Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 21

Melissa awakened in the middle of the night with an ominous feeling in her gut. She knew something was wrong, but what exactly?

Laying perfectly still, her eyes closed, she took a deep breath. By doing this she allowed her wolven to move forward within her, without completely changing, and used her heightened senses to take in her surroundings. That’s when she heard the faint sound of footsteps just outside the motel doorway. Whoever it was paused, and she could hear the nervous breath of whoever it was as they waited, they too seemed to be listening.

From one heartbeat to the next she realized that the calm was over, and the storm had arrived. So, moving quickly, Melissa rolled over, taking Trenton with her as she rolled off the bed and onto her feet. Trenton stiffened, moving quickly before he could speak, she placed her hand over his mouth to let him know he needed to be silent. Then she spoke very softly in his ear, “He’s here.”

Silently she moved back until she was where she could push Trenton into the bathroom. Once he was there, she went still to once more listen. Hearing a faint rattle of the doorknob, she decided that the lock was being jimmied and tensed, waiting for the door to open. The door then slowly opened, the sound of breathing becoming louder as a man entered the room.

Melissa could almost feel his excitement waffling off him in waves at what he was about to do even as she spied something shiny in his hand. Standing in the darkness, she waited, still and silent, waited to see what he would do.

He moved forward, slowly raising the hand that held the knife until it was over his head. He was ready to plunge it down into the body he believed still lay on the bed sleeping.

She frowned as she realized something. He’s holding the knife in his right hand. Chad is left-handed! Who is this person in my room? Whoever it is, it isn’t Chad.

She moved slowly out of the darkness, making no sound until she had grabbed him from behind, then she asked, “Who are you?”

His heart began to pound, and she smelled his fear as his body stiffened. “Please, don’t hurt me! I was just supposed to come in and embed the knife in the bed, not hurt anybody!”

Melissa turned him to face her, frowning when she got a good look at him and realize he couldn’t be more than sixteen or so. However, she wasn’t willing to just drop it because she had no idea if he was telling the truth or not. So, she informed him, “You messed with the wrong person tonight, kid.” She then called out over her shoulder, “Trenton, call the police.”

“No, please, don’t do that!” The boy whined and begged.

“Sorry, kid, it has to be done because they’re going to want to know about this,” Melissa told him.

Trenton put the phone to his ear. “Yes, this is Trenton Davison, I’m staying at the Clayton Motel and we’ve had a break-in…”

Five minutes later the police were in our room and they were giving their statement about what had happened. The kid’s name was Nate Brown and he’d met a blonde guy at an arcade tonight who had offered him fifty dollars if he’d break into their motel room and leave the knife in their bed. At the time, Nate had figured fifty dollars would be worth it, now he wasn’t so sure.

Of course, there are a lot of blond guys, so Melissa showed him a picture of Chad.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s him! Although, his hair is longer than this and he has a goatee,” Nate told them as he stared down at the picture.

Melissa huffed, annoyed because the kid had been used by Chad to do his dirty work. She just wanted this whole mess with Chad to be over and done with, but since Chad hadn’t come himself, she couldn’t put him and his drama behind her quite yet.

Any way you take it though, the kid hadn’t done her or Trevor any physical harm. So, she quietly told the police officers to cut the kid loose with a warning. With a nod, the lead policeman hustled the kid outside, and Trevor shut the door behind them all. Once they were all gone Melissa sat down on the side of the bed with a groan. Leaning over, she put her elbows on her knees, her head in her hands, and massaged at her temples.

Trenton sat down next to her, rubbing her back as he softly murmured, “Chad is still out there watching you and this proves that he’s still here in town. You need to be careful; he’s toying with you.”

“No, we need to be careful. Trenton!” She exclaimed as she pulled her head from her hands to look at him. “Don’t think for one minute he won’t go after you too.”

“Maybe, but I’m not the one he wants,” Trenton contradicted her.

“No, but you are the one who has what he wants, and that is me. Although, I highly doubt he’ll try anything else tonight, so let’s get some sleep.”

Trenton nodded and after turning out the lights they laid down and fell into a restless sleep.

When Trenton and Melissa walked into the hospital the next morning she glanced toward the front desk and noticed two nurses standing there. One was African American, and one looked as if she might be Asian, both pretty in their way. As soon as their heads came up and they looked at Melissa, she gave them a smile along with a slight smile.

The African American woman quickly turned to the other one, a bright smile on her face, and began to whisper excitedly.

Curious, Melissa paused and murmured, “Hey, Trenton, would you mind getting me a diet cola before we go up to the room?”

Trenton gave her a puzzled look but nodded in agreement.

“I’ll wait here.”

Trenton walked off, heading toward the little alcove off to their left where drinks and snacks could be bought from a vending machine. Melissa stood silently, fiddling with her phone as she let her wolven rise just enough to allow her to listen in on the women’s conversation.

“I’m telling you, she’s that retired model I’ve been telling you about. I saw her picture in that fashion magazine Tamara is always buying! Look, I’ll show it to you since I have it with me. I was thinking of buying Tamara a sleep set I saw in here and was going to ask you at break what you thought about it and show it to you,” the woman said as she pulled a magazine from under the counter and began to rifle through it. She then held it open in front of the other woman and together they looked.

“Yep, it does sort of look like her I’ll admit,” the Asian nurse said as she nodded. Then looking up, she glanced over at Melissa and squinted slightly. “Sorry, Temeka, I’m just not into all that fashion. Guess, I’m just getting too old and tired to care. Give me a pair of boy shorts and a tank top and I’m a happy camper!” She sighed as she glanced toward where Trenton had disappeared from their sight and added, “Then again, if I had that hunk of a man she came in with to go home to every night I’d probably care a whole lot more about what I was wearing to bed at night.”

“Hm… I suppose he’s alright, for vanilla. I like a bit more chocolate in my man though,” Temeka said with a soft giggle.

Melissa had to laugh a bit at that.

“Yeah, well, that chocolate man of yours better not hear you talking like that. You know how jealous he gets.”

“Gurl, Jerome knows he’s the only one for me,” Temeka replied with an indignant huff. “Those two children I gave him are proof of that.”

“Are you listening in on their conversation, baby?” Trenton whispered in her ear.

Melissa turned toward him with a smile before pushing up on her tiptoes to kiss him. “Yes, I was and now I’m going to go speak to them.”

Making a complete one-eighty, she walked over to the counter. When the two women realized she was headed their way, they gave her a guilty look.

Melissa just smiled and said, “Hello, may I see that magazine you’re looking at?”

They looked at her wide-eyed and nervous looking but handed it over. Looking down, Melissa saw it was indeed a picture of her, the last one she’d posed for where she’d been wearing the red lingerie.

“Oh, baby, you look so sexy in that,” Trenton whispered. “When will you model it for me?”

“Later,” she whispered back before giving him a teasing wink. Then, turning back to the two nurses, she grabbed a pen off the counter. Quickly sighing the picture of herself, she handed it back as she admitted, “You’re right, Temeka, I am this model.”

Temeka squealed as she took it and exclaimed, “Oh, Tamara isn’t going to believe this! Thanks so much!”

“You’re very welcome. FYI, I think vanilla is the best flavor there is, especially when it’s the one I get to come home to every night.”

Both women’s mouths dropped open at her comment.

With a laugh and a wave, Melissa took Trenton’s hand and led him away.

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