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Handwork: It Never Goes Futile

Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.-By Sam Ewig

No means No” yelled Shruti’s mom.“But mom my jump in the practice session broke the records. My coach personally said that.” Shruti tried to convince her mother.
“I am glad that you did but honestly speaking neither do I approve you of going out of the city alone with a coach nor can I afford your traveling expenditure so it’s better you deny him” her mom cut her off.
Shruti simply agreed for she was not the one who’d rebel.
Suppressing her inner desires she buried her chance of being an Olympic champion in long jump that she excelled at in school because her parents did not want to send her for a national level tournament held in a different city neither did they have time and money to accompany her for the same.
Rather they believed that sports are simply waste of time. To progress in life according to Shruti’s parents was to be proficient in academics alone.
Perhaps Shruti too started believing the same.

She stopped all her activities in sports.Things have changed now. After Piu’s birth Shruti has started living her life with a different perspective that she’d learnt from her personal experience and she dared to apply that lesson because she’d have the love of her life, true love on her side.
Shruti was hesitant to ask Govind to take Piu for the Open State Skating tournament to be held in a city which was ten hours drive from their home.

“govind…” Shruti said hesitantly and at an instant Govind was behind Shruti wrapping his arms around her slim torso as he kissed her on her neck “Yes my love.”

Shruti took in the tingly feeling that Govind’s touch would give her even after 76 years of their marriage blushing and forgetting what she was about to say.

“Yes Shruti?” govind asked as he continued his sweet torture between the crook of her neck and shoulders kissing and biting softly.

“Uh huh” Shruti was high with love; lust and desire making Govind giggle at his affect on her.

Breaking out of the trance that Shruti was in, she blushed profusely and turned around feeling comfortable in the arms of her lover and husband “I wanted to ask if we could take Piu for a tournament.” She paused biting her lips “State level”

Govind pulled her lip from the grasp of her teeth with his fingers kissing them softly and said “I already received a call from Sabu sir regarding the same.”

“And?” Shruti tried her best to compose her anxiety.

“Sir really thinks we should take Piu and therefore I agreed.” Govind said easily calling Piu “Piu my baby I have a surprise for you” he called and went to his baby leaving an awed Shruti behind.She expected a no for Piu’s tournament too especially when five more girls from the same age group were also coming along to participate in the same tournament and all of them were better skaters than Piu
Shruti was surprisingly glad that Govind was very positive about taking Piu for participating at the tournament.
Very enthusiastically the entire family drove to the venue of the tournament.
Not to forget the rigorous training hours a week before the tournament, sometimes at 5 in the morning or after 10 in the evening when it was safer to skate on the streets of the city.
Shruti would feel proud of Piu everyday when she’d wake up fresh on only a call.
All Shruti had to do was kiss her baby on the forehead and move her hands lovingly on her forehead and ask, “Baby would you like to go for practice?”
With droopy and sleepy voice Piu would mumble “yes” and at the next instance she’d dress up and get ready sitting in front of her mom to get her shoe lace tied by her.
Tiny hands of Piu weren’t strong enough to tie her laces of skates tightly.
Shruti would take care of Piu’s gadgets, her bottle of drink, water, helmet, towel and end up getting late and she’d ignore herself and leave her house without even bothering to change her track pants or combing her hair, her dark waves were always tied into an untidy bun in the mornings and her deep black eyes only had love for her baby and envision of her bright future.
“Govind you know very well that Piu won’t be able to win a medal in the tournament, I mean there are better girls than her in the academy and there would be others from all over the country and much better than her then why are you making her work so hard?” asked Shruti tired of her daily schedule which was getting hectic each day with lot of time consumed outside the house and the house hold chores that she had to perform. Being a workingwoman dealing in beauty cosmetic as a wholesaler, life was too much taxing and these additional hours of training were taking her patience and health on a toll but still she did it without complaining.
What she was worried about was her daughter was stressing too much physically with school, drawing classes, not to forget she’d won a gold medal in international drawing competition lately.
“Shruti” he kissed her on her temples adoring her innocence. He loved every bit of her and said “dear hard work never gets wasted.” And finished the conversation making Shruti wonder if he was talking practical or he’d read too many motivational books in his early teens.
Romanticism in extreme, Govind was never a social person; he was confined to himself and his family. Piu and Shruti alone meant the world to him. No discos, no parties, no clubbing and not even friends. His only interests were watching a movie or going for a holiday at different destinations with his family. Yet he was very intelligent, a successful businessman with annual income enough to manage his family and few luxuries including the holiday tours once in a year.
But he had amazing magic in his words that would make Shruti follow each and every word that he said with blind faith.
‘He is being bit too positive’ Shruti thought to herself but there is no harm in working hard she conceded putting extra efforts in Piu’s training specially and intensified for the tournament.
Best thing was Piu enjoyed every bit of it and never complained! Her cousin wasn’t that keen though and so kept out of the tournament.
At the tournament....
Shruti and Govind stood with Piu. It was a cold misty morning with sun peeping from behind the clouds. It was a busy road but restricted for the tournament under special permission from the traffic department. The cool breeze caressing Shruti’s body made her pull her veil tighter to her body.
She mentally patted on her back for being smart enough to dress Piu with a jacket over the skin suit.
Shruti was analysing the whereabouts of the first tournament that Piu was about to participate.
Kids dressed in blue, black and red skin suits, some who couldn’t afford the expensive suits simply carried their underpants and tight fit tees along with immense confidence. The shining plastic helmet of different colours orange, green and red that were thin stripes, few pros of the game wore branded helmets of Bell.

Doting parents were feeding their kids with cheese slices, few forcing a banana, which is a quick energy booster into their children’s mouth. Coaches were counseling their students or passing last moment encouraging them to boost their speed and performance and nervous kids nodding in approval.At the end of the road where desperate travelers were yelling and cribbing for disturbance in their daily routine due to which organizers are supposed to start the event soon.
Call for under 4 girls at the starting line made Shruti’s hands clammy with sweat, her heart beats fastened with nervousness like she was skating instead of Piu or she was facing the stage herself, her biggest fear: stage fear.
Will Piu win?
Will Piu feel nervous like her mom?

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