Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 13

Trenton sat inside his car for a few moments, staring at his childhood home. He’d thought about bringing Melissa with him tonight for his monthly visit to his parents, but decided he wanted to tell them about her first.

His father was a bit of a hard man. He’d had to be to build his business up from, “nothing but five dollars in his pocket”, Dad used to say. His mom did as his father asked, and very seldom had an opinion of her own. She’d always been a kind person at heart though and balanced his father out in that way. He gave a low snort because even though he loved his parents and would do anything for them, he knew they were far from perfect.

Things had been tensed between him and them after he’d broken up with Annie. However, things were better now that he only saw them once a month.

His dad had tried to talk him into coming back the last time he’d visited, so he steeled himself for that as he climbed out of his car and walked to the door. Opening the door, he called out, “Mom, dad?”

“We’re in here, son,” his dad called out from the direction of the sitting room.

So, he headed that way, poking his head inside the doorway and smiling when he saw both of his parents sitting there. Walking over to his mom, he hugged her before shaking his dad’s hand. “Good evening.”

“Good evening, son, you’re right on time. The cook just announced that dinner was ready no more than five minutes ago,” Mom mentioned.

Trenton gave her a nod as they headed for the dining room where they would eat the food they would be served.

“How is the book business going, son?” Dad asked after they were seated and had been served.

“Not exceptionally profitable, but it isn’t like I need the money anyway,” Trenton informed him.

“Hm… true, but I do enjoy a good book now and then,” Dad mentioned.

Mom laughed. “Oh, you! You know you very seldom pick up a book. It’s all about newspapers and business magazines.”

“Hey, I said, ‘now and again’,” Dad grumbled as he glanced over at her.

Trenton snickered at the childishness of his parents. “Anyway,” he cleared his throat a bit nervously, “I wanted to tell you both something while I’m here. I’ve met a lovely lady by the name of Melissa Fairington, who I’ve come to like a lot. I thought perhaps next time I come to visit I’d bring her with me, so you could meet her.”

Dad raised his bushy eyebrows as he looked at Trenton over his glasses.

Mom answered, “It sounds like a lovely idea, Trenton. Do tell us more about her.”

And so, he did, and not long after dinner was over, he headed home. When he finally rolled into town, he was so tired, but he shook it off. “Almost there.”

He was no more than two blocks from the entrance of his driveway and making too much speed considering it had been raining when it happened. He’d still have been okay though if he’d seen the board on the road beforehand, unfortunately, he saw it too late to stop. He hit the board doing fifty miles per hour and heard his front tire pop. The wet road gave him no traction and when he tried to correct his car, he went into a skid.

Trenton yelled as he hit the side of the road and slid into the ditch. The ditch was deep and as the nose of his car hit the bottom, the back end flew up and flipped, landing the top of the car on the opposite side of the ditch.

Having hit his head on the steering wheel, Trenton closed his eyes as the pain took him into dark oblivion.

Raising her snout skyward, toward the almost full moon, Melissa howled in loneliness. Trenton had gone to visit his parents and said he’d be back late tonight or in the morning. So, she’d decided to take the opportunity to phase and run. Because, though her wolven missed him, running through the trees chasing the scent of a deer was a good way to keep mind and body busy.

Besides, she was always up for a good hunt. After her hunt, in which she had caught three rabbits, she’d gone home for a bit to shower and check her messages.

Trenton had texted her, letting her know he was on his way home, and had given her an approximate time of arrival.

So, she figured she’d take some clothing over to his house and when he arrived, she’d sweet-talked him into letting her stay the night. Only, when she arrived at his house, his car wasn’t there, and she figured he must have been running a bit later than planned. It had also begun to rain, and biting her lip in worry, she impatiently waited, her ear listening for his car.

Standing under the shelter over Trenton’s deck she watched the rain, pushing the worry from her mind at what could be keeping him. She and her wolven usually enjoyed the fresh scent of rain and pine, so dragging it in by the lungful helped keep her calm. However, when the rain suddenly stopped as quickly as it had started, she looked at her watch. It was now eleven-fifteen.

Trenton should have been home by now.

She didn’t want to freak out, because he could be driving extra cautious but deep down, she felt something was wrong.

Where is Trenton?

Suddenly her ear caught a loud sound. It sounded like something large hitting something and it was close. Not thinking twice, she phased, ripping her clothing before leaping off the porch. Letting out a loud howl, she took off in a loping run.

As she reached the end of the driveway, she saw a figure run across the road. It looked as if they picked something up, then they ran to a waiting truck, which took off as soon as the figure was inside.

The next thing she saw was smoke coming from the ditch. Moving quickly, she went toward it and found Trenton’s car. It was upside down in the ditch, the tires still spinning, and smelling of gasoline. With a whine, she moved down into the ditch and ripped the passenger door off because she couldn’t get to the driver’s side.

Looking inside she saw Trenton with blood running down his face, unconscious. She gave another whine because she knew he shouldn’t be moved. After all, he could have a back injury. Nevertheless, she knew he had to be moved because the smell of gas was getting stronger.

So, ripping his seatbelt from him, she carefully pulled him out and took him a safe distance away from the car before laying him down on the ground. She’d barely put him down when his car went up in flames with a loud boom.

Glancing at the car, that was now a huge ball of fire, the wolven realized someone was bound to see it and call it in. She couldn’t be seen, but… she looked down at her chosen one, neither could she leave him like this. Whining, she leaned in and did the only thing she knew to do to try and wake him up. She began to lick his face, whimpering as she did.

Trenton moaned, finally.

Leaning back, the wolven whined softly.

Trenton gave a low grunt of pain as he moved his head toward her, whispering, “Blue?”

If she was in her human form, she would have been rolling her eyes at him. She neither looked, felt, nor probably smelled, anything like the human’s small dog.

Blue indeed!

The wolven whined once more, patting his chest to get him to open his eyes.

Finally, his eyes did slowly flutter open and he stared up at her.

She whined again as he tried to focus on her form, taking his hand and giving it a good lick to show him she meant him no harm.

His eyes widened as he got a good look at her, his breathing picking up also, along with his heartbeat.

He fears me.

Now she wanted to cry, but in this form it was impossible. Instead, she let out a keening, hurt sound even as she lay his head on the ground and backed away. She looked away from him as she swallowed the howl of pain, she felt building in her chest.

“Who… what…?” He began, then he coughed.

Worried for him now, she quickly came back to his side, whining again as she looked over him, looking for any signs of something being wrong. She might be in animal form, but her intellect was very human.

Ribs, maybe his ribs are broken and my moving him made it worse.

She carefully moved her hand gently over his ribs, feeling, slightly pushing. Trenton let out a grunt of pain as she touched the last one. Carefully, she moved her hand over it again.

It is not broken, only bruised.

“What…” his voice broke. So, clearing it he began again, “What are you?”

Glancing back up at him she gave a grunting type noise, the only thing she could do in this form.

“You don’t talk?”

No, but oh, how I wish I could.

The wolven shook her head. Then she pointed to her ears before turning slightly and showing him her tail as she made the same grunting noise again.

His eyes widened as he queried in a whisper, “Werewolf?”

She held out her hand, wiggling it in a ‘sort of’ motion.

“How can you ‘sort of’ be a werewolf?” He asked with a frown. “It seems to me that you either are or you aren’t.” Then he laughed a bit until he began coughing again.

She patted at his chest until he stopped.

“You know, it’s kind of funny. My girlfriend wanted to know not long ago what I thought about werewolves,” Trenton turned his head, gazing into her eyes. “I told her I wouldn’t know until I met one. I was joking at the time, of course, since I believed there is no such thing as werewolves, yet tonight I meet one.”

Her head jerked up then as she caught the sound of sirens.

“What, what is it?”

She held her hand to her ear, showing she’d heard something.

“You hear something?”

She nodded, knowing she needed to leave. The sirens drew closer and she knew he probably could hear them now. So, she leaned over him and cupped his cheeks carefully in her hands, so she wouldn’t scratch him with her claws, giving him a loving lick on his forehead.

Straightening, standing tall and proud, she gave a low howl before disappearing into the trees just as a firetruck and ambulance turned the corner.

As soon as she was out of sight of any of the humans, the wolven turned back to watch.

The firemen put out the fire and the EMT found Trenton. They soon had the fire under control and Trenton loaded into the ambulance. With sirens wailing, the two vehicles headed back toward town.

The wolven turned away and quickly ran home. Once there, she showered and had just finished dressing when her phone rang.

It was the hospital telling her that Trenton was there.

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