Road To Success

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Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent

- Calvin Coolidge

So many times when she was young Shruti observed her friends skate at the compound of their apartment. The speed, their shrill and the excitement was indeed attractive to her eyes. But the very thought of she herself skating would scare the hell out of her.

The fortunate day when she picked her little cherub swollen after a long labour and forceps delivery she’d promised her little angel to make her the smartest girl of the family.

The red baby bruised in blue and hair all over her body for first few minutes didn’t look as beautiful as she is today with her chubby cheeks, dimpled chin, rosy lips, curly hair so very fair and deep dark eyes that would dance every time she’d look at her; a hyper active naughty baby that Piu is so Shruti carved it in her to-do list to make her an appeasing personality

So when it comes to physical strength; she is not going to be frail and delicate like Shruti herself, Piu will a be strong girl with perfect curves and beauty that she’d bring up her daughter to be.

Today Shruti went shopping with Govind to buy first pair of skates, which were beginners tenacity for Piu.

She is not scared that Piu will fall from skating and hurt herself because she is determined that she will always be there to hold her and be her protector. Nothing can hurt her little Piu. She won’t let it happen.

“Why do you need a pair of running shoes?” yelled Shruti’s mom. “You are already perfect. Another inch loss from your body and I swear Govind would get nothing from your body. He won’t enjoy being with you during nights.”

“Mom” Shruti threw her hands in the air “it’s not for me or Govind for heavens sake. It’s for my baby.”

“Baby you mean Piu” she asked shocked “why would she comment on your weight she is so young and cute” she said pulling Piu’s cheeks earning a glare from Piu

“Nanny” Piu yelled pushing her hands from her face where Shrutis mom had pulled lovingly.

“Mom” Shruti took a deep sigh explaining “Piu is into skating these days.”

“Wow” Shruti’s mom interrupted proud dwelling on her lanky shoulders “you are a smart girl” she said as she patted on Piu’s shoulders

“But why do you need to buy sneakers if she is skating?” Her mom asked perplexed.

“I will tell you if you let me finish.” Shruti said sternly as she continued “so where we take her for road practice at night, the road is dwelled with street stray dogs and Piu is scared to skate alone there. It is also dark with negligible lights. So to enhance Piu’s confidence I run with her when she skates. Okay and the shoes, the canvas ones that I have bite so I want professional sneakers.” Shruti took a deep breath as she finished in a go “Am I justified to run now?” She asked exasperatedly.

“Okay I understand.” Shruti’s mom gave knowing looks “but isn’t it dangerous I mean unsafe for her to skate on a road? There’d be risk of speeding vehicles and what if she falls and she might get hurt. Heaven’s sake she is a girl. What are you up to?” Her mom yelled least happy about the fact that the girl only 4 years was put into so much labor.

“Mom please. Do you think me and Govind are that stupid to risk over Piu” Shruti said stealing a kiss from Piu who was busy playing with the toys her nanny had bought for her in her absence “no it’s a local society and a secluded area where vehicles are prohibited and so it is safe and her being a girl part. Come on give me a break!”

“Break, you want a break.” Her mom shouted “don’t you remember how we brought you up. You were taken care of like a princess and what are you putting Piu into. I completely disapprove of it. Girls should be delicate. Don’t put her into all this and why are you doing this? What if something happens to her, some accident and she spoils her face? Who’d marry her then?”

“Mom” Shruti lost her calm now “it’s not about how I have been brought up. We too bring her up like a princess and our little princess is also going to be strong and yes successful. And I do not care what I get in return. And she will marry someone who loves her internal beauty, her soul, not who is impressed by her external beauty. Not that I’ll let any harm to her. I want to put in her my best and she is not only a girl. She is MY girl. And I am determined to give her the best. I will.”

“You are stressing her too much. Don’t do that.” Her mom warned

But Shruti was determined to bring her girl up in a way that she succeeds in each and every field that she chooses.

She won’t be a loser like her mom.

My Piu will be a strong girl

She’ll be a great skater

She will win.

My princess will win

I am determined …

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