Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 12

“H-hey! Mind if I c-cut in?” A man asked, his voice thick with drunken slurring.

Trenton and Melissa turned to look at who dared to interrupt them.

Melissa almost snarled out loud.

It was Billy, who was so drunk he was swaying on his feet, literally.

Looking over at Trenton, from where she now stood at his side, she tilted her head as if in question. She wanted him to take care of their Billy problem, but if he didn’t, she would.

“I would mind very much actually,” Trenton replied coldly.

“Oh, come on, book boy, it’s not like you could ever please her. So, why don’t you back up and let a real man show you how it’s done?” Billy asked with a smirk and a wink toward Melissa.

Melissa cringed at the thought of Billy breathing the same air as her, much less touching her.

“A real man?” Trenton smirked back. “Is that what drunken fools are calling themselves nowadays? Real men?”

The smirk left Billy’s face as he snarled, “You need to watch your mouth, book boy!”

“Oh, I’m going to be watching it,” Trenton told Billy in a calm and cocky tone. “In fact, I’ll be watching it later as it gives much pleasure to my girl here. So, why don’t you move along so I can get started on that?”

Melissa chuckled a bit at that one.

Trenton winked down at her with a mischievous grin.

Billy obviously didn’t think what Trenton had said was funny though and took a swing at him.

Melissa gasp as Billy’s fist connected with Trenton’s face and busted his lip. At the sound of flesh hitting flesh, her wolven howled inside, wanting to be free to kill the man who dared lay a hand on her chosen one. She had to work hard to push her back, gritting her teeth, and clenching her hands into a fist to hold back the change.

Trenton moved a bit away from her. Once he was a few spaces from her, he hauled back his fist and slugged Billy.

A crowd had circled them by that time and Melissa heard a few of them gasp.

Billy stared at Trenton for a moment or two. Suddenly though, his eyes rolled back and hit the floor, out cold.

“Wow, Trenton, that was some hit,” Melissa told him, pleased he’d taken care of their problem.

Trenton stood shaking his fist, a bit of a grimace on his face. “Yeah, but his jaw sure is hard. I haven’t hit anybody in a long time, and it hurt.” Turning, he faced her and winked. “It felt good though.”

“Ah, my hero!” Melissa exclaimed as she threw her arms around him.

“Take a hero home with you tonight?”

“Every night of the week,” she solemnly told him.

Taking her hand in his, he led her off the dance floor and through the crowd of on-lookers. Heading straight for the door, he took her back to her truck where he lifted her inside the cab. “I’ll follow you home in my car, that way you won’t have to take me home in the morning.”

“Okay,” Melissa whispered before pulling his head toward her and giving him a slow kiss. Pulling back, breathless, she moaned, “You are so addicting, you know that?”

“So are you, Melissa, so are you,” he murmured before closing her truck door.

She watched as he headed for his car that was in the alleyway beside the bookstore. Once he’d back out, she pulled out also, taking off with him right behind her.

Trenton was up early the next morning, kissing Melissa before leaving. She’d grabbed him and sleepily asked him to stay, and he would have, except it was Cindy’s day off. She had pouted a bit, but finally, let him go when he promised to close and go to lunch with her. They had done nothing but sleep, well, after a heavy kissing session, nevertheless, with her by his side, he had slept better than he had in a long time.

Now he was on his way back to his house.

He’d never asked Melissa where she lived, but last night as they’d headed back to town, he’d discovered she was his neighbor. If you passed her house, drove about a mile and a half further down the road you would come to a dead-end, and there was his home. Pulling into his driveway, he quickly got out and strode up the walkway.

Upon entering his house, he called out, “Blue! I’m home.”

He heard a soft bark from somewhere, then a small ball of white fur came running up to greet him. Picking up the little dog, who wasn’t any bigger than a large house cat, he gently rubbed his head.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night little guy. I’m sure Cindy took good care of you, though didn’t she?” Blue gave a small bark as he licked Trenton’s hand causing him to laugh. “Of course, she did, she spoils you with steak and chicken.”

Placing the dog back on the floor, he headed to his room for a shower. While there, he thought about everything Melissa had told him, running it through his mind.

Something tells me that she’d holding something back though. The question is, what?

Stepping from the shower and dressing, he sighed because there were still things, he hadn’t told her either. Everyone has their secrets, some are easy to share, some not so much. Perhaps one day she’d share it all with him. The feeling in his gut was telling him that her last secret was a big one, and possibly even a life-changing one, but then, perhaps he was too.

By the time lunchtime rolled around Melissa was ready to see Trenton. After he’d left, she’d slept a bit more before letting her wolven out to run, then showered and dressed. Now she was on her way to town, her wolven almost panting in her excitement. She’d been pushing for him to be marked, but Melissa wanted to tell him what she was first.

Only I don’t know how to tell him. It isn’t exactly something you just blurt out, like being allergic to chocolate or something.

It was times like this she really and truly, wished her parents were still alive. Her mom could give her advice and her dad could feel Trenton out to see how well he’d take it. She huffed out a puff of air as she pulled into the parking lot next to the diner.

But they aren’t here, so I’ll just have to wing it.

Maybe she could feel him out somehow, find out where he stood on the idea of werewolves in movies or books or something. She grinned, now she had an idea. So, once more feeling as if she were on top of the world, she almost skipped into the bookstore.

“You’re here a bit early.” A husky voice commented from the left of her.

Turning she found Trenton propped up against the counter with a book in his hand. “Yep, I’ve read all my books, so I thought I get a couple of more before lunch.”

“Anything, in particular, you might be looking for?” Trenton asked as he removed his reading glasses and lay them down. Then he marked his place in the book he’d been reading and closed it, laying it aside also.

She grinned as he fell right into her trap. “Werewolves.”

He laughed. “Seriously? Werewolves? You don’t look like…” He shook his head. “…never mind, werewolves it is.”

Walking around the counter, he pulled her into his arms for a kiss, before he took off down an aisle.

“You don’t believe in them?”

“No, pure fiction, good fiction that sells well, but still fiction.” Trenton came to a stop and pointed.

“So… if they were real, would they scare you?”

Turning from the bookshelf to face her, he cocked his head. “Scare me? Hm… let’s see. Would I be scared if a giant wolf, the size of a house, came at me? Yep, I’m afraid I would be.”

Melissa rolled her eyes. “PULEAZE… the size of a house? How would a man, even a really, really, tall one, change into a wolf the size of a house? No, what I’m talking about is more like the werewolves in those old black and white movies. You know, the ones where they have the head of a wolf and the body of a man… with wolfish legs and paws.”

Trenton leaned against the shelf then, crossing his arms as he narrowed his eyes at her. “Oh, you mean the ones who tear a man limb from limb before eating them, those kinds of werewolves. Shouldn’t that kind scare me too?”

Melissa had to laugh at him then. “Wow, you are jaded, aren’t you?”

Trenton grinned. “Okay, I’ll answer seriously now. If I was to ever meet one… honestly, I suppose it would depend on how I met it. I mean if it looked as if it wanted to eat me for dinner, then yes, I’d be scared, show me a man who wouldn’t be.”

“Okay, fair enough, but if it didn’t look that way?”

He shrugged. “In all honesty Melissa, I have no earthly idea. I suppose I’ll let you know when I meet one.” He straightened up then and continued, “Now, I’m starving, how about lunch?”

Melissa growled under her breath because the conversation hadn’t gone as planned, at all. She was still no closer to having an answer to her questions than when she’d started. Now she’d have to figure out another way to introduce what she was to him. She needed her chosen, her wolven needed him. They needed him in their life and in their bed, marked and mated, soon. So, with a quiet huff, she followed him out the door to the diner.

Melissa was no closer to telling Trenton about her wolven side than she had been two weeks before.

One good thing had happened during that time though, they had grown so much closer and had learned a lot about each other. Just the simple things mostly, like what kind of things they liked and things they didn’t like. For example, she liked horror movies because she thought they were funny. Trenton pretty much stayed away from movies because he liked books better, but when he did watch movies, he tended to watch ones about superheroes.

Melissa had also been to his house and he had the cutest little dog named Blue. Blue still wasn’t sure about her though. She was almost certain it was because he sensed the wolven in her.

She’d also heard from Lisa who had called to say she was safely at her sister’s house. Lisa said she plans to stay awhile and has already found a job working in a pawn shop of all things.

So, even though she was feeling guilty about not telling Trenton about her true self, she felt life, in general, was going well.

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