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{BOOK2} XXXX MATURE CONTENT AND LANGUAGE XXXX RATE R XXX 18+ He was a monster. She was an angel. He was cruel and unforgiving. She was gentle and compassionate He gets want he wants. She gave him hell. He wasn't human. But she was. Ever since the day he switched off his humanity he became an evil monster. One that everyone feared and worship at the same time. He killed when he didn't get what he wanted. He killed when he was bored. He killed just for the fun of it. But what happens when a sudden threat arises, and he has to do the unthinkable to save his kind. Will he do it? Avaluna was a normal girl, living a normal life, until the day she got kidnapped. She couldn't understand the many feelings she had for her kidnapper; until she found him in bed with another. Her crush was destroyed or so she thought. What happen when the two reunited? Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright law ... All rights reserved to CherryKel only. No one is allowed to plagiarize, repost this story or anything else that comes to mind, without the author's written and signed consent.

Romance / Fantasy
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Important Note
Please read Book1 first { Alpha Onyx}. It will make more sense. Trust me!
Also, chapter 1-10 is a back story explaining the origin of Onyx.

‼️‼️❌ WARNING 18+❌‼️‼️
❌Graphic scene, triggering warnings, and abusive language.
❌Unedited and contains grammatical errors.
❌ All photos from Google with personal modifications.

This story is completely made up. I write for me and my awesome peeps. If you think it sucks, you don't need to finish it and then complain. If you like cliche happy endings, don't read. If you don't like plot twists, don't read. Like most of my stories, they all contain strong adult language, adult content, violence and graphic scenes. If you can't handle it, don't read. This is a hobby and I may suck, therefore, I welcome ANY and ALL constructive criticism to make me better. Thank you for reading, voting and commenting on my stories. You guys ROCK! I really appreciate it so very much! Words can't express how I feel. Thank You!

Happy reading,
CK 😊

Pictures of what I believe the characters look like is on my Wattpad platform. If interesting.

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