Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 15

“Are you sure? I know you couldn’t see much of me in the dark, Trenton. My second form isn’t exactly cute and cuddly. I have sharp claws and even sharper teeth. I’m covered from head to toe in fur with a snout and tail. My eyes are amber rimmed in red. Trenton, I don’t want to scare you away because I love you.”

“I love you too, and you won’t scare me. Your wolven is a big part of you and it’s a part of you I want to know also,” he firmly told her.

So, giving in to what he and her wolven, and if she were honest, herself, wanted, she began to strip. Once naked, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting the wolven inside take over. In just seconds she had phased from her human form to that of her wolven.

Hearing a growl, the wolven opened her eyes to check the room for danger, letting out a low growl of her own. What she found was the little dog, his hackles raised, standing next to her chosen as if to protect him.

Walking over to the bed, she leaned down, and stared into Blue’s eyes for a moment, showing him her dominance. She then let out a low growl before lightly tapping him on the head. This was a move mother wolven had done many times when she’d argued with her. It was a motherly move that got the little dog’s attention. With a quiet yip, Blue lay down and did the doggie equivalent of a pout.

She then was able to turn her full attention to her chosen one. She found him staring at her, in what could only be described as awe. There was no fear on his face this time, thankfully. She reached out her hand, palm up, and he took it, turning it this way and that. He ran a forefinger over her sharp nails, then through the thick fur on her arm.

“Your fur is so soft, so thick.”

The wolven made a growly sound deep in her chest.

Trenton looked up, tugging at her hand until she carefully perched on the edge of the bed.

“I know what I want to do now is probably going to be a bit offensive, and that I probably shouldn’t do it, but I can’t help the need inside of me to do it.” He took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “Please, don’t slap me for it, okay?”

The wolven cocked her head. What is it he wishes to do that he fears I will find offensive?

Trenton reached up then and ran his hand over her boobs, twice. Then he ran his fingers through the thick hair covering them until he found her nipples.

By that time, she had become a bit excited at the touch of her chosen and the fact that he was doing it willingly. Because of that, her large nipples had become hard buds and she gave a slight groan of lust at his touch.

Trenton grinned, asking, “I guess even wolven women like their boobs played with?”

She growled at him. Just because she enjoyed it didn’t mean he had to tease her about it. No, instead he should be doing more touching if only she could tell him that.

He just chuckled softly. “Put Blue on the floor so he can go outside if he needs to, then lay down with me, please.”

So, she did as he asked, putting Blue on the floor before laying down next to him. Pulling him gently to her, she snuggled him in her arms, giving a light huff of content.

“You’re very warm.”

The wolven began making deep growling sounds deep in her chest as she felt sleep began to tug at her consciousness. Before she could fully give in to the sleep, though, she rubbed her snout in the crook of his neck and gently began to lick.

This was something she remembered her wolven mother doing to her wolven father. When she had asked mother the purpose of it, she had been told it was a loving and caring gesture, the wolven way of showing love. Father wolven always seemed to like it, growling low in his chest to show his pleasure, and so she wanted to share this feeling with her chosen one.

Trenton sighed, humming contently as he wrapped an arm around her and held her tightly to him. “Good night.”

Then they both allowed sleep to carry them away.

Trenton woke up groaning in pain because everything on his body hurt. Why does my body hurt so bad?

Something whined behind him, then that something moved.

Trenton tensed until everything from the night before came flooding back to him. The accident, learning that Melissa was a wolven. With his memories returned, he relaxed and carefully rolled over to bury his face in the fur-covered bosom that was in front of him.

The wolven growled lightly, causing Trenton to raise his head and look at her questioningly. He found her looking right back at him with those unblinking amber-red eyes. They were so unique all he could do was gaze into them for a long moment.

“I hurt,” he admitted, answering her unspoken question. “I feel every bump and bruise this morning that came from being in a wreck.”

She gently adjusted his body, nuzzling his neck. Then she began to lick along his neck from his shoulder to just behind his ear.

Trenton figured that he should be disgusted by her licking him, yet, somehow, he wasn’t. Instead, it felt good and strangely calmed him. So, he pushed himself closer to her, nuzzling his face into her neck. He then closed his eyes and once more fell asleep.

The wolven continued to slowly lick her chosen one until she felt him relax. Once she was certain he slept she closed her eyes and dozed off herself. In what only seemed like minutes she was awakened again, only this time by a whining Blue tugging at her tail gently. Carefully untangling herself from Trenton, she rolled over to look at Blue, and he whined again. She stood and followed him out the bedroom door, but before going further she phased.

“What’s wrong, Blue?” Melissa asked softly so as not to awaken Trenton once she was human again.

With a yip, he led her to the kitchen and his bowl.

“Ah, hunger, that I understand,” she murmured as she quickly found him something to eat.

Next, she started the coffee and after grabbing her clothes from the porch, she showered and dressed. When the coffee was done, she pulled her phone from her bag and checked it. She had one text message and it read: I’m close to finding you, and when I do, I’m coming for you.

“Why, why now? Why can’t he leave me alone?” She whispered as she buried her head in her hands.

“Why won’t who leave you alone?”

Melissa jumped at the sound of a male voice, her head coming up. Jumping up, she took him by the arm and helped him into a chair as she scolded, “Trenton, why are you up? You should be in bed taking care of yourself.”

“I smelled coffee and it pulled me from my sleep coma,” Trenton answered as she handed him a pain pill and some water. “Now, who is this you were mumbling about?”

After he’d swallowed his pill, she handed him a cup of coffee before sitting down with her cup. Handing him her phone, she muttered, “Chad.”

“We should take this to the police today,” he suggested, blowing on his coffee to cool it.

We nothing, I will take it!”

“I’m not an invalid, Melissa, I can go with you. Besides, I need to tell them about the board that was on the road.”

“Why? It’s gone, so I can’t prove it was there.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” he agreed with a sigh. “I suppose I just need an excuse to get out of the house because I hate being stuck at home.”

“Well, I can’t say anything because I’m the same way, but I’ll stay with you if you like.”

“I like,” he told her as he grinned. “Will you read to me? I bet you have a sexy reading voice.”

Melissa laughed at his flirting and gave him a wink in return. “If you’re a good boy, I might do more than read to you.”

“I genuinely like the sound of that,” he agreed with a sigh.

Then they finished their coffee in silence.

Trenton and Melissa managed to laze away the next two days. However, she was hard-pressed to keep him in bed because he was used to being busy all the time, even knowing he needed the rest for his body to heal.

Today though, he insisted he was fine as soon as he awakened.

So, Melissa decided they would go to her house so she could get some more clothes, then go to the diner for lunch. She wasn’t the best of cooks and was in desperate need of someone else’s.

Once they had made their plans, they headed out just after breakfast. The first stop was her house where she checked her mail and packed a bag of clothing. She made sure to put in quite a few because she planned to stay with Trenton if he would let her. Once that was done, they headed for town, but halfway there Trenton’s phone began to ring.

“Hello, Cindy. Yes, I’m fine—really, I am. How is everything going at… the… WHAT!” He went silent after his outburst.

Melissa reached over and took his hand, squeezing it, letting him know she was there for him.

“Lovely. I’m on my way to town now… yes… the police are already there… okay, I’ll see you in a bit then,” Trenton said, then after saying goodbye, he hung up, giving an angry huff.

“What happened?”

“Someone vandalized the store. It seems they threw a brick in the window, then managed to bust the fire hydrant out front. The whole front of the store is flooded. Hundreds of dollars of books ruined.” He grunted as he leaned his head back. “I’m suddenly so tired Melissa, I’m only thirty, and yet I’m so tired.”

“We’ll get through this, together, your problems and mine,” she reassured him, giving his hand another squeeze.

He turned his head to smile, saying, “You say things like that, and it just makes me love you, even more, you know that.”

“I know, it’s because I’m so lovable.”

“Yes, you are, very lovable, even when you’re furry,” he agreed with a soft chuckle.

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