Within 31 Days

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Mr Popular decides to make a deal with a nerd who doesn't talk to anyone giving her 31 days to fall for him. But what makes him come up with this idea? Why did he choose her ? Read to discover their story.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Deal

I gaze outside at mother nature just admiring how the trees dance to the cool breeze. With my palm against my chin, I rest my elbow on the desk turning my attention back to Mr. Clark my Chemistry teacher; who is explaining what our next experiment would be about.

I feel weird as if someone is staring at me. I cautiously turn my head in the direction I felt the gaze coming from. I slightly jump when my eyes met Mr. Popular Tyrone Taylor. I swiftly look away sinking deeper in my chair tugging at the end of my beige hoodie.

I still could feel his eyes boring holes in the back of my head but I couldn't understand why. I mean I'm the unpopular nerd that always wears a hoodie and who doesn't talk to anyone even if they make fun of me so why would he be looking at me.

I slowly turn my head in his direction again, his burning gaze makes my skin crawl. As I look away for the second time today the bell rings signaling the end of another school day also saving me from this awkward staring situation.

I quickly gather my stuff and speed walk out the classroom releasing a breath of relief but I guess I rejoice too soon for someone grab my wrist spinning me around to face them.

My eyes widen seeing the same light brown eyes staring into mine.

As if his touch burns, I roughly pull my hand out of his grip gazing at the titled floor shifting my weight from one foot to the other.

I feel nervous, I always do whenever someone approaches me or stares at me the way Tyrone is currently searching my facial features with his intense eyes.

I could feel the glares and hear the whispers from people around me but Tyrone doesn't seem to care, maybe he didn't care about his popularity as much as I thought he did. If he did, he wouldn't have been standing anywhere near me.

"Do you speak?" He asks startling me. My eyes divert to his from the floor shock that he's now speaking to me.

I grip my pink binder which I held in my hands tightly taking two steps back. I don't know what to do in a case like this as it's the first time someone like him has approached me.

I attempt to take another step back, but he took my hand in his leading us outside.

A gasp could be heard from students nearby and those who saw, even I was frightened by his sudden act. He leads us behind the school which was empty releasing my hand.

"Now do I have to repeat the question?" He asks yet again his voice sounding much deeper than before but in an attractive way.

I gaze into his eyes swallowing my saliva trying to calm my nervousness.
"I... I do speak." I manage to mumble watching him crack a slight smile.

"So Zuri right?" He asks looking at my pink binder.

"Yeah" I glance down at my trembling feet.

"Can you help me out with something Zuri?" He asks staring into my eyes making me feel uncomfortable.


"You know what scrap that I have a proposal for you and I won't take no for an answer." I glance at him through my lashes. What the hell does he mean he won't take no for an answer when I'm not even sure what his proposal is or even if I'm up to it.

"What's........ What's that?" I stutter, damn I really need to stop being so nervous around everyone I just meet.

"Damn shortie I know I'm hot but you don't need to stutter around me." I swiftly look at him just in time to see him pop his collar sending a wink my way in the process.

Did he really think I'm nervous around him because he thinks he's hot, I mean he is but that doesn't affect me?

"What's your proposal?" I mentally high five myself for not stuttering totally ignoring his response.

"I'm giving you 31 days to fall in love with me." He said casually like what he just said isn't a big deal.

"What!" I exclaim shock and surprise by his bluntness.

"That's not a proposal that's you trying to boost your ego or whatever." I clarify looking at him in disbelief. "Are you scared that you might actually fall for me?" He asks raising his eyebrows.

"I'm not scared of anything or anyone," I said amazed by how I lied and didn't stutter.

"Says the girl who doesn't talk to anyone." He mentions.

"Why do you want to do this? In fact why did you choose me when the other girls would easily fall for you in no less than a day." I stare at any and everything around me but him. I know my actions are a bit weird but by now I'm sure you must have figured I hate making eye contact with people.

"That's the point they will make it too easy for me, look this is our last year in high school let's do something fun." He said with a shrug.

Well that's true, it's not like I have anything to lose after all I don't even have much time left so maybe whatever this is won't even get to finish.

"What if I don't fall for you?" I ask finally looking at him.

"I'll figure that part out later."

"What's in this for me?" I ask.

"Damn! You have a lot of questions, I like that." He smiles stepping closure to me. "You'll have popularity for hanging out with me, you'll finally get noticed." He explains in a dah tone.

"I don't want popularity neither do I want to get noticed," I said

"Which teenager doesn't want popularity unless you are an alien" I mentally facepalm myself, why are the good-looking ones always so stupid?

"Fine I agree but only on my terms and conditions and please I don't want popularity I'm fine with just the way I am. " I say seeing a big smile appear on his lips. He held out his right hand for me to shake.

"Deal," we both said in sync as I shook his hand.

So that's the first chapter of Within 31 Days hope you all enjoy and please remember to vote and comment, THANK YOU.

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