Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 28

There was a soft click as the door closed. Giving Melissa one more rub, Trenton carefully sat up on the bed and turned to face Lisa. He found her leaning against the door watching Melissa’s every move.

“What… what was she doing?” Lisa asked.

“That is the way her wolven shows affection. She can’t talk in this form, so she relies on touch to show me how she feels. Last night she was upset because I was hurt, she needed the comfort of holding me, that’s why she’s still in this form.”

“Oh,” Lisa whispered.

Melissa reached out and gently ran her claws through his hair before moving up and out of the bed. Then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Once more the strange electric pulse filled the air and when it was gone Melissa was standing next to the bed, human once more.

“I’m sorry for scaring you, Lisa,” Melissa apologized softly, as she crawled under the blanket to cover her nudity.

“It’s alright. I just wasn’t expecting to find you… like that,” Lisa admitted. “Anyway, breakfast is ready.”

“Lisa, thank you, for everything.”

“Always my sister,” Lisa answered before leaving the room.

Once the door closed behind Lisa, Trenton pulled Melissa into his arms, asking, “Are you alright.”

I’m a strong person, I’ve had to be, but I think I’ve reached my limit. Melissa turned in Trenton’s arms, clinging to him as the dam on her emotions burst, leaving her weak and needy. With her head in his chest, she sobbed and told him, “It’s over, finally. I knew I might have to kill him, but I never thought about how I’d feel when I did. I-I k-killed an m-man Trenton!”

“Oh, Melissa,” Trenton cooed as he pulled her onto his lap. Then he rocked her, kissing all over her cheek and neck as she continued to sob. “Listen to me, Melissa, I love you and if I could have killed him for you, I would have. I couldn’t, you could, and nothing I say will ever take that memory from you. However, you need to remember the things he did, the things he threatened to do. Remember what he did to your friend. If you had let him live, he may have done worse, so don’t cry because he isn’t worth your tears.”

Melissa looked up then and her gaze met his. In his eyes, she saw true love, the love she’d never seen in Chad’s eyes. Reaching up she cupped his cheek, whispering, “I love you, my sweet man.”

“And I love you.” Then he kissed her

She felt his love in his kiss and she felt so blessed to have him in her life. When he pulled back, they were both slightly breathless, however, she still had enough air to tell him, “I’m ready to marry you now, Trenton. So, call your parents and let’s leave here after breakfast because I don’t want to spend one more minute going by the Fairington name. I want to be your wife; I want to be Melissa Davison,”

“I am so ready for that to happen, so let me call the pilot and my parents while you get dressed. Then we’ll eat and be on our way,” Trenton agreed with a broad grin on his face. Then he jumped up and almost ran for the door.

Melissa laughed as she watched him go.

Stella came down the hall and stopped in her doorway. As she stared down the hall after Trenton, she asked, “What’s that all about?”

“We’re going to Vegas to get married, today!” Melissa exclaimed excitedly as she pulled on a shirt and shorts that had been left out on the dresser. “Want to go with us?”

Stella had turned and was staring at Melissa wide-eyed. “Of course, I want to go, who wouldn’t want to go to Vegas?”

“Then go pack a bag, ’cause we’re leaving after breakfast.”

Stella shouted, then turned and ran back up the hallway to her room.

Lisa came running from the kitchen just as Melissa stepped out of the room and asked, “What’s wrong, why is Stella shouting?”

Melissa laughed as she grabbed Lisa in a hug and spun her around, answering, “We’re going to Vegas so Trenton can make an honest woman of me.” She then whispered for Lisa’s ears only, “Although, technically, I made an honest man of him when I marked him…, hey, I can have both. Right?”

Lisa wiggled her eyebrows. “Want to have your cake and eat it too, do you?”

“That’s right!”

As the two of them burst out laughing, Trenton walked down the hall and found them. “Everything alright here ladies?”

“Yep, all good,” Lisa agreed. “Now it’s time to eat.”

“So, did you get your calls made?” Melissa nervously asked Trenton after Lisa walked away. She had yet to meet his parents and she feared they might try and talk him out of marrying her.

“Yes, I did.” Then, putting his arm around her, he led the way to the kitchen. Once there, they sat down, and Lisa put a plate in front of each of them before sitting down herself.

“Well, what’s our plan?” Melissa questioned.

“It’s roughly thirty minutes to the airstrip, so I told the pilot to be ready in an hour,” Trenton explained before taking a drink of his coffee.

“And your parents?”

Trenton looked at her then, really looked at her. “Aw… Melissa, don’t look like that!”

“I can’t help it, Trenton! I’ve never met them and now you’re marrying me. Don’t you think they’re going to think it’s a bit fast or, or, or something?”

Scooting his chair back, he turned sideways to take hold of her hands. “Listen to me Melissa, I love you, and although my parents are a bit… stern, they’re going to love you too. However, even if they didn’t, they’re too polite to do anything to hurt you because they know I love you. I may not have said anything about marriage to them because I wanted to ask you first, but I have told them I was in love with you. Okay?”

Melissa nodded and Trenton turned back to his food.

“Now, I told them only a little bit about you because I didn’t know if you wanted them to know, exactly, who you are. What exactly you want to tell them, I’ll leave for you to decide. Also, we’re going to go there first and pick them up, I hope that’s okay,” Trenton said after they’d eaten.

“Of course, It’s their jet after all.”

Jet! We’re going on a jet!” Stella shouted from behind them.

“Yes Stella, Trenton’s family owns a jet. Millionaires remember?” Melissa reminded her.

“Oh, yeah,” Stella murmured sheepishly as she fixed herself a plate. Sitting down, she asked, “Um… I do have a question, I noticed Trenton calls you Melissa?”

So, after taking a swallow of milk, Melissa told Stella how she’d left ‘Foxxy’ behind in New York, possibly permanently. And just like that, she became Melissa to her friends.

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