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Experience : Your Biggest Tutor

All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I move.------ Alfred Lord Tennyson

“No she did not even clear her first round of heats” Shruti informed Govind on the phone.

Shruti was indeed upset. Though she nevertheless expected Piu to win with strong broad built girls present at the tournament and wasn’t this place a hub for skaters with tough competitors to compete with but still somewhere Shruti expected Piu to clear at least the heats round; final three from which would participate in the semifinals and from the semi finals five would be selected for the final race out of which top three would be felicitated with silver, gold and bronze medals.

“It’s okay. But is Piu fine? She isn’t upset?” asked Govind as usual concerned about his dear ones.

“Oh she is such a darling or you can say she is too young to discriminate between victories and loses. Rather she is having great time with her friends over here.” smiled Shruti at her darling daughter’s innocence.

“I am glad that she is.” replied Govind from the other end, his voice breaking. He surely is working with some of his important official matters but protective and concerned that he is he managed to spare some time from his busy schedule.

“Hope my beautiful wife isn’t enjoying that much without me.” asked Govind in as seductive tone surprising Shruti making her blush red.

“Nay! I am missing you.” Shruti sighed but did not want to upset Govind about it so added “You can punish me if I enjoy without you” with an added dose of seduction making Govind groan at the other end. He knew exactly what Shruti meant.

“Had I known my wife would get naughty after being away from me, I’d send you often.” Govind stated for the obvious reasons.

“Now I guess you are the one to be punished for thinking of sending me away,” purred Shruti.

She smiles and wonders at her own boldness.

Where has the shy Shruti disappeared? She asked herself answer to which was clear that she’d been transformed by Govind’s love.

“Always at your disposal ma’am” Govind offered.

He was briskly affected with the husky conversations between him and his better half as he crossed his legs under the table to avoid any views of his desires to his peers.

Their private moment was disturbed by Piu as she was excited for her name was being called “mama please tie my laces” she added “tight”

“Is it Piu?” asked Govind “pass the phone to her.”

Shruti forwarded the phone to Piu and worked on Piu’s skate, her chin bent holding on the low neck of her blouse. Indeed a wrong choice to be worn.

Making a mental note to be careful in choosing her dresses for Piu’s tournament Shruti works on the laces, her ears on Piu’s conversation with her dad.

Govind loved his little sweetheart to the world.

“So how did you skate my peanut?” asked Govind.

“Daddy I ran fast, very fast. I did not look behind. I swung my hands also fast. But I lost.” She frowned smiling again “but I’ll skate faster this time. Okay.”

“It’s okay Piu if you lost but you ran fast that was nice and tell me one thing did you bend while skating?” enquired Govind like a concerned father.

Piu gave a thought as she tried to remember, “no oops sorry daddy, I forgot to bend. Did I loose because of that?”

“Piu bending is important not only for `Speed in skating but also it is safe and chances of falling and tripping is less so next time when you skate you should remember to bend.” Explained Govind sighing

How badly he wanted to be there to be with two girls in his life that mattered to him and he was proud of.

“Yes daddy. I will make sure that I bend next time,” affirmed Piu.

“Every time” corrected Govind.

“Yes daddy every time.” She hurriedly handed the phone to her mom excited about her name being called over the microphone and her friends searching for her.

“Okay Govind bye. See you. Piu wait listen be care” Shruti panicked “I am hanging up. Piu needs me.”

“Hold it. Hold it,” Govind instructed. He did not miss the nervousness in her voice “Don’t panic. It’s just a race. Calm down. Don’t stress yourself and Piu too much”

“Oh! Okay bye. Will call you after the race.” Shruti replied. Her brain did administer the message Govind tried to convey but her heart failed to register, it was beating so wildly nervous of the race Piu was going to participate in.

Shruti sighed irritated at another ringing of the phone. Without noticing the id she picks it up only to convey that she’ll call later but what she heard was amazing as the person on the other end uttered three magical words to her “I love you” said Govind making her smile.

Her conscious about words husband knew how to calm her nerves and said those words right when she needed them the most.

Shruti smiled heartily her heart now calm; beating to the rhythm of love that her husband was showering on her “me too” she answered as an automated response from her.

How much he means to her she thinks to herself and goes to witness her darling Piu give another performance in skates.

This was the first time she was participating in time trial in which she’ll run alone and her timings would be calculated and compared with others for the final results.

“Did you enjoy?” Asked Shruti to Piu

“Why was I running alone ma?” Piu asked, rather confused making Shruti chuckle at her innocence.

Shruti blamed herself internally; the reason why Piu couldn’t make it to the top three winners was she didn’t explain to her baby the rules and the format of the race.

“You were the one who was supposed to explain the detail.” Blamed one of the mate of her group to Shruti.

“I thought we all were supposed to read the fact sheet” Shruti defended herself for the first time.

She had worked really hard for the project working with the theory material and also the model of the project.

Working with your looks and smiling hoarsely at the boys and yes adding finishing touches to the project or assembling the project to keep in the eyes of the faculties was what her peers were doing but still she was being unfair blaming her for making a fool out of herself as she didn’t knew the basic knowledge of the project.

“How dare you?” Yelled the girl pushing her comb that she was styling her hair with in her bag

“What happened? What happened? A teacher asked rest of the girls from the group.

Shruti’s hands felt clammy all of a sudden and her face paled facing people or friends of the girl who was shouting and accusing her of her default in the performance.

“See ma’am this project is a team work right.” A girl named Ash accusing her stated.

“Right this is why this project was allotted to you ’team work’ their teacher seconded Ash

“And now”Aash made a puppy dog face “she (pointing at Shruti) is blaming that I did not do well because I did not read the fact sheet properly.

“Yes ma’am she is not interactive at all” other two girls added to save their friend.

Shruti felt teary all of a sudden. She never knew that she’d had to request her teammates to read the study material. She expected it to be obvious but she’d accepted herself to be naive and nerd and therefore took the blame

“I did not expect this from you. I thought you were good in academics.” The teacher nodded disappointed. “Be careful next time.

“Sorry” mumbled Shruti only to be heard to herself.

As soon as the teacher left, all the girls’ mimicked Shruti’s “sorry” and laughed at her.

“I should have briefed her about the format of the race.” Shruti tried to release her remorse sharing it with Rita.

“Oh come on. You cannot spoon-feed her. Let her learn on her own. And don’t blame yourself. There were chances that if you explained it to her, she might have gone conscious thus affecting her speed. This was you first time too. And it’s okay. Even if Piu lost she learnt about the race. Experience is your biggest teacher. Isn’t it a nice thing?”

“Yeah! I guess you are right.” smiled Shruti “It’s so nice talking to you. I feel relieved. Thank you so much”

“Hey! No need to thank me. We are friends. Aren’t friends meant to love and help each other?” Rita said tapping Shruti on her shoulders

“Thanks again. This means a lot to me” Shruti honestly replied thanking Lords to bless her with a friend like Rita.

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