Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 20

Two days went by and still no change in Lisa’s condition. There had also been nothing from Chad, so all was quiet. The quiet made Melissa feel as if it were the calm before the storm, however, and tonight when she laid down, she felt as if that calm had come to an end.

“Baby, your tense,” Trenton murmured as he pulled her snug against his side.

“Soon, Trenton, he’s going to show himself soon, I feel it.”

“Why do you think that?” He asked calmly, running his hand down her arm soothingly.

“I don’t know exactly, except my wolven has been on edge all day. It’s like she expects something. It may be nothing.”

Together they lay still and silent, until he whispered, “Melissa, I want to make love to you, and I want you to mark me as yours.”

Melissa heard the hesitancy behind the calm in his voice. She knew he feared the outcome of her confrontation with Chad and he wanted to give her what he knew she wanted the most. So, she asked, “Are you sure? I don’t want you to rush into…”

“I’m sure, I want to be yours, fully and completely more than anything. In fact, you could have done it the other night; I wouldn’t have said no,” he replied. “However, I didn’t bring any protection with me.”

“I didn’t want the marking to happen our first time together making love, but now, now would be a different story. And don’t worry about that, I’ve been on birth control shots for a while now.” Then, putting her hands around his neck, she pulled him to her.

Oh, how I love this man.

As she kissed him, she poured all her love for him into it. The kiss soon became hotter as their bodies moved closer as if magnetized. His hands began to roam over her, tugging at the hem of her shirt. Moving back from each other reluctantly, they quickly stripped off their clothes before attacking each other again.

Pushing him onto his back, Melissa moved over him, kissing his neck while her hands moved down his chest, rubbing, arousing. He groaned under her as her mouth moved over his male nipple to suck and scrap it with her teeth, making it harden into a tight bud. His hands found her hips and slowly kneaded them, rocking her against him as his shaft hardened under her.

As she moved down his body, his hands moved up hers, flames of arousal moving over her skin as they did. Her mouth made it to his stomach, and she nipped and sucked on, moaning at the feel of his hands teasing her full breasts.

Finally, she slowed her kisses down as she moved her lips over his skin toward his left hip. Once there, her lips moved over it until she found the perfect place to mark him as hers. She then began to lovingly lick and suck on it, arousing him even more in the seductively sensitive place on his hip. His aroused moans quickly grew in volume.

“Ah, Melissa, I need you,” he murmured. Then he began to tug at her arms, trying to bring her back up to him.

At his tugging she raised her head, letting her wolven move forward. Her eyes landed on his and with the perfect vision of her wolven, she saw the love and the desire in his eyes.

“My love, my chosen one, you will be the one I will love as long as we live,” she told him, causing him to still. Then, in a solemn voice, as if making a vow, she told him, “I love you. I want you to know that I will never do you harm, in this form or that of my wolven.”

“I know that.”

“It will hurt a bit at first, then I promise it will give you much pleasure. You will then give me much pleasure in return,” she murmured and watched as he nodded.

Having his agreement to continue, she bowed her head once more to the chosen spot and once more began to suck. The place she had picked was right over his left hip and seemed to be an erogenous zone for him if his moans were anything to go by, and this pleased her.

She placed her hand over his shaft, giving him a gentle squeeze that caused his hips to buck. Trenton let out a loud groan of pleasure and when he did, she bit down on his hip hard. As she continued to pleasure him, she bit down harder until she tasted his blood. A moan escaped her as she tasted its sweetness, continuing to suck until she had taken enough of his blood to give her Trenton’s distinct scent. When she pulled her teeth from his hip, she made sure to lick his wound well. The licking enabled her to put more of her saliva into his bloodstream through the open wound, ensuring the complete mix of their scents.

When her DNA hit Trenton’s bloodstream, he gave a growl of need, flipping them so that he was on top and laying between her thighs. He thrust hard and deep and continued to move fast, grunting in his pleasure. The bed shook with his movements and Melissa had a fleeting thought of how she was glad it didn’t squeak or the ones in the next room would be hearing it.

Although, as loud as we are, they may still hear us.

Melissa gave as good as she got and soon had to grab hold of the headboard to give herself leverage. She whined and growled her pleasure as he hit her sweet spot over and over. White-hot need flowed through her like lava as she tightened her thighs around his hips. Her stomach clenched as she felt her release coming. With his next thrust, she was sent over the edge, causing her hips to buck up as she came with a scream, her walls closing in on his shaft even as he continued to move. Shivers of pleasure moved up and down her spine as she continued to shudder and whimper. Letting go of the headboard, she wrapped her hands around his ribcage, slowly rubbing up and down.

Trenton slowed down to slow, deep thrusts as his lips captured hers before he stopped altogether, their tongues tangled. His hand came up to cup her breast and she moaned against his mouth. His lips left hers then and he kissed down her neck, nipping and sucking as he once more began to move his hips.

She whimpered as her body began to heat up once more, ready for more

His breathing picked up along with his thrusts as he began pushing himself once more toward his release.

Melissa’s stomach began to tighten as the pleasure built up within her yet again. Pulling her knees up allowed him to go even deeper, she grabbed hold of his back, her nails digging in. Pushing her hips up hard against him, she silently encouraged him to find his release inside of her.

Trenton increased his speed and she let out a keening whine, her pleasure peeking. Whimpering out his name, Melissa tightened her thighs around his hips. With one last thrust, he was grunting out a growl of release that echoed in the room, filling her with his liquid essence as his head dropped to the pillow next to her head.

For a long moment, Trenton lay panting and she brushed his hair off his forehead, murmuring, “I love you, Trenton.”

He raised his head. “And I love you too, but what was that?”

Giving soft laugh she continued to run her fingers lovingly through his hair. “That was the side effect of marking you, and I did warn you about it. I enjoyed it immensely though, and so did my wolven. I think she wishes it was her on the receiving end of it though.”

His gaze softened as he brought his hand up to brush it across her cheek. “If I was wolven, would this have happened in your… um… your second form?”

“Actually, it would happen in both forms. Because…” she cleared her throat. “…well, we would make love in human form and I’d mark you. Then when we made love for the first time in our wolven form you would have marked me.”

“Ah… and where would I have marked you?” He asked with a bit of a twinkle in his eyes.

“Above my left breast. Then I would pretty much have attacked you the way you just did me. Very vigorously!”

“Mm… that does sound fun.”

“I hear a bit of sadness in your tone, why?”

“I feel as if perhaps only one half of you is… satisfied because I’m not a wolven.”

Melissa gazed at him for a moment, their eyes locked, not knowing what to say exactly. Then, biting her lip, she pulled a memory from long ago, a memory of her mom and dad together. She’d gotten out of school early one day and had come home to catch her parents unaware. She remembered accusing them, teasingly, of scarring her for life! They had both been, what mom had explained later, half phased. Why they were like that she didn’t know exactly.

She remembered opening the front door and finding them having wild animal sex. Shocked she’d paused long enough to realize that although they looked mostly human, their eyes had been red, their teeth wolfish, and her mom’s long nails were practically embedded in dad’s shoulder. Coming out of her shock, she’d run screaming back out the door but even knowing they’d been caught hadn’t stopped them. No, they had continued, and she’d been able to still hear them halfway down the driveway they were so loud!


Shaking her head, Melissa came out of her memories to find Trenton watching her with his head tilted questioningly. “Sorry, I was just remembering something. Perhaps there is a way, but… I’ve never done it.”

“Done what?”

“It’s called a half-phase. My wolven would be out and in control, but I’d have no snout, ears, or tail,” she explained.

“So, you’d be human?”

“Sort of. My eyes would be amber and red, my teeth and nails sharp, I might not even have speech, but my body would be human,” she continued.

“No fur?”

She chuckled. “No, no fur.”


“Oh? What is that supposed to mean?” Melissa asked him, frowning in puzzlement.

“I like your fur, it’s warm,” Trenton informed her, lip poked out in a bit of a pout.

“Well, I doubt my warmth would be what was on your mind at that point.”

Trenton grinned before giving her a loving kiss. “True.”

“Maybe I’ll try it, another day,” Melissa suggested with a yawn.

“If you like, for now, sleep.” Then giving her another kiss, he moved off her, back onto the bed. He cuddled her to his side, and they slept.

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