Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 29

Trenton, Melissa, Lisa, and Stella were all on the jet an hour and fifteen minutes later and ready to fly. It had taken them a bit longer than was originally planned because the two of them had to return to the motel.

When they’d gotten there, they found reporters camped out in front of the lobby. Knowing it wouldn’t be a good idea for her or Trenton to go inside, Stella offered. It didn’t take her long and thankfully, the reporters never noticed them sitting in the taxi out front waiting for her.

Melissa was curious how the reporters had managed to find the motel she and Trenton were staying in. She had used her real name when she’d booked the room, and nobody should be able to connect it and Foxxy as the same person. Not that it mattered, now that they were leaving anyway.

Now they were ready to go, the jet just moments from taking off to pick up Trenton’s parents before heading to Vegas to marry.

Melissa was a nervous wreck. Lisa tried to carry on a conversation with her as the jet finally took off, but she only received one-word answers.

After this had gone on for a bit, Lisa became annoyed and almost yanked her from her seat.

Melissa gave her a startled look but allowed her to do it anyway. Once they were in the restroom, Lisa exclaimed, “Okay, spill it! Tell me, what is going on in that pea brain of yours?”

“I-I want them to like me, Lisa,” Melissa began. “Maybe this is a stupid way to feel, but we’re going to see Trenton’s parents, to take them with us and get married. Thinking about that has me missing my parents so much and… I wish so badly they were here. They aren’t though, so I guess I just want his parents to like me enough to treat me as if I were their own. I guess maybe then I’d feel like I still have parents….”

Lisa pulled her into her arms, and as she held her, she said, “Melissa, your parents loved you and they doted on you. All they ever wanted for you was what was best for you, that’s why they let you travel the world. Sure, they wanted you with them, but they gave you what they thought made you happy, what you loved. Now, I know they aren’t here to celebrate this happy time in your life, but I also know they wouldn’t want you to be grieving for them today of all days.”

“I know they wouldn’t.”

“I knew them too, for a short while, and if there is one thing I know, they would have love, love, loved, Trenton. Do you know why?” Lisa continued, as she pulled back to gaze into Melissa’s eyes.

“Because he loves me.”

“Yes, because he loves you. That man is so crazy about you he can’t keep from smiling when you’re with him. Now, as far as his parents are concerned, they’re going to see his love for you. They’re going to see how happy you make him, and I believe that will make them happy. So, stop worrying about all that, and go kiss that man of yours. I have been watching him pout since the jet took off because you’re ignoring him.”

“No, he hasn’t.”

“Yes, he has,” Lisa disagreed. “Go take a good look at his face. Tell me that isn’t a ‘I’m being neglected by my woven woman’ pout.”

Melissa snorted in laughter as she walked out of the small restroom. Taking a good look at the pout on Trenton’s face as he pretended to read a book, she huffed.

Lisa snickered and whispered, “I’m right, see, see, I told you so.”

Turning, Melissa teasingly slapped at her arm. “Okay you, let it go.”

Walking back to where Trenton was seated, she pulled the book from his hands and tossed it in the seat next to him as he stared up at her. Then she climbed into his lap. Next, she kissed one side of his neck as she caressed the other side with her thumb before whispering, “I’m sorry, my sweet man, I was being stupid even though you told me not to be.”

He hugged her tightly. “It’s okay, just don’t leave me out when something is bothering you. Promise to tell me what’s wrong, always.”

“I promise,” she agreed before giving him a long and deep kiss. Then she snuggled her face into his neck with a contented growl and slept.

Trenton would never admit it to Melissa, but he was nervous too. He knew his mother well enough to know she would welcome Melissa with open arms. His mom was a gentle soul and accepted easily.

His dad though, he huffed quietly, his dad was a bit harder to please.

Dad had never been an easy-going guy. He’s of the generation that believed ‘never show any emotion and you’ll go far’. So, sure, it had taken him far in the business world because people knew he couldn’t be easily taken advantage of. With family, though…? Oh, his dad loved him, of that there was no doubt in his mind. However, that didn’t make his dad any less stern, even with him.

When his first engagement had gone south and the press had torn up his life, his dad had been enraged. He’d wanted to take out Annie’s father’s company for what had been done to his family, but Trenton had told him to let it go.

That’s when he’d decided it was time to leave and get away. His dad, of course, disagreed, saying it made him look like a coward, but his mom had understood. He was hurt and broken, he needed peace.

So, knowing his father as he did, he knew he’d be watching Melissa’s every move and word. He’d only accept her when she proved to him, she wouldn’t hurt his only son.

“You alright there Trenton?”

He looked over to find Stella asleep and Lisa watching him. Giving her a jerky nod, he answered, “Yes, I’m fine. Just thinking about my parents.”

“Mm… are you worried that Melissa might have a reason to be worried even though you told her not to be?”

“Not exactly,” he hedged. “You knew who I was, so I’m guessing you know all the dirty details about what happened.”

“I know what the media said, but that isn’t always the truth now is it.”

“You have a point,” he agreed. “Well, Annie and I were to be married and our fathers saw it as a business merger. I found out the hard way that even though I loved her, she didn’t love me. Apparently, she’d only said yes because her father pushed her into it saying it was a wise business decision since she was to inherit his fortune. Evidently, even that wasn’t enough to make her stay with me, so she broke it off. I was hurt and the media was brutal with their endless questions, so I sold my business and left town. That’s the short version.”

“Okay. So, I’m guessing you think your parents won’t be welcoming to Melissa?”

“Not exactly,” he once more hedged, running a hand through Melissa’s hair. “My mom will be alright with her, even delighted to have another woman in the family, but my dad is…” Trenton huffed. “Well, he can sometimes be cold and harsh, but it’s just his way. However, I don’t want Melissa to be hurt if he doesn’t warm up to her right way, and I’m pretty sure he won’t.”

“She’s stronger than you think she is, and I believe she’ll win him over. Melissa wants nothing but your happiness and because of that, she’ll do everything in her power to ensure you are happy. Even climb that mountain you call your father, just always be on her side and it will all work out.”

Then she went back to the book that was in her lap and Trenton went back to his brooding.

“Melissa. Wake up now,” Trenton whispered so as not to startle her. “We’ve landed and you need to wake up now.”

Melissa felt herself being gently shaken and blinked her eyes open. Trenton was crouched in front of her, so she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck. Pulling him close she whispered, “Mm… may I have a kiss, my sweet man?”

Trenton leaned in and kissed her sweetly before trying to pull away.

Melissa whined and pulled him back, begging, “More, more, more. You haven’t kissed me in… in hours.”

Trenton chuckled at her, but he obliged, tilting his head so he could deepen this one.

Melissa moved one of her hands up to tug at his hair while the other moved down his chest. She began to feel her body heat as her wolven moved forward slightly. Her wolven wanted a taste of her chosen one just as much as Melissa did. She moaned against his lips as she felt his hand tighten on her thigh. That one touch was all it took for her to completely forget where they were.

She forgot they weren’t alone.

She forgot his parents were on their way to join them.

She forgot everything but her need to touch and taste the man she loved. So, she reached down to unhook her seatbelt, so she could move forward and rub against him. She was now almost sitting on his knees, her thighs hugging his hips. Her hands then found their way to the hem of his shirt, moving up under it, moving over the warm skin of his back.

Trenton pulled away, breathing heavily. “Ah, Melissa, as much as I’m enjoying this, my…”

“Hush, my sweet man, and let me pleasure you,” she murmured before she began placing wet kisses along his neck. She needed him, and she wanted him and wasn’t going to be thwarted in getting exactly what she wanted. Her wolven pushed harder to make herself known to him causing her nails to lengthen into claws. Pulling back, she whined as her wolven took over completely.

Trenton stared at her wide-eyed before turning his gaze to something over her shoulder. He then said, “Lisa, why don’t you take Stella outside to stretch a bit and we’ll be along in a moment.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

Melissa glanced over at her, giving a low growl,

Lisa’s eyes became wide and she quickly grabbed hold of Stella, almost pulling her toward the door of the jet as she exclaimed, “Oh! Um… okay, explain later, we’re gone.”

“Hey, slow down Lisa.”

“Sorry, Stella…” Lisa said before her voice faded out, proof they were gone.

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