Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 26

Waking up to Melissa next to him was the best feeling, and Trenton loved it. He lay there, just basking in her warmth as she rested in her wolven form. He moved his hand up and down her side, feeling her thick and soft fur, and just enjoying the moment.

Sighing deeply, he began to think of everything they had been through since they’d met and smiled. We’ve been through the fire together, still are, I guess. We’re going to make it through to the other side though, I just know it.

The only thing that would make their time together better was for Chad to be completely out of the picture. Trenton had thought about calling in a few favors but quickly changed his mind. I feel like since this is something that was Melissa’s problem before we met, she wouldn’t appreciate me interfering. Of course, I could be completely wrong in thinking that, but she’s so independent and I like that in her. Yes, I also enjoy it when she leans on me, it does stroke my ego, but still….

Suddenly there was a strange feeling in the air, one of electricity. Before he had done more than question the feeling, the fur he’d been stroking was gone and, in its place, was smooth, soft skin.

“Mm… sweet man, I can almost see the smoke rising off you. What has you thinking so hard?”

Trenton turned his head, his eyes connecting with hers as she told her, “Just thinking about everything that’s been going on.”

“Mm… well, hopefully, it will be sorted soon.”

“Maybe so, but until then… I have something for you,” he said.

“Oh, and what might that be?”

Standing up, Trenton walked over to his luggage and unzipped the side pocket. From it, he pulled out a velvet bag before walking back to her. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he opened the bag and poured out its contents, explaining, “I was going to get you a ring, but I knew it wouldn’t work when you phased, so…”

“Oh Trenton, it’s beautiful, and I love it!” Melissa exclaimed as he held it up for her to look at.

Placing the necklace around her neck, he watched it land almost in the valley of her breasts. “I love you, Melissa, this is my, I suppose my engagement ring to you because when we leave here, I want to fly to Vegas and marry you. I would love for you to have my name and bear my children. I want to be with you when we’re so old we have to walk side by side with walkers.”

Tears streamed from her eyes as she threw herself at him. “Oh, my sweet, sweet man. Yes, I’ll marry you.”

They sealed their promises with a kiss, which quickly became more.

Melissa was so happy, and she just wanted to shout it to the world. Instead, she made do by calling her best friend Lisa.


“Lisa, he asked me to marry him and I said yes and we’re going to go to Vegas and…”

“Calm down girl and breath!” Lisa shouted over Melissa’s words with a laugh.

“Sorry. I’m just so excited.”

“Ask her if she would like to go with us,” Trenton murmured from where he lay behind her, running his hand up and down her back.

“Lisa, I would love it if you would come and stand up for me when Trenton and I say our vows,” Melissa softly mentioned as she looked lovingly over her shoulder at Trenton.

“You know I would be honored to do that for you, Foxxy,” Lisa agreed. “When are you going to go?”

Melissa frowned; her happy vibe was now gone. “I don’t know, I suppose after I take care of this problem with Chad.”

“Baby, we can go now if you want to,” Trenton whispered. He then sat up and kissed her shoulder.

“No, I want this over first,” Melissa informed him, turning her mouth from the phone to look at him.

He nodded and standing up he headed to the bathroom.

“Why do you want to wait, Foxxy?” Lisa questioned. “Why not marry Trenton now, be happy, and let Chad go take a long walk on a short pier.”

“Because I… I’m scared Lisa,” Melissa turned back to her phone to whisper, so Trenton wouldn’t hear. “I’m scared that something might happen to me. What if I can’t…”

“Hey, hey, don’t. You are the strongest person I know Foxxy and you’re going to get rid of that slimeball, of that I have no doubt. I never thought I’d condone the murder of anyone, but after what he’s done… to you and me. And since the police can’t seem to catch him, well, I think the world will be better off without him.”

“Yeah,” Melissa agreed with a heavy sigh. “You’re right, it would be.”

“Now, come over for supper and we’ll celebrate.”

Thirty minutes later she and Trenton were sitting in Stella’s house eating pizza and buffalo wings.

Two hours after that Melissa stood up as she suggested, “Trenton, we should go. It’s getting late and Lisa needs her rest.”

Lisa stood up, hugging Melissa as she told her, “I’m so happy for the two of you.”

“Thank you,” Melissa said.

Lisa hugged Trenton too. As she backed away, she said, “Take good care of her Trenton, she’s special.”

“Yes, she is,” Trenton agreed.

After Melissa and Trenton walked outside, Lisa closed the door behind them, and they headed to the car. She paused as something occurred to her.

“Hey, Trenton, have you told your parents about us yet?”

“No, I…” Trenton began only to be cut off by the sound of a gunshot. He stumbled backward with a pained grunt before hitting the ground.

“Trenton!” Melissa screamed as she fell to her knees next to him.

Someone dressed all in black stepped out from behind a parked car then, yanking her up by her hair. They then pulled her toward the car he’d just come out from behind, saying, “I have you now Foxxy.”

Melissa recognized that sickening voice, it was the voice of Chad. She turned her head the best she could to glare at him as she snarled, “You!”

Chad laughed as he held the gun to her head. “Yes, it’s me. I told you, you are mine, Foxxy. Now that your boy toy is probably bleeding to death, I’m taking you back home with me where you belong.”

“No, I’m not going anywhere with you, you psycho!” Melissa yelled as she tried to figure out how to disarm him. She was strong and fast, but he had a gun to her head that could easily go off if she began to struggle with him. She needed to be careful, and she needed to kill him. The easiest way to accomplish that would be to phase into her wolven, but she couldn’t do that on a public street where just anyone could see her.

I needed a plan. Her wolven was snarling because she wanted Chad dead for harming her chosen and for everything, he had put them through. However, she also wanted to make sure her chosen one was okay. Well, I do too, but first I need to take care of Chad. I must do something, but what? If only… wait, that’s it, that’s the answer. I can half-phase, just enough to be stronger, yet still, look human.

So, taking a deep breath she called her wolven forward. Her wolven was more than ready and was soon in place, ready to do anything asked of her.

Melissa took a deep breath, fighting for calm, now I need to disarm Chad.

Moving faster than the human eye could see, she brought one arm back and elbowed him. She put enough strength behind it that she heard a couple of ribs crack, and Chad let out a scream, his grip loosening. Next, she brought her other hand up to grab the gun out of his hand, flinging it far away as she turned on him. Then, before he could do anything, she reached up with both hands, wrapped them around his neck, and broke it.

She then let his body drop to the ground, wishing she could have made him suffer more, but knowing quick was for the best. Still, she stood, snarl after snarl left her as she slowly reined her wolven. She then looked over to where Trenton lay and saw he was leaning up on one elbow holding his shoulder.

“I’m okay, Baby, you need to get rid of him before someone calls the cops.”

“The gunshot sound…” Melissa fretted.

Stella, who had come running out of the house, heard what Melissa said as she headed toward Trenton, and answered, “If anyone comes, we’ll tell them it must have been a back-firing car.”

“But he’s…” Melissa tried again, her wolven whining at her to go to their chosen one.

“The bullet just grazed me, so I won’t have a bullet wound if anyone asks,” Trenton confided as he stood up with Stella’s help.

“The gun?” Melissa questioned.

“I have it. Well, I did have it, but it slipped and now it’s in the sewer drain. Oops,” Lisa said with an innocent look from where she stood next to the curb.

Melissa had no idea when Lisa had even come outside but nodded at her anyway.

“Go, Melissa, you need to hurry,” Trenton whispered.

So, picking up Chad’s body, Melissa threw him over her shoulder and took off toward Stella’s backyard to where, just past her fence, the woods lay. As she entered the woods, she phased completely and took off fast through the trees and the brambles. She headed for the water she could smell. When she reached it, she threw the body in with a snarl.

Then she watched as Chad sank before stepping into the water herself. She needed to wash off his stench because the only man she wanted to smell like was her chosen. Finished, she turned and made her way back to Stella’s house and her chosen one.

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