Unfinished Business

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Anissa was a innocent girl. Never got in trouble, never had a problem getting straight A’s. Unfortunately, her kind heart was taken advantage of, by the man she loved the most. Her chilling past changed her, molded her into the notorious assassin named Scarlet. Her life becomes empty, blood becoming commonplace. Until she meets Kaden,the mysterious masked man who makes her feel again. They both fall, but when Kaden reveals his dark secret~ will their love prevail?

Romance / Thriller
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Okay- Sienna here! My and my best friend Moon are writing this book together, and it is honestly so fun🤩 but I just want to know- if we wrote this book, would y’all be interested? It kinda depends on whether or not we write it......I’m playing😆 but some feedback would be nice, and I think either me or moon will post a chapter soon💛

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