Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 2

Melissa had a rental SUV waiting for her when she arrived in Idaho. She moved quickly through the airport terminal, picked up her luggage, and swiftly left before she could be spotted. As she drove away from the airport, which was two towns over from the town she was planning to live in, she admired the beautiful and smog-free scenery.

It wasn’t long before she’d reached the small town which would be her new home. Driving slow down through it, she realized it was so very small after living in New York. It also made her wonder how it was even on the map. The town was full of much older buildings and you could tell that the people who lived there were proud of their town because it was well maintained. There was a beautiful park in the center of town with a huge statue of a man, who she figured was one of the founding fathers. There were also benches, a gazebo, and a water fountain.

Leaving the small town behind her, she picked up her speed. No more than ten miles later, on the outskirts of the town, she reached her destination. So, pulling up into her driveway, she turned her car off, then sat back to admire her new home. It was wood and brick and fitted into the wooded surroundings well.

When she’d spoken with the realtor, she’d been told that her closest neighbors are almost three miles each way. The realtor said that he didn’t know any of them personally because most people tended to keep to themselves. She’d told him that, that was fine with her because privacy was something she needed right now in a big way.

Stepping out of the vehicle, Melissa inhaled deeply of the fresh air scented with pine. She felt her wolven stir in the back of her mind wanting out to run. She murmured to herself, “Not now, after dark. I need to scope the place out first.”

Walking to the back of the SUV, she opened the hatch and pulled out her cases. It would be another two days before her things would arrive, but since she had brought enough clothes to get by until then she was good.

She’d had the realtor hire someone to come to the house and stock the pantry. It had also been in the plan for them to stock the bathroom, plus have the electricity, water, and internet turned on.

Pulling the house key, she’d received in the mail the week before, from her purse she unlocked the door and stepped inside. After placing her bags down by the door, she began to tour her new home. It was open and airy, lots of windows in the back giving her a good view of the wooded area that surrounded the home. There were fewer windows in the front though, for the sake of privacy.

The house had a large kitchen because although she wasn’t a good cook, she wanted to learn. There was also a dining area big enough for a table that seats eight. It also had a sitting room and a den/family room. There were also four bedrooms, each with their bathrooms, plus an extra guest bath of the den/family room. Off the kitchen was a laundry room/mudroom that had two doors, one leading to the outside and the garage.

She saved the master bedroom for last and slowly made her way to it. Opening the door, she walked in, gazing around. She smiled, already imagining her king size bed in it along with the rest of her furnishings, it was perfect. The room was large enough that even with all furnishings were in place there would still room be plenty of room for her to move around in her wolven form. Glancing over at the side-by-side walk-in closets, she huffed as loneliness reared its ugly head again.

Maybe I’d was stupid to build with a future family in mind because right now since I’m an only child I have no siblings to visit me. Neither do I have parents that will come over since Mom died just a few months after Dad two years ago. She sighed sadly, remembering how Dad had been running in the forest and a drunken hunter had mistakenly shot him, thinking he was a bear. That’s what the hunter had told local law enforcement anyway when her dad’s body was found in his human form. Mom, who couldn’t bear life without him, grieved herself into an early grave.

And, as far as I know, I have no kin on either side of my family either, leaving me completely alone in the world. Plus, there is the fact that I have yet to find my soulmate, my chosen one, to have a family with. A girl can dream of those things though...

Shaking away her sad thoughts, she left the bedroom and headed back to the den. Once there, she plugged in her laptop so she could watch a movie. First, though, she needed to find something to eat.

As the sun completely set, her wolven, once again, whined to be free. So, walking into the mudroom, Marissa unlocked the deadbolt on the door and stripped out of her clothing. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, letting her wolven rise and take over. In just moments, she was standing in her second form.

In her human skin, Marissa’s hair was black, her eyes blue, and she stood only five feet, six inches. However, in her wolven form, she was covered completely in jet black fur, her eyes glowed amber with a red ring, her teeth now that of a wolf, sharp enough to rip through animal hide, and her nails were claws. To complete her form, she had a wolf head, paws, a tail, and stood right at six feet in height. She honestly did look like the wolfman in the movies.

When the transition was complete, she carefully pushed down the door handle, pushed the door open, and stepped outside. The door automatically closed behind her when she stepped out. Then bounding off the porch in one leap, a howl leaving her lips, she took off running on all fours. Her gait would look awkward to anyone watching because of her almost human arms and hands, but Melissa it was as easy as breathing.

Melissa spent the night romping and running through the woods, learning its secrets. When she grew bored and hungry, she hunted and fed well. Just before the sun came up, she returned home. She then showered before laying down on her sleeping bag and falling fast asleep.

This soon became Melissa’s routine for the next few days as she learned her way around her new property.

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