Road To Success

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In my mind’s eye I visualize how a particular sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph.

It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice.

-- Ansel Adams

It has been a real hectic day for Shruti today with loads of guests, Piu’s fancy dress competition tomorrow in which she is dressed as a computer completely designed by Shruti and she cut her hand too with the cutter in the process but Shruti didn’t mind a bit and rather took the pain smilingly as Piu was wonderful when she narrated the short speech that Shruti had taught her for the same. She iced her thumb that was cut feeling proud of her doll who has amazing speech and is confident when she faces the stage.

“Why did you come?” Asked one of her friends, not friend classmates

“To make a fool out of herself,” commented another classmate.

Shruti gulped in the bile in her throat and wiped the stray tear that was about to betray her eyes and bent down enacting to work on her socks.

“She is a looser. Why doesn’t she accept it and stay within herself. People will mock if you come for a poem recitation contest and your legs wobble when you face the audience. No need of crying and being a drama queen” the popular girl of the school commented flicking her short shiny hair on her forehead away.

Shruti cried to bed that day cursing herself for the very attempt of participating in the poetry recitation competition.

What if the poem was self-written? It was humorous too as both her younger cousins were laughing holding their stomach while reading it.

But a nerd can only be humorous at the cost of his/her humility.

“Will never participate again,” she promised herself.

But Piu was different. When she was participating in her first event Shruti bought a special amplifier system and made Piu sing on the microphone at home first.

First in the closed boundaries of a room, later in front of her dad, then grandparents, cousins, neighbors and so on.

So when Piu went to the school to face the stage, microphone and audience she was comfortable and she even won second position, which was quite an achievement for her, being her debutant performance on the stage.

Shruti smiled ear to ear that day and went to sleep with a big broad smile on her face. She was so proud of her little angel.

Well the challenges weren’t done yet for the day. The electrician popped at the door right on the time when she was about to leave for the skating academy.

The reason why Shruti was keen and excited to reach the academy was Piu was getting her first set of professional skates today.

All geared up with a set of helmet, new Nike socks and even a skin suit which is a dress specially meant for skating that Shruti couldn’t resist buying from one of the malls only weeks later Piu joined skating. It seemed so tempting to Shruti, the red and black colour of the outfit seemed as if it was designed specially for a very pretty fair complexioned Piu

But as they say there are loads of thorns in the path of roses.

When Shruti drove half way through for the skating rink, her car gave up.

The petrol meter had a snag and showed half full when there wasn’t a single ounce of oil on the tank.

So after seeking help from two strangers creating a whole embarrassing situation, filling the tank, Shruti managed to reach the academy only half and hour before the closing time of the academy.

The drama queen nerd ’Shruti was Back at the time of stress as she hurt her finger that was bruised again between the door of the car in a haste to reach the skating rink. She wanted to see Piu skate.

She hadn’t ever seen her skating for the tractor wheels could only make her walk over the ground so she was excited to see her daughter skating; skating in true sense.

The pain, the blood dripping and the stress eliminated immediately as Shruti observed the red and black skating shoe that Sabu sir had brought for her daughter.

The yucky smell of leather smelt like lavenders, shoe color; though she wasn’t very fussy about dressing up but still when it complimented the skating dress she had bought for Piu, she loved it.

Piu stood taller than usual albeit the fact that she is the tallest in her class and she almost reached Shruti’s waist.

Ignoring the looks other parents were giving Shruti that she kept the coach occupied with her fuss over her daughter, her new skates, payment and the excitement to just start up with it, Shruti ignored and lifted her bundle of joy in her arms and moved her in circles kissing her and earning a kiss back from her.

“Mommy I am scared.” Piu told Shruti making her nervous all of a sudden and even more scared than she was already feeling.

But she had vowed to make Piu a strong girl. She won’t let her fears transfer to her little baby.

She gave a small thought to Piu’s words and put her intellect mother’s mode on and bent down to go face to face with her.

“Let’s sit and talk,” she told Piu.

She ignored the impatient coach as he was getting restless every passing minute desiring to finish off the day with the task in hand.

Shruti elated herself and also Piu as they sat on the stone bench on one corner of the skating rink.

Then she compared both their heights.

“See you are only a palm span smaller than me but I am sure you are a much grown up child than mama was in her age. Soon you’d reach my shoulders than my head and you’ll be taller than mama; just like your daddy.”

“Really” Piu asked excited and shocked at the same time “Can a daughter be taller than her mommy.”

Shruti chuckled at her baby’s innocent cute words. She pushed few strands of Piu’s hair inside the helmet and answered “Yes. Even mama is taller than nanny”

Piu gave a thinking nod visualizing Nanny’s height comparing it with her mother’s and smiled graciously making her mother’s heart melt.

‘Time to break the ice’ thought Shruti.

“So even mama was scared when she first saw the skates but then I saw other girls skating and they are doing it pretty well.” Shruti told showing other girls and boys skating around in the rink and she added, “Piu is taller and smarter than all others and she knows that.”

Piu being a smart and observant child understood what her mom was trying to convey” And now when you are stronger and taller than mama, I guess you fear less and would skate well.”

Piu gave one understanding nod to her mom and Shruti pulled her as she added “before you start take a deep breath and think that you are already skating like all these kids.” and kissed her on her cheeks.

Piu stood determined pushed her moms cuddling hand gesturing that she was ready, visualized herself and went for a go.

Shruti sighed and patted her own back imaginarily “Job well done” and went back to her own self who was very scared.

“Will Piu be able to skate?” Shruti asked herself.

Or buying new skates wasn’t worth?

Will Piu be fine?

Hope she doesn’t hurt herself”

Worried about the breakdown of the car, overprotective Govind rushed to the academy to check on his loving wife and adorable daughter.

Looking at his nervous wife leaning on one of the walls near the skating rink when the coach was helping Piu with the basics to start up with the new skating gear, Govind went to her and held her hands comforting her that he was there.

He hugged her ignoring the glares that he got from the conservative society where they were living and there stood both the parents smiling coherently when their amazing daughter sped skated flying and cutting the wind as she ran with a swish in front of them visualizing her bright future ahead.

They had envisioned her success.

Shruti gave vision to Piu’s confidence.

Shruti visualized Piu’s victory.

Piu will win:)

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