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Chapter 11

After laying her cellphone down, she allowed Trenton to tug her back down, so she was once more lying next to him. She snuggled against his chest and he began rubbing his hand gently up and down her back. For long moments, silence reigned, but after taking a deep breath, she finally broke the silence.

“I started modeling when I was eighteen. The agency assigned Lisa to me as my assistant and she became my best friend, the sister I never had. She did everything with me, even when she didn’t have to. When she went home with me for a holiday, she met my parents and they liked her, she adored them.”

“It’s good to have friends like that. When I was growing up, I had a friend like that, Mark, but I haven’t seen him in years,” Trenton murmured as he continued to rub her back.

“Two years ago, my dad was shot by a drunken hunter in the woods. Our family has always been big on the outdoors and Dad was out running in the woods behind our house. It was our property, private property, so the hunter shouldn’t have even been there. When the hunter was stopped by the police because of his weaving all over the road, he kept telling them he was sorry. When they began to question him about why he was sorry, he admitted to killing a bear. However, when they went searching, they found my dad, not a bear. My mom died just a few months after him because she couldn’t bear to live without him.”

“I still have my parents, so I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to lose them, especially so close together like that.”

“Then there’s Chad.” She snorted before confiding, “Oh, how I wish I never met that blond-haired Ken doll wanna be!”

“Tell me about him,” he encouraged.

“We met in Paris. I was there to shoot a magazine spread and one of our male models became sick, so they had to call in a replacement.

“Let me guess, Chad was the replacement.”

“Yes. He was so sweet and gentlemanly, could speak French, whereas I couldn’t. So, sometimes he would take me places, translate for me, so I could enjoy things more. He would take me out to eat and read the menu for me, he was so kind, and I soaked it up like a sponge.” She sighed heavily. “I suppose I was lonely and was looking for someone to give me comfort. I was in a strange country and no longer had my parents who called me to cheer me on, but he was there when I needed someone. He just filled up the empty place inside of me I suppose.”

“He took advantage of your vulnerability is what he did. He should be strung up just for that,” Trenton declared sounding angry.

“I suppose that’s exactly what he did, but I was too naive to know it at the time. Anyway, Lisa helped me with my heartbreak when I broke it off with him. I told her everything and she’s also the one who encouraged me to take out a restraining order on him when he started threatening me.”

“Mm… and did you tell her about me?”

Looking up at his face, she found him grinning down at her as he gave her a flirty wink. Bringing her hand up, she placed it on his unshaven cheek, rubbing her thumb across his cheek as she answered, saying, “Yeah. She said you seemed like a good guy and she believed that when you realized what a great catch I am, you’d come crawling back. I should tell her I’m the one who did the crawling, she’ll get a good laugh out of it.”

He leaned in and kissed her before saying, “So what did she want that has you so upset.”

Melissa’s lips trembled as she repeated what Lisa had told her. She tried to be strong, to not break down, but she was so worried about her friend. It was all her fault that Lisa was involved in the mess and oh, how she wished she could go back and change things, to have never gotten involved with Chad in the first place.

“The police need to be notified of all of this. You know that, right?”

“I have a restraining order on him in New York, and I just got one on him here. The police know everything,” she told him as she buried her face in his chest. “It’s so unfair. I moved to get away from it all, yet it seems to be following me and now my best friend is in danger too.”

“Look, it isn’t your fault. You were taken advantage of, and now you’re doing what you can,” he murmured before giving her a gentle kiss on top of her head. “Tell you what, how about you take me back to the bookstore, so I can get cleaned up. Then we can go get something to eat before I take you dancing since I didn’t take you Friday night.”

Feeling a bit naughty she asked, “Well, will we be going to the Jolly Jug?”

“That’s the only place in town to go unless you want to drive about an hour to the next town over.”

“Hm… well, I’ve always wanted to try that dance where you grind on each other and I’ll bet the Jolly Jug is that kind of place.”

Trevor chuckled before agreeing, “Oh, that it is, baby, and I’ll grind if you want me to.”

Melissa rolled back up on her knees and straddled him once more. “Oh, I think grinding with you might be lots of fun.

Leaning in, she gave him a quick kiss before getting up and running for the shower, leaving him lying on the bed groaning at her teasing.

Two hours later the two of them walked into the Jolly Jug. The place looked like any other rundown bar would, smoky and smelling of alcohol. It was packed out on a Saturday night with loud music playing and people drunkenly dancing and laughing.

“Well, not much different from the dives Lisa and I would go to sometimes. We went to some of the worst places to unwind to keep from being recognized,” Melissa told him.

“Do you want a drink?”

“I don’t drink; I just want to dance,” she stated as she gave a negative shake of her head.

With a tug at his hand, she encouraged him to walk onto the dance floor with her. She then turned to stand in front of her, leaving him to place his hands at her waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Ready?” He asked, his lips close enough to her ear that she felt them move when he whispered.

She nodded as his warm breath on her neck created shivers that had her body begging for something besides dancing.

Trenton slowly began to sway his hips, his hands urging her to move with him. She lay her head back against his chest, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of his body against hers. When he suddenly bumped his hips up against her, she reacted by pushing her butt back against his now noticeable arousal. She whined low at the feel of it and bumped back into him a second time to get another feel.

Trenton grunted her action but said nothing as they continued to move against each other. With every brush of their bodies, she became more and more aroused, the need to make him hers growing ever stronger. After a moment, one of his hands moved over her stomach and he used it to push her even harder against him and he gave a low hiss of need. He leaned closer to her ear again, kissing her neck before whispering, “This wasn’t our best idea because now I want you in the worst way, baby.”

She tilted her head up and he gave her a lingering kiss. When he broke the kiss, she whispered, “Tell me what you want.”

He turned her to face him first, then he repositioned her so that his thigh was between hers, their movements causing it to rub her in all the right places. “Mm… baby, it makes me want to take you outside and lay you over the hood of my car. Gently pull your skirt up, shove your panties down, and grind against you until you’re barely holding on. Then free my hard shaft and shove it so far in, you’ll be feeling it long after…”

Whining, she raised up and cut him off by kissing him hard. “Ah… that’s enough.”

“I think I’m ready to go home now, baby,” Trenton murmured in that husky voice of his.

Melissa had to agree, in fact, she thought it was past time for them to leave. Now was the time to make him his, now and forever. However, just as she opened her mouth to agree with him, she was rudely interrupted.

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