Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 23

“Trenton, just remember that we’re in this together. You aren’t alone and I love you,” Melissa whispered to him as the reporter got closer and closer to their table.

“I love you too.”

“Hello, my name is Patricia Malloy and I’m with Channel 3 News here in Sweetwater. When I heard that Foxxy Jacobs was in our fair city I’ll admit I was curious as to why you would be here. Then, when we found out she was here with none other than Trenton Davison? I could hardly believe it, I mean, wow, two big names, here, together in our little town of Sweetwater. What are the odds? So, I think what everyone wants to know is, how do a lost millionaire and a retired model wind up together?” Patricia asked with a shark-like smile, the recorder in her hand now pointed toward the couple.

“How about, it really isn’t any of your business, and go find someone else to pester,” Melissa answered coldly. “I’m retired, which means I no longer have to answer stupid questions. As for him, maybe he became ‘lost’ as you call it to get away from stupid questions.”

The woman gasped, losing her smile as Trenton gave her a cold smirk, adding, “Now, perhaps you should leave because I believe the lady is right.”

“If it isn’t me, it’ll be someone else!” Patricia exclaimed trying again to get an exclusive out of them.

“Perhaps, or maybe I’ll call in a few favors and by the end of the day you’ll and the others will be jobless due to harassment,” Trenton suggested coldly with an indifferent shrug.

With that the reporter turned away, her photographer following silently as she stormed out the door.

Trenton huffed out a big puff of air before giving a slight growl.

“Suddenly I’m not so hungry,” Melissa whispered.

Turning, Trenton looked at her and found her pink-cheeked and breathing hard. Concerned, he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, but that was quite a turn on and now I want something besides food.”

Trenton grinned as he asked, “Me telling that woman off turned you on?”

She nodded in agreement.

“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you?” Trenton whispered, but suddenly he wasn’t hungry for food either. So, calling the waiter over, he asked for boxes to go and his bill.

By the time the waiter had our food boxed to go, Trenton had called a cab and it was waiting out front. Forget walking back to the car where it’s parked at the hospital, he thought as he hustled Melissa out the door, I’ll just have the rental place come pick it up because I need to get Melissa back to the motel room, NOW!

It took everything Trenton had to keep his hands to himself in the taxi. He wanted Melissa with everything in him and the need to have her in a bed under him was growing stronger with each passing moment. So, the moment the motel room door closed behind them he was pulling her clothing from her in frenzied movements. As soon as he had her naked, he gently pushed her onto the bed and followed her down.

“I feel like a wild man with no control when it comes to you, baby,” Trenton murmured in her ear before nipping at it.

Melissa chuckled softly as her hands moved over him, giving his hip a light squeeze. “But I like it, and so does my wolven.”

He nipped at her neck then and she whimpered as her knees came up to grip around his hips, holding him to her. He then kissed down and across her chest, finding one hardened nipple. Stopping there, he sucked it into his mouth as his hand gently squeezed her other breast.

“Trenton, my wolven wants to play.”

Trenton raised his head at her words. Her eyes were dilated, her face pink in her desire.

She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and she is mine, her and her wolven. I would do anything for her.

So, he nodded.

With that simple nod the air seemed to shift around them and then there was a slight change in the feel of her body against his. Suddenly the body under him was slightly bigger, and her eyes were now amber and red instead of blue.

Running his hand down her side, he heard her gasp. His eyes still on her face, he watched as her mouth opened and saw the slightly sharper teeth of her wolven. When she whined, he smiled at her and asked, “Ah, baby, shall we rock each other’s world?”

She nodded and he leaned in to give her a gentle kiss. Her hands skimmed gently over his body, as if learning their differences, and he went back to loving on her beautiful breasts. As one of his hands moved between her thighs, he remembered her mentioning a female’s marking and his lips moved away from her nipple to the skin above her left breast. He began to make swirling circles around with his tongue listening to her as she whined. Feeling her shudder in pleasure under him, he moved his fingers into her damp, feminine folds, moving them in and out to increase her pleasure.

Only thinking of ways to ways to bring her to higher pleasure, he sucked a bit of the skin of her breast into his mouth. Biting down, gently at first, he began to suck, then bit harder as his fingers moved in and out of her faster. Her moans and whines were increasing as she bucked under him and he felt her body explode just as his teeth sank even deeper, enough to leave teeth marks he was sure, on her skin.

His groan was loud and long as something inside of him seemed to explode with her. Letting go of her skin, he moved into position between her thighs. It was time to unite the two of them in the body once more.

“I love you,” he murmured.

Raising her leg up high on his thigh he heard her moan softly. When she bucked her hips under him in encouragement, he sank deep into her warm, wet folds.

Melissa woke up and stretched, then she moaned lightly. My body is so sore, but why? As a wolven, I must do a lot of strenuous exercises to make myself sore, only… most of my pain seems to be in my lower regions. So odd….

She rolled over to find Trenton sound asleep, a content smile on his face, and she smiled. She loved to see that content look on his face and considering what had happened earlier with the press… well, she was twice as glad to see it. Getting up off the bed, she made her way to the bathroom for a hot shower.

Maybe the heat will help my aches.

After warming the water, she stepped in and sighed as the water rained down on her. Then she whimpered lightly as the water hit her overly sensitive breasts. Her nipples hardened and tingling began between her thighs. Suddenly she was all hot and bothered and her wolven was whimpering for her chosen one.

“What is going on? Why do I feel this way?” She whispered to herself.

She frowned for a moment, a memory flooding her mind as if the strange feelings she had been having had reminded her of it.

“Melissa, when you meet your chosen one, a few things will happen. You will know him because your wolven side will tell you that he is the one, a female wolven always does the choosing. Then when he accepts you, you will mate and mark each other.”

“Marking Mama, what’s that?” Fifteen-year-old Melissa asked.

“You will mark him as yours and he will mark you as his. The marks will change your scents so that any wolven you come across will know you are taken and who you belong to.”

“So, how will I be marked, Mama?”

“The female always marks the male first, because we are the one who chooses our love. You will mark him right above his left hip, then he will mark you above your left breast,” Mama explained as she pointed out the places on her own body. “Your wolven will surge forward enough for your teeth to be sharp and you will bite him, drawing blood. This mixes your saliva into his blood giving him your scent. You will ingest just enough of his blood to give you his scent. His marking is done in human form, however. Oh, and it will also make him a bit... wild, so I would suggest not marking him the first time you make love to him.”

Young Melissa felt her face heat at her mama’s words and Mama chuckled a bit before adding, “Now, your chosen will mark you in wolven form, and just like when you marking him made him extra randy, so will it affect you also, it will also bring on your first heat.”

“Heat, Mama? Like when Mickie’s cat Lily-belle goes crazy and every tomcat for miles shows up?”

“Well, something like that,” Mama agreed with a laugh. “It will make you want your chosen one desperately, well, more desperately than normal. It will also affect him and between the two of you, it will feel as if you can’t get enough. Heat is also the time when you will get pregnant.”

“Oh. Well, is it the ONLY time I can get pregnant?”

“Yes. After you’re bitten it starts your heat cycle and once a year after that you will go into heat. We’ve found though that human birth control will keep you from conceiving if you decide you don’t want children right then,” Mama further explained.

“How long will my ‘heat’ last?”

“Your first heat will be three days in length, even if your chosen gets you pregnant right off. After that, it will just be until his seed takes or the three days.”

“Three days, Mama!”

Mama laughed hard. “Hey, I didn’t make us this way, I’m just telling you how it is, but trust me in this, you will enjoy those three days. Now in those three days, the two of you will be insatiable, him especially because his wolven will be determined to plant his babe in your belly!”

“Oh,” was all she could say as she swallowed hard.

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