One night stand ❤️

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Meet Aliza Merrigold ,the supper hot model ,who is famous around the world,she is also a singer ,she has it all ❤️ the perfect life but not the perfect love life , everything gets turned around when she meets Brandon Chesterfield ,the handsome actor and comedian 😂, what happens when they have a One night stand ,and our Aliza gets pregnant but the father wants nothing to do with the baby, find out what happens ❤️❤️

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Aliza's pov
I woke up because of the sun in my eyes , I looked at the time ,ohh no ! I'm late ,my manager is going to kill me ,I quickly got of the bed and took a short shower ,got dressed and quickly went downstairs and the she was " your late " she said with a frown on her face " I'm sorry ,I overslept" I explained but I know it's not going to work ." Come on , let's go you have a busy schedule today !" She said ,thank god she didn't scold me ,

2 Hours later

" You are almost done with todays schedule,just one more thing " Jina said ,if you are wondering who is Jina, well she's my manager ," what is that ?" I asked with a bored voice ," you have a photo shoot with ,the one and only Brandon Chesterfield " she said ,as Brandon walked in , wow he's so handsome and cute 🤤 but I shouldn't drool over him cause I never had luck in the love department "Hey " he said with an amazing voice " hi " I stuttered ," you are going to be pattners starting from today " Jina said , oh god I'm dommed

To Be Continued
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