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Thinking Big: You Think;You Can

Listen, if you don’t talk big game, you never get anywhere. If you don’t think big, you don’t get big. Some people call it egotistical, some people call it high hopes, and some people call it confidence. It’s all in how you want to dissect it.

---by Vanilla Ice

“We are not here to occupy our kid with an activity. We have huge goals. We are planning for international. We want Piu to be a professional skater” Govind said to the coach when he took her for training for the first time, Shruti was not able to take her as she was busy with her house hold chores especially since the class was scheduled in the morning, it being a weekend holiday for Piu in her Montessori.

“Very well said sir,” replied her coach Sabu sir a man with a sturdy personality who believes in all work and no play. With a tall height, dark complexion and broad built, he’d give competition to wrestlers and therefore he took no nonsense in his academy

“Now I’ll take her training at my personal level. I will see to it that she is trained accordingly,” said Sabu sir encouragingly.

“That would be great sir. I feel obliged by your words.” anticipated Govind overwhelmed by the coach’s positive words.

“No problem sir. We actually look forward to keen and dedicated parents.” The coach said happily.

Then there was great interchange of words between the coach and Govind in which coach shared that Piu’s progress that was slower as compared to her cousin who was also training in the same academy.

Both the cousins were quite close to each other and enjoyed each other’s company so why not take them for the academy together was the unanimous decision of both the parents.

In fact he too started training on the same day. Her friend, cousin Kapil was a year elder to her but they shared amazing chemistry.

Elder to her he was really good at skating and sped up within a week while Piu was still trying to balance on the steel frame of wheels attached to her shoe.

Well Piu’s slow progress as per the coach was due to inaccurate skates which were tractor wheeled instead of roller wheels; so not good for effective skating...

Now this was a major setback to both Shruti and Govind.

Skates that they’d purchased with lot of enthusiasm weren’t right for the sport.

‘Would her husband; the sole sponsor of Piu’s game buy a new set of skates?’ thought Shruti.

Of course yes! Govind means no compromise in his child’s development.

And if his little girl is skating he’d provide best of the equipment for the same.

Shruti on the other hand was thinking biggggg!

She’d vowed that she’d think big for her daughter

“Mom, can I participate in the dance competition?” Shruti begged her mom.

“No” was the reply’ her mom’s favorite word. “I know you’d get tired after long practice hours of dancing and then the costumes for the dance, jewellery, pick up and drop. I don’t think I can afford all that.”

“But mom I had committed. It’s matter of my class reputation. Already the number of girls participating is few and if I give up, my partner will suffer.” She tried to convince.

“No. You should have thought about it before committing. You are so weak; your food habits are poor. I do not think it is a good choice so better take your name back or I guess I’ll take the matter to your dad.

Scared of her dad’s strictness she opted to take the easy option.

She chickened out.

“You are such looser”

“I knew it you are not worthy of trust”

“This is so not fair”

“You are a nerd, a big nerd”

“Nerd Nerd Nerd” bullied all her mates from the dance but she swallowed her tears, bent her head and sat quietly in the classroom trying to focus not on what her peers were bitching about her but on what blabbering the teacher of her least favorite subject history was doing.

For Piu; Shruti is no longer a nerd, she won’t be a chicken and will think big.

“Govind” Shruti called seductively, fluttering her eyelashes and rubbing her bosoms with his hard six-pack chest.

Yes! With body like that of an athlete he was a weight lifter in his teens. Shruti would often wonder what good had she done in her last birth to deserve a loving partner like Govind.

“You are killing me Shruti” Govind said fully turned on as he was about to steal a kiss from his beloved wife.

Shruti ducked him hiding her miniature figure behind his hulk body hugging him from behind; tiny love games of a happy married life.

“You know Shruti I do not only love you but I understand you also and that too very well” Govind remarked making Shruti blush beet red.

He pulled her in the circle of his arms “tell me what is cooking in that little head of yours?” He asked pressing his forehead with hers teasing her with tiny butterfly kisses.

“Oooouuuccchh “ Govind shouted “what is that for?”

“I was just checking” Shruti smiled mischievously after she pinched Govind “that if you are real. How did I get so lucky to have an understanding person like you as my husband?”

“Well then let me think?” Played Govind “exactly what I did, you did the same so we have each other and now stop running around the bushes tell me”

“Okay” Shruti took a deep breath “Piu’s skates.”

“Piu’s skates” Govind repeated as he teased her trailing tiny kisses on her neck.

“Let me focus” Shruti pushed him “Piu’s skates as said by her coach won’t help her in skating so I was thinking that why not buy her a new one.”

“Shruti” Govind huffed irritated “how many times did I tell you whenever it’s about purchasing the necessities you simply go ahead and do the purchasing don’t ask me, Silly.”

And he tried to continue where Shruti had pushed him between her neck and her shoulder where the cavity of her cleavage begins.

But Shruti stops him earning a pout from him “Govind please listen I am serious.”

With his hands folded Govind sat attentive resting his head on the headrest of the white carved bed of their bedroom and gave all ears to Shruti.

“What I am saying is you want Piu to play international right.”

“Absolutely” replied Govind.

“So why buy tenacity? Instead let’s buy a pair of roller skates or quads in which she can participate in tournaments too.” Shruti stated.

“Oh! She is too young for competitive sports.” Govind dismissed the thought.

“No Govind they have tournaments for kids aged under- 4 and believe me Piu can participate.

Govind wandered in his thoughts for a while and said “Umm.. Mmm. I think ...

Shruti was left wondering if Govind would agree to buy Piu a set of Quads or roller skates that were 20 times expensive than the normal tenacity that they had already bought for her but were not worth.

They say you should think Big

Shruti is thinking Big for Piu

Piu I have brighter and bigger thoughts for you.

Piu you are going to have a big, bigger and successful career.

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