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Actions : To Act Is To Survive

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.

-----William Shakespeare

“Sorry I can’t” denied Shruti for participating in the next tournament in under six categories for Piu.

“Come on Shruti grow up. See it is important.,” explained Rita one of the parents of skating group and Shruti’s good friend now.

“Important!” implied shocked Shruti. Piu is so young and it is her first year under six. She cannot even overtake Simi who is mere months elder to her then how would she be able to defeat anyone else. “Wouldn’t there be better girls there, I mean better than Simi too.”

“Precisely” explained Rita “start of the year, let Piu face better players and check where she stands and how much effort she has to put in.”

“I am too confused” Shruti shrugged her shoulders. “This is a different world, it has different perspectives and completely different outlook. I don’t know what to do.”

“That’s what my point is. You have no idea about the game. You should follow senior players and parents.” Rita said humbly as gave another loud shriek to Surabhi “BEND Surabhi BEND” and continued, “I am not boosting but the height your daughter is blessed with, she definitely has the potential.”

Sweet appreciative words by Rita for her daughter made Shruti think about it again.

She made a mental note about talking to Govind regarding the same.

She knew overprotective Govind wouldn’t be comfortable traveling with Piu with his demanding business these days.

He hardly manages to come home on time and even if he is home, he is either busy with his phone or completely stressed out.

Had it been normal circumstances she might have discussed comfortably but now with his short temper, which is at peak when he is stressed out with work, Shruti feels reluctant.

“Come on Shruti and Palak go to sleep,” said her mom.

“But mom it’s only 9:30. I want to watch my favorite daily soap” Shruti pleaded politely.

“Girl your dad had a major loss of tender today. He lost his office bag rather someone stole it from the bank that he’d been in the noon. It had cash, passport, credit cards and other very important documents. So he’s short headed today. It’s better if you do not face him. You have all the ideas how he gets when he’s had a bad day.”

“Oh mom I wanted to discuss with him about the new spike shoes that I need for my physical training. I need them for my grading.” Shruti asked in despair.

“Oh baby” her mom choked on her sob as she kissed her forehead “I will try to talk to him once he is relaxed when he is ready for the bed.”

Her mom did not talk to her father. He was too upset and disappointed. Even when Shruti met him in the morning before going to the school, she didn’t talk about the same. Scared of her dad’s outburst in anger she simply greeted him and walked off to school wearing her old torn shoes earning a B grade.

So she’d inherited from her mother never to trouble a man when he is stressed because of his business and so she followed it all the years.

Today she was going to walk on a new path.

Govind arrived home late tired and exhausted. He loosened his tie, plucked his shoes leaving them on the door today; tired that he was otherwise he makes it a point to hide it behind the door which Shruti later manages with her own whim and fancy.

He did try to keep it in the cupboard only ending up spoiling and soiling her favorite white Prada heels.

His bag was dumped on the couch a complete unhealthy habit that Shruti dislikes but still she kept herself muted acknowledging the gruesome day that he had in the office. She checked it with his receptionist that he was busy the entire day with board meetings and site surveying. He had skipped his lunch sticking to five cups of coffee.

‘Too much caffeine’ sighed Shruti. She knew caffeine only triggered temper.

Like an obedient wife she’d put Piu to bed who was very tired after a hectic day and did not compel her to see daddy before she went to sleep.

The food served was perfect just as Govind preferred neither too hot nor too cold.

The shimmering Indian curry with cottage cheese combination was metaphor to Shruti’s mental condition.

It was red, shiny and greasy well presented like Shruti’s face, which she’d cleansed and made up with a bit of moisturizer and it was spicy, and mixture of vegetables and cottage cheese like Shruti’s head was a mixture of so many unanswered questions.

Govind waited till Shruti joined him with last serving of circle shaped Indian breads which were soft and round perfectly made like her character which was strong and soft both at the same time thought Govind smiling ineptly.

Nothing could relax him more than returning home to a smiling wife and a contended daughter.

“Why are you hesitating?” asked Govind as he relished his bite with the curry.

“What?” worded Shruti unheard what Govind said as she was only fiddling with her spoon and the food trying to phrase words in her mind to be spoken to Govind about Piu’s forthcoming tournament.

By the time the three-hour session of Piu’s skating was done Rita had convinced Shruti that Piu’s participation in the tournament is a must, especially when Piu came up to her after finishing her class. She rather skated towards Shruti hugging her tight as she speed skated making Shruti tumble backwards. With roller skates on her feet Piu appeared taller as she now reached her waist.

Shruti bent down to reach Piu’s height and stole a quick kiss from Piu who hated display of emotions in front of others.

Like father, like daughter

But Piu was too excited to mind today as she spoke “mommy can I also go to the tournament? It’s in Baroda. I want to go,” she pouted.

“My baby” Shruti kissed Piu patting on her back “we’ll talk to daddy and let’s see what he says”

Piu nodded understanding what her mom said. She was such a darling child. Unlike other kids of her age, Shruti doesn’t remember Piu being complaining or stubborn over anything.

Or you can say with every demand or wish of Piu Shruti goes weak on her knees and wants to fulfill at an instant. Piu never had to beg or ask for anything. Before she’d utter things, toys, books and even chocolates were at her disposal

She remembered last time when Piu was unwell and wanted an ice cream. Shruti had to control all her nerves to deny her wish.

Now it was her wish to go and play that tournament. So all Shruti needs to do is talk to her husband.

That wasn’t a difficult task. Was it?

“Shruti” Govind called her name loudly making her sit on an alert mode.

“Relax” he patted over her hands and asked, “why aren’t you eating?”

“I am okay.” Shruti replied as she bit the first bite of the food and tried to communicate casually “Rita, you remember, Surabhi’s mom was talking about under six tournament and she was kind of forcing me to take Piu along.”

“You want to go because she was forcing you or you would like to go because it is good for Piu?” asked Govind as he enjoyed the delicious cuisine served to him for dinner.

“Well” Shruti took a deep breath “I want go because the coach explained that it is better for Piu to familiarize with the kind of competition that she is going to face in this year. But I understand that you are busy and cannot travel.”

“How are others going?” Govind asked as he bit another bite of his bread.

“I have no idea but yes Rita is traveling alone and offered me to join her.,” stated Shruti trying to dig in the food in her mouth.

Though Govind wasn’t very comfortable in sending his two girls that he valued the most alone but still he suggested, “why not the entire group travel together. I can arrange a minibus for you all. That way you all will be together and I do not have to worry about you too.”

“Sounds good” Shruti seconded “I’ll talk to others and we can make it a plan.”

“I will miss you” Shruti pouts as Govind leaves for office. Shruti and Piu are leaving for the tournament today.

“Me too” Govind kisses her till she pants breathing high.

So much in love they cannot have enough of each other.

“Be safe, stay with Rita or someone else all the time, and don’t go up to strangers. And yes any problem and I am only a phone call away.” Govind instructed.

“Yes MoM” Shruti saluted Govind military style teasingly. Govind sometimes gets way too much with his overprotective behavior.

“You know I care.,” said Govind sternly.

“I know and I love you too.” She kissed Govind once again.

He cares when he admits means that he loves us but he is too squint with the usage of those gracious words. Sorry, thank you, love you are there in his dictionary but he treasures them a lot or you can say he values them so much that he doesn’t want to waste them to the level of exhaustion.

“At least today Govind” Shruti acts fake anger “say those words” and she turns around; her forehead crinkled with a frown and her hands folded on her chest angrily.

Govind smiles at his melodramatic wife and hugs her from behind kissing her sweet spot under her ears and murmurs huskily “I Love You” making each and every tentacles of her body rise in anticipation of those true words spoken from his heart.

“I am so glad that we delayed the bus for couple of hours” said excited Shruti to Rita “Piu won the drawing competition.”

“Yeah you were the demanding one that you’d go only if Piu is able to attend the competition. You knew that she’d be able to make It.” teased Rita.

“No. I only wanted her to participate and not miss these tiny activities of the school. They bring about the personality in you,” explained Shruti.

“You too are coming for the tournament,” exclaimed Simi’s mom shocked to see Piu participating in a tournament with negligible chances of winning.

“Yeah Piu is also participating.” bellowed Shruti “I thought At least participate. Even if she looses, it would be an overnight picnic for both mother and daughter.”

“Quite an expensive picnic!” mocked Simi’s mom again.

Shruti was taken aback by that comment and felt sad too but Rita pressed her palms comforting her and suppressing her not to react on the words of no worthy.

“Shruti” mocked one of the girls from her class “what is she doing here?” She told one of the boys as she broadened her chest popping her just grown boobs.

“Come on let’s not waste time on losers.” The boy replied dragging her along to the grounds where the practice sessions of long jump were going on.

“See whose here,” laughed ridiculously the same girl pointing at Shruti.

“Whoa look at her dress.” Humored another girl from her class.

“Seems like she stitched it herself from her old dress.” Another girl said disgustingly.

“I hope it doesn’t tear off while she is jumping” the same boy commented embarrassing Shruti so much that she retreated back and ran to the classroom hiding herself between her hands and legs coiling herself into a ball.

It was only after the announcement was made that participation is compulsory Shruti stood and reached the practice grounds hiding her face from all the girls and boys who recognized her as a nerd.

With her hands clammy and fidgeting toes she stood at the start line nervous like hell thinking if what the boy said about tearing her shorts and making a scene out of herself came true.

The coach who was appointed for selection understood her nervousness and on humanity grounds simply helped her saying “I have seen you jumping before. I think you have it in you. Just do it.”

Obedient Shruti gave one positive thoughts as she looked at the soft sand laid ahead. She visualized one time mentally what she’d been taught during one of the practice session.

’Right leg behind, left leg horizontal and then with a clap run, take a push from the wooden board and jump, only jump carefree.”

Taking a deep breath she repeated her visualization.

When she jumped it was a huge surprise as she shut the mouths of all the popular boys and girls as she broke the records jumping very high and qualifying straight for the Nationals. She could see their mouths hanging open while she exited the practice arena.

Shruti smiled to herself as she remembered her past.

Action is important. To act or to put an effort for something is important.

So this was Piu’s course of action.

Piu’s participation is an action needed to reach her goal so that she wins in future if not now, not today or tomorrow but one day....

Piu will win:)

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