Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 27

Trenton stood holding his shoulder watching Melissa run with the man, Chad, over her shoulder.

“Wow, she’s strong. I need to find out how she does it,” Stella whispered

Trenton chuckled before saying, “We should go and get this blood cleaned off me. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone heard that shot and called the police. I don’t need to look like I’ve been shot if the police do come sniffing around.”

Stella nodded and the three of them headed back toward the house.

“Lisa, you help him get cleaned up and I’ll look for an old t-shirt for him to wear,” Stella said as they walked.

When they reached the door, Trenton stopped and asked, “The bullet?”

“If we’re convincing enough with our story, should the police come, nobody will be looking for one,” Stella answered.

Trenton nodded at her before continuing into the house. Following Lisa into the bathroom, he glanced down at the blood still seeping lightly from his left shoulder. “Well, if he was aiming for the heart, he missed badly.”

“Maybe he was aiming for your head,” Lisa teased.

“Oh, thanks, that makes me feel better,” Trenton said with a snort.

“Lose the shirt and let’s look at the damage.”

So, Trenton carefully took it off while Lisa dug around in the cabinet. She soon pulled out a first-aid kit and after opening it, she pulled out a box of alcohol wipes. Setting the box on the counter, she pulled one out and tore it open as she commented, “This is probably going to burn since it has alcohol in it, but you don’t want an infection.”

Trenton gave her a short nod as he gritted his teeth. A moment later he lightly hissed in pain as she placed the alcohol wipe on his shoulder and began to clean it.

“It isn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be. It’s a good thing too because I’m terrible with a needle,” Lisa teased. Using a gauze, she applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding completely.

“It would also raise a lot of questions as to how I got the wound if we had ended up in the ER. I believe I heard somewhere that gunshot wounds have to be reported.”

“So, they say, I wouldn’t know from experience though,” Lisa agreed as she put clean gauze on the wound and began the process of taping it. “You know, you’re good for Foxxy… err… Melissa. She seems so much happier than she’s been since her parents passed.”

“How much has she told you about…?”

“What she is?”


“I know about her wolven, but I’ve never seen it, have you?” Lisa asked as she finished and stepped back. She then began putting everything away.

“Yeah, I have, and I think she’s beautiful, in both her forms,” Trenton told Lisa as he thought about Melissa’s second form. “I feared her the first time I saw her, after my accident. She was so gentle with me though, with me being hurt.”

“I’d…” Lisa cut off when a sound was made at the door. It caused the two of them to turn and they saw a naked Melissa standing there.

“Hey, guys, I need a quick shower and some clothes. As I ran through the backyard, I saw a police car turn the corner, so I know they’ll be here soon,” Melissa said as she stepped into the shower. “Tell Stella to tell as much of the truth as possible, that’s easier than coming up with lies. Trenton and I are visiting from out of town, we’ve only been here a few days and have been staying with you. Trenton was in bed, me the shower, I didn’t hear anything.” She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. “I’ll need a gown, and Trenton needs a t-shirt, black if possible, to hide the bandage.”

Lisa just stood there as if frozen.

“Hurry Lisa, they’ll be here soon, and you still need to talk to Stella,” Melissa said, trying to hurry her friend along.

That got Lisa moving.

In about two minutes, she, and Trenton both had their clothing and quickly dressed.

Melissa wrapped her hair up in a towel and as the doorbell rang, she muttered under her breath, “Hopefully, if the police are men, they won’t have a little woman at home who has shown them my picture. Or at least if they have, this towel covering my hair will be enough.”

She reached over then and mussed Trenton’s hair to make it look as if he’d been in bed. He knew his eyes were bloodshot from the lack of sleep he’d gotten in the past few days, so that would be in his favor. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he and Melissa headed out to see how good at lying to the police they would be.

“Sir, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I had the radio going in the kitchen as I washed dishes. With it blasting, and me on the backside of the house, I didn’t hear anything,” Stella was telling the two police officers who were standing on the doorstep.

Both officers looked annoyed as the older of the two said, “Ma’am, we were told a gunshot was heard and that it sounded as if it came from right in front of your house. The backside of the house or not, how could you not hear it?”

“Stella, what’s going on?” Melissa asked.

Trenton rubbed at his eyes tiredly as he grumbled, “Man, I just got good to sleep. What’s this about a gunshot?”

“Neighbors reported hearing a gun go off, yet Miss Black claims she didn’t hear it. What about any of you?” The younger looking police officer spoke up then to ask.

“I heard a car backfiring as I was drifting off, at least in my hazy mind I thought I heard one,” Trenton claimed with a frown on his face. He then yawned and let his eyes droop tiredly. “However, I’m so tired it could have been my imagination.”

“I was in the shower until just now, so sorry, I didn’t hear anything either,” Melissa added as she leaned against Trenton.

“Hm… well, since there aren’t any dead bodies in your front yard, there isn’t anything we can do. So, good night, ladies, sir,” the older policeman said as he touched the brim of his hat.

Then they left after everyone had said their goodnights as well. As soon as they backed their car out of the drive and took off, Stella locked the door.

Melissa turned to Trenton, saying, “Come.” She then grabbed ahold of his hand and started pulling him toward the bathroom they’d been in earlier.

“Foxxy, what are you…?” Stella started but was interrupted by Lisa.

“Stella, leave it. He’s been hurt, they need time. Come on let’s go to bed and leave them for now.”


“Stella, not now. You two can use the guest room if you need it,” Lisa called out just as Melissa closed the bathroom door.

Melissa turned to Trenton, giving him a quick kiss before she backed away, saying, “She needs out. She needs to see for herself that her chosen one is okay.”

Trenton gave a nod.

Melissa stripped, then closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. An electric pulse filled the air for a moment, and then she was standing before him in her wolven form. With a soft whimper, she moved toward him, her hands outstretched as if pleading with him.

Trenton stepped into her arms and she wrapped them around him. She continued to softly whimper as she nuzzled at his neck.

It caused shivers to go down his spine as her warm breath moved across his skin. Knowing her whimpers were caused by her worry for him he whispered, “I’m okay, it was just a flesh wound. Here, let me show you.”

When she released him, he stepped back and removed his shirt along with the bandage.

After staring at the injury for a moment, she pulled him back into her arms. Then, she pulled them both to the floor with him in her lap. Once they were seated to suit her, she began to lick him.

It should have been gross, but instead, it felt good. The licking seemed to take the pain out of the wound and he soon felt his eyes began to close. His wolven love then began to rock him as she made strange growling noise deep in her chest.

Trenton had to smile at her way of loving him before sighing in content. With a yawn, he laid his hand against her chest and just enjoyed the love she was bestowing him.

“I love you,” he whispered. Then everything went black as he fell into a deep sleep.

Trenton awakened later to find himself in a bed with something hovering over him as it growled. Blinking his eyes open, he found Melissa, still in her wolven form, a firm grip on him as she snarled at someone behind her. Her lips pulled back to show her teeth and she looked ready to kill someone. So, running a hand along her side, he murmured, “Baby, calm down.”

Once she had settled slightly, he slowly turned his head. He found Lisa standing just inside the door with a wide-eyed look on her face. He turned back to Melissa and said, “Baby, it’s just Lisa and she’s your friend. You probably startled her because she’s never seen you in this form.”

Trenton felt the tension leave Melissa’s body and she leaned in and once more began to clean his wound. It still hurt slightly, but not nearly as bad as the night before. As she continued to lick, he rubbed behind her ear, and soon she was making a growling noise deep in her chest of pleasure instead of aggression.

“I-I um… I just came to tell you I fixed breakfast. I didn’t think she’d be… um…” Lisa stuttered.

Melissa ignored Lisa giving Trenton reason to believe it no longer upset her for Lisa to be in the room. “Come in, Lisa, and close the door.”

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