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A long time ago, before most of us were born lived a Goddess, a goddess who was named the protecter and mother of great creatures called werewolves. Now in the midst of all these creatures lived two wolves, one that had a bad life filled with pain and one that had himself thrust into something without his opinion. Not to mention the fact that the love of his life is fake. I think it's time to meet them. Love is a great feeling but it's not many that get to experience it, truly. This is the story of two mates and a lot of background drama.

Romance / Fantasy
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Hey everyone,

So before I begin this story I want to tell you a few things to help you understand. So when I told my best friend about this story she was like ‘what is a mate again? Second Chance mate? What are you talking about?’ She isn’t really into supernatural creatures like me so she doesn’t know these things and I thought there may be someone like her out there so I decided to write this. It explains a lot of things in my story but if you have a questions just type them in the comment section on my wall.

So werewolves, they are supernatural creatures created by the moon goddess, they are humans but have the ability to shift into wolves with enhanced senses, speedy recovery and things but some wolves are special.

The moon goddess, she is sometimes known as mother Luna, she is the creator of werewolves and is actually the first of her kind, her job is to keep them safe and connect them with their other halves. Her name is actually Selene but her wolf is called Moona and she lives in the moon, that’s why wolves howl once a month. To praise her.

Mates, they are the greatest gift from Selene, they are our soulmates and out true love, they are meant to live happily ever after with them but they can sometimes reject us and chooses someone else, when a wolf chooses a mate which is not assigned by the moon goddess they are called chosen mates, they have love but not true love, they can be chosen because their mate dies or rejects them but it’s bad because you took someone’s true mate. Second chance mates are a second chance from the goddess Selene. They are very rare, third chance mates haven’t even been heard off so some people don’t believe in them.

A pack is a group of wolves and a border line is where their territory ends or land ends. When another pack crosses their to another packs own it can be considered a crime.

A rouge is a werewolf that has been banished by their pack for bad things and roams around causing trouble.

In every pack we have roles, so there is the Alpha who is the leader of the pack, the beta which is second in command and the gamma which is the third in command and some packs have Delta’s which is the fourth in commands then we obviously have the Luna which is the alpha’s mate and the run the pack together then we have the beta female, gamma female and the delta female then we have the warriors then some people take up jobs like teaching, medicine and taking care of babies then we have the omegas who are like the servants/ slaves. Some packs treat them well and other not really because they are considered poor, weak and worthless.

If you hear the world oracle in this story its just means someone who is learned and has answers, just someone like a special healer so an oracle is a type of special wolf and each pack has one.

I think that’s all but if I come across anything I will translate it for you.

©All rights are reserved. Don’t steal my book, don’t copy it and don’t rewrite it with different grammar because that’s also a form of stealing.

I dont want to see a book like mine anywhere on inkitt unless it was there before mine and it was a misunderstanding.

Also please don't write any negative comments, if you don't like my book. Just don't read it.

I love you all. Happy Reading!!!


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