Road To Success

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Decision Making

Too often the great decisions are originated and given form in bodies made up wholly of men, or so completely dominated by them that whatever of special value women have to offer is shunted aside without expression.

--------Eleanor Roosevelt

Thanks to technology of today that Shruti is able to let her heart out inspite of her deadly tight schedule!

“Trust me I do not even have time to eat poison and die” she commented to Rita on phone while she was whining about her lack of socialism to her.

She feared that Shruti had so much stored in her and again she is not sharing what happened between her and Govind to give up her apartment with Govind. Also work 24/7 to earn for her and Piu.

Shruti was handling with much difficulty for this was not the time to curse and complain. She had a lot to do and socializing stood last in her list.

“Well take care than, I think Surabhi needs me now. I’ll chat with you on messenger app later.” Rita finished the call only to resume late night after her husband and kids had gone o sleep to chat more with Shruti

R(Rita): u doing good

S(Shruti): I have no idea.

R(Rita): but you might have something in mind.

S: honestly all I am is because of Govind and without him *sighs*

R: I really do not understand how can he be such a fool to do this to u

S: no I do not blame him. He wanted best for us.

R: u mean u volunteered to separate but y?

S: I couldn’t and I cannot share. It’s personal.

R: why r I defending him.

S: Bcoz I......

R: I what? You still love him right?

R ?

R ? Are you there?

R are you crying?

S will talk to you later and

Shruti moves out crying to bed and soaking her pillow with her tears.

She still was in a dilemma whether her decision to leave Govind was right or wrong.

Shruti was missing Govind but Piu was worst. She’d miss jumping on Govind’s shoulders, hugging him in the morning, even teasing Shruti with Govind.

She cried today before going to bed “I want Daddy. I haven’t had a pillow fight with him since ages. I want to go to Daddy.”

“Come I will fight with you.” Shruti offered but after a round or two Piu turned around folding her hands and teary eyes “you are no good, I want to play with Daddy. I miss him.”

Shruti sighed not knowing what to do. She was too hurt to decider her next step. All that she was, was because of Govind and his love and today when he doesn’t trust her she cannot think of going back to him.

But Piu? What had Piu done to suffer all this.’

Shruti thought ‘Govind always said that Piu hadn’t asked her to bring her to life. It was we who took the responsibility of giving birth to an Angel and therefore we are indebted to her and we need to give her the best without expecting anything from her.’

So Shruti who believes her husband was her best teacher and follows his verdict and finally decides that Piu deserves a complete family. She deserves to be loved by both her mother and her father and she wouldn’t deprive her of that even if it comes at the cost of get self respect.

She promises to go to Govind at her first instance in the morning and beg him to forgive her even though she wasn’t at fault but for Piu she can do anything, any damn thing in the world. Even if it was bending on her knees and pleading to take both of them in, she’d do that in the blink of an eye

‘Hope the decision she made was correct.’ She sighed at the thought yet promising to be strong herself. She didn’t knew how Govind would look at her now.

Whether she’d be able to take his gaze that said she’d cheated on him?

‘A mother is the strongest. She can do wonders’ another voice in her replied confirming her decision.

Her only regret would be Piu would never be a winner in skating because Govind’s first bargain would be to quit skating.

Shruti pushed her thoughts aside keeping her focus on the first thing on hand and that was gifting Piu with a complete family. Piu was terrible without Govind

She wonders how Govind managed to live without Piu for more than a week.

She remembers how he cancelled his important meeting when Piu was unwell with mild fever. All she had to do was say in a sobbed voice on the phone “daddy I want you with me.”

Govind took the next flight home. Before the dawn Piu was having another round of pillow fight with him.

Today Piu did not enjoy pillow fight with Shruti because it wasn’t just a fight meant to be won or a game. It is a momentum of the laughter and the quality time that father daughter shared and nothing could replace that part of enjoyment

Shruti’s attempt to take her for the much awaited series of Harry potter also failed when Piu denied saying that she was sleepy and did not want to miss skating because of the movie.

Actually all Piu enjoyed in the movie was the interval session when Govind would take her on her shoulders buy her an ice cream and end up playing popcorn fight.

All her fun meant to be with her dad. It wasn’t about popcorns it was about quality time with her dad. She even remembers how on her birthday Govind filled her inflated bath tub with popcorn and the duo had crazy time with popcorn fight earning frequent curses from Shruti who had a massive clean up to do once Piu went to bed.

Shruti wipes her tears takes a long hot shower and works on all the baggage so that she had to pack to take back home.

Piu was thrilled as she left to school because she dreamt about Govind last night and he was sorry for not coming anytime soon.

Shruti knew that Govind is very poor with the word sorry and it was time for her to take the charge.

With the ring of the door bell Shruti had been ignoring it twice as she was too busy working on her class stuff to relocate back home was difficult.

Decision had been made by Shruti or rather a mother.

She was packing even though she wasn’t sure if Govind would take her back.

But she knew Govind well enough not to deny his happiness back home. She even feared about Govind not coming to meet Piu even once! whether he was fine or in town. But today was the time to brush past her fears and succumb to him once again.

Whatever said and done between the two she was assured of the fact that she loved him and he loved her too!


“Yes go.” Shruti pushed Govind.

“Are you sure?” Govind asked.

“I am confident.” Shruti smirked. They were playing games on of the New Years party organised by Govind’s cousin.

The game being every participant was provided three cards each. They were supposed to interact and communicate with other invitees and make them utter yes or no and restrict themselves to use the words yes and no.

Both of them had kept to themselves when few girls turned to them talking and trying to take card from them but Shruti had been smart enough to take their cards instead.

Now since they had enough cards Shruti wanted to put an attempt to win the game, so she asked Govind to go ahead and asked the host or the jockey if the volume of the stereo could be increased.

“Yes” replied the host Samy and that was bulls eye. Govind received a card from the jockey.

“This is the first time in my career that I had lost a card in this game” Samy announced winning cheers for Govind.

Even the hot celebrity model Diana came to shake hands with witty Govind.

Only after a long session of friendly talks when Govind returned, he was both thrilled and mused to observe jealousy in Shruti’s eyes.

“Jealous?” He asked murmuring in Shruti’s ears.

His hot breath on her neck in the winters of new year brought chill down her spine.

She couldn’t believe in the feelings that she’d recently developed for Govind.

She respected Govind, she even liked him but hell! This was a new revelation, these feelings were different, these goose pimples on her body told different tales of. Romeo and Juliet.

Had finally the bless of love been inferred on her.

“You are blushing red” Govind told in her ears and she bit her lip embarrassingly about the new thoughts that were running in her head.

’Did Govind read them?′ she wondered.

Ignoring the cheers and the gift that was coming to their direction by another celebrity who was the owner of the venue, Govind dragged Shruti out of the party hall, taking her to the elevators.

He knew he’d won his battle of love.

Shruti had finally fallen for him. He could read it in her eyes sparkling clear.

When Shruti followed him unquestioningly at the elevators, the closed doors and the song ’please forgive me running on the back ground.

Shruti’s grip on Govind’s jacket tightened as he leaned towards her, she giving no signs of repulse. Soon they inched closer, their lips meeting and hearts beating. The 14 storey ride of the elevators that took five long minutes, both Govind and Shruti explored best of each other. They shared the best of lip locking moments that Shruti was oblivion to.

They were two people now in love.

Shruti today had learnt a new definition of love. It was a one word answer ’Govind’

And she succumbed to his charms, his honesty, his beauty, his inner strength and his love....

He loved Piu equally rather she would never want to measure if he loved Piu more or Shruti.

Shruti knew that nobody could love her like Govind did; neither could she love anybody else in her life.

Yes she despised the fact that Govind really believed that she could cheat on him but still she could be angry at him for the same but not stop loving him.

Loving Govind for Shruti was as compulsory as breathing to live.

Things had taken a different turn since she enrolled Piu for skating.

There were lot of places that she went wrong from too much involvement with the game, then coaches, gadgets, parents and now the zest to win.

Wasn’t she giving up a bit too much, a big price to be paid for success!

Is it worth?

Would winning be worth at this cost?

And with so much happening in their small cosy family,

Would an emotionally shattered Piu be able to win?

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