Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 10

Trenton woke up slowly, the feel of a warm body next to him. Opening sleep blurred eyes, he realized he wasn’t in his room, or even in his house. Glancing down he saw the warm body next to him was Melissa. Running his hand through her short black hair, he randomly wondered, why does she keep it so short? I bet she would be so beautiful with long hair, not that she isn’t beautiful with short hair!

“Should I say good morning or good afternoon?” Melissa suddenly mumbled, obviously awakened by his touch.

Trenton chuckled a bit as he looked toward the window, saying, “I’m thinking afternoon, although, it may be closer to evening.”

She yawned and moved up onto her elbow to look at him. “Do you feel well-rested?”

“Yes, I do.”

She nodded. “Good, then it was worth sleeping the day away because I also feel better.”

They lay there just gazing into each other’s eyes until Melissa’s eyes roamed lower and seemed to focus on his lips. Then she licked hers causing him to groan. He reached over, pulled her head down to his, and gave in to his need to kiss her. Soon they were kissing like two people starving for love, and maybe they were.

Tangling his hands in her hair, he moaned as she moved up and over him to straddle his waist. Another moan left him at the feel of her warm heat now centered over his hardening arousal. When she pushed down on him, he released a whine before whispering, “Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me, baby?”

She smirked a bit before nipping at his lower lip and answering, “The same thing you’re doing to me I’m pretty sure.”

Sitting up and putting her full weight on him, she moved over his erection just enough to create heat and friction between their bodies. The rush of heat between them ramped up his hormones and made him slightly crazy with his need for her. When she began to remove her shirt, he bit his lip to hold back another moan. Finished with removing her bra, she pulled him up and yanked his tee-shirt off too.

“Oh, Melissa,” he growled as he placed on hand on the perfection that was her breast.

Her nipples were large and dark, peaking up into hard nubs as he tweaked them between his thumb and forefinger. Her head fell back and her back arched, putting her right nipple dead center of his mouth. It was an invitation he couldn’t resist, so, sucking it into his mouth, he suckled hard as she brought her hands up and tangled them in his hair, tugging at it.

As if he wasn’t already needy enough, she began to rock against him, the V of her thighs rocking over his hard shaft. His zipper dug into him as he grew harder, begging for release, causing him to pull back. He then twisted their bodies around until she was on her back under him, her thighs gripping his hips as he began a rocking motion against her.

Melissa gave a keening cry, a mewing sound that egged him on as he nipped and licked at her neck. He kneaded one of her breasts as he brought his lips back up to her, allowing their tongues to tangle and dance.

Finally, breaking for air, she whispered, “Ah, Trenton, please. I have never wanted someone as badly as I want you right now!”

Not quite ready to take it all the way, he pulled back, taking deep breaths to calm himself slightly. He then moved his hand down between her soft skin and the elastic of her shorts. Once there, he found her warm, wet folds as he placed his lips on hers once more. Using only the rocking of his hips and his fingers, he gave her the same satisfaction she had given him a few days before.

The sound of her phone buzzing on her nightstand had Melissa waking up with a groan. Rolling over, she flung her arm out to grab at it, only to find a warm body instead. Suddenly she was wide awake, eyes open, even as she felt her wolven stretch contentedly inside her mind at the sight before her, their chosen one. Trenton lay next to her in all his bare-chested glory and she felt her body instantly begin to heat up as she stared at it. She needed to make him hers, to claim him in the way of the wolven, and soon.

“Why do you look so shocked? Did you forget about me already?”

Laughing, she pulled her gaze from his chest to lock her eyes with his as she replied, “No, I’m just not used to waking up with someone next to me.”

“Mm… I’ll take that as a good thing,” he said. As her cellphone once more buzzed, he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Now, would you like me to hand your phone to you?”

“Yes, please.”

After he handed it to her, she glanced at the name on the screen. Seeing it was her best friend Lisa, she grinned. Tapping the answer button, she chirped, “Lisa!”

“Foxxy, you need to be careful,” Lisa whispered over the line. “We all know Chad is crazy, but the man has completely lost his mind now, Melissa, and he’s desperate to find you. I found out he has people, bad people, he owes money to from gambling and without you he has none.”

The smile dropped from her face as she sat up on the bed. Tremendously concerned for her friend now, she said, “Lisa, listen to me, if he’s messing with you go to the police. Don’t let him scare you into silence.”

“I did go to the police. I just got back from there because he left a message on my answering machine while I was at my parent’s house last night. I’m going to leave town and go stay with my sister for a few weeks. Hopefully, if I’m not around to harass, he’ll give up, though I’m not sure he will. Nevertheless, I wanted to let you know you need to be careful and be on the lookout for him in case he figures out where you are,” Lisa said as she cried softly.

“You know I can take care of myself if I have to, my sister. It’s you I’m worried about right now!”

“I know, but I’m almost packed and as soon as I hang up, I’m out of here. I heard him talking on his cellphone outside the agency though, and I think he saw me listening.” Lisa took a deep breath and let it out slow as shivers of fear ran down her spine. Once she knew her voice was steady again, she continued. “I wrote down everything for the police that I heard, and I recorded it. If-if anything happens to me…”

“No! No, Lisa, don’t talk like that. I already lost my parents; I can’t lose you too. I should have just gotten rid of him when…”

Trenton put his arms around her then and she leaned her head on his chest, fighting back the tears that wanted to fall.

“No, Foxxy, you aren’t like that but promise me you will take care of him if he comes after you. The things he said he’d do to you when he finds you, they were horrifying, absolutely horrifying,” Lisa whispered. She then took a deep breath, pushing away Chad’s words she could still hear in her head as she continued, “Anyway, I must go but I’ll call you when I get there.”

“Okay, goodbye and be safe, my sister,” Melissa whispered before hanging up.

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