjoyed the pep fights of the little kids who would either brag that each of them would make a bigger bubble out of the bubble gum than the later one or they would compete about who can drink a bigger sip of Gatorade in a go. The best one being who can imitate Sabu sir accurately while he was training.

When Piu tried to imitate Sabu sir, her sweet innocent voice could never be loud and stern like Sabu sir. She was too sweet for her own good but she tried making others laugh.

These light moments were the only high light of Shruti’s days; once back home, her work and responsibilities would take over and she’d turn into a different mode stressing and fussing over little things, fighting and arguing with Govind too.

Sometimes Govind would regret about his decision about taking up the ultimate goal of earning a championship trophy at the upcoming tournament.

But when Sabu sir called Govind personally telling how he managed to pick Simi’s timing at the race as their coach too had come for practice at the skating rink and though Piu was only micro seconds behind, he confirmed that he still had an Ace of spade in his pocket which could improve Piu’s timing to more than a second and he was even happy that they now had a timing that they could work on. A good opportunity had come knocking on their doors.

Looking at the hardwork Piu was keeping at skating and the star that her teacher had pasted on her notebook as a token of appreciation, Govind couldn’t help but feel proud and positive that Piu will win

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