Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 3

It was exactly a week and a day before her furnishings finally arrived. The house was quickly put in order-making Melissa decide it was time to check out the town. Her food supply was running low and she wanted something besides what her wolven hunted and ate. She also wished to complete her decorating. So, with those thoughts in mind, she climbed into her SUV and headed for town.

The first thing Melissa did when she arrived in town was to stop for lunch because it was a good way to get the feel of the town. Sue’s Place, a small diner, looked to be a happin’ place if the full parking lot was any indication, so she stopped there. Walking inside, all chatter ceased as she picked a booth in the corner to sit. This told her that the town probably didn’t get many strangers.

“What can I get you to drink?” The waitress asked after walking up.

Melissa looked up to find a middle-aged woman, probably in her early forties, with brown hair scraped back in a ponytail, brown eyes, and very little make-up. The woman had a welcoming smile that eased the tension in her shoulders. So, pushing her sunglasses to the top of her head, she smiled back and requested, “I’ll just have water with a squeeze of lemon.”

With a nod and an “alright,” the waitress left.

Melissa continued to glance around, taking in the town folks. Just then, a cold chill ran through her as her eyes caught sight of a blond man with a pair of cold green eyes. He was staring at her as if she had done him wrong in some way and she had to take another look to make sure it wasn’t Chad. Once she had reassured herself that it wasn’t, she allowed herself to breathe easier. However, her look didn’t go unnoticed by him, and he gave her a smirk as he leaned over to say something to his friend. His friend glanced her way and nodded. He was also blond, and his equally chilling eyes were blue.

Melissa instantly knew they were both troublemakers and she’d need to watch out for them.

The green-eyed man then stood and started walking across the diner, a swagger in his step.

“Here’s your water, Miss. What can I get you to eat?” The waitress asked as she returned.

Dragging her eyes from the man, Melissa looked at her waitress as she said, “I’ll just have a Philly steak with a double helping of fries. Oh, and for dessert, I’ll have whatever flavor of pie you have.”


“Sounds good,” Melissa murmured.

The waitress turned to leave, only to find green eyes standing right behind her. She frowned at him as she said, “Go away, Billy, and stop pestering my customers.”

“I’ll do as I like,” Billy informed the waitress with a wink. “You know, it never hurts to be friendly Naomi, you should try it sometime.”

With a huff, the waitress, who Melissa now knew as Naomi, left.

Billy sat down across from Melissa. Narrowing her eyes at him, she felt her wolven side snarl, “trouble”, as she coldly asked, “Can I help you?”

With a smile and a cocky attitude, he said, “You’re new around here, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m Billy.”

“I caught that,” She informed him calmly.

“So, how about you and me on the dance floor of the Jolly Jug, Friday night?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I just unloaded one jerk out of my life, I’m not looking for another to replace him,” Melissa informed him. She heard someone laugh behind her and murmur, “burn”.

The smirky grin left his face, a look of anger replacing it as he stood up and said, “You’ll regret that comment in the future.”

Melissa only shrugged and said, “I doubt that.”

Billy stomped off toward the front, his friend quickly following him. After paying they left, but not without one more glare her way.

“Here’s your food and a word of advice. Billy and Carl are bad news, so it’s best to steer clear of them and dark alleys, when you’re out alone,” Naomi advised. “My name’s Naomi by the way.”

“Thanks, Naomi, but I’m not worried about those two,” Melissa told her. “I’ve eaten thugs meaner than them for breakfast in New York.”

“Is that where you’re from?” Naomi asked and Melissa nodded. “Wow, what are you doing in this one-horse town?”

“I was ready to slow down and I grew up in Idaho. So, it just made sense for me to come back,” Melissa answered before turning to her food.

Naomi took the obvious hint that Melissa didn’t want to talk and walked off.

After finishing lunch, Melissa found a small antique store and browsed. She found several things she wanted, so after purchasing them, she arranged to have the bigger pieces delivered, then headed to the grocery store.

“That’s quite a lot of steak you’re buying,” the red-haired cashier said in a friendly way. “Your husband must be a big eater!”

“No, I’m the big eater,” Melissa informed her with a laugh. Then, after completing her transaction for her items, she walked off, leaving the cashier standing slack-jawed.

The next morning, as Melissa stood staring out the window into the woods drinking coffee, she felt the loneliness pushing down on her. So, deciding she didn’t want to stay home, she finished her coffee before heading for the shower.

In less than thirty minutes she was headed to town. She’d remembered seeing a movie theater and a bookstore there. Theaters are boring without someone to go and make fun of the movie with, however, books could make time pass enjoyably, she thought as she reached the town. So, the bookstore won the debate as to where she should go. Quickly finding a place to park she took off at a fast pace toward the bookstore.

“I like the sound of this place already, Words Galore, it sounds very intriguing,” Melissa whispered to herself. Then opening the door, she stepped inside, causing a bell to jingle from somewhere over her head and from somewhere else in the store.

From the back, a woman yelled, “Welcome to Words Galore!”

“Stop yelling at the customers, Cindy, and go greet them face to face,” a deep and husky male voice responded.

Melissa felt the wolven inside her sit up and pay attention to the sound of that voice.

“Hello, and welcome,” that same deep voice said, now much closer to her.

Turning to her left, Melissa found a man with medium brown hair and brown eyes. He was the most beautiful man she’d seen in a long time with his sweet baby face, and full lower lip. As her nose caught his spicy masculine scent, her wolven whined. His scent drove her wild, taking the air from her lungs and causing her to sound breathless when she replied, “Hi.”

“I’ll be over there stocking shelves,” he pointed, “if you need any help.”

Melissa nodded as she watched him turn and leave. She took notice of how broad his shoulders were, tapering down to his slim waist. The tight jeans and t-shirt he wore showed off his perfectly shaped backside. Biting her lip, she focused on his tight bum, his slight swagger causing many a naughty thought to go through her head.

Finally, after shaking herself and forcing her eyes away from his backside, she began to make her way around the bookstore. After a bit of time, she found a couple of mysteries that sounded interesting and picked them up with the intent to buy. She then continued moving, hoping to catch a glimpse of him once more but instead all she caught was his scent. This caused her wolven to once more whine.

The wolven in her was wanting closer to him, close enough to touch and the feeling was growing stronger the more of his unique scent she inhaled. She was becoming quite puzzled because her wolven had never acted this way around any man before. So, as she spotted him standing at the end of one of the aisles, she walked his way, giving in to the pull that was drawing her to him. Stopping no more than a foot from him, she looked at the book he was stocking and asked, “Is it any good?”

He jumped a bit and turned to ask, “What?”

Melissa nodded toward the book he still held in his hand and again asked, “That book, is it any good?”

He looked down, as if seeing it for the first time, then with a slight shake of his head he raised those brown eyes back up to look at her. He then replied, “I’ve seen the reviews, but I haven’t read it. So, I really couldn’t tell you.”

“Mm… but would you read it?” Melissa questioned, stepping slightly closer to him.

“Um—yeah, maybe…” He answered looking nervous with her standing so close to him. “Why would my reading it matter?”

“Well, I heard somewhere that the best way to know if a book is any good is if the bookstore owner has read it,” Melissa told him in a breathless whisper. She’d made it up off the top of her head, but surely, he wouldn’t know that.

He frowned slightly as he stared down at the book before again muttering, “Oh…”

Standing this close to him was driving Melissa and her wolven nuts, hormonally speaking. It seemed as if the more she breathed in his spicy scent the wilder her hormones went. She found herself wanting this man with every fiber of her being. She found herself feeling so possessive over him that she wanted to be able to call him hers, to make him hers in every way. Her mom had once told her of the feelings that just meeting her, chosen one, or soulmate as most people called it, would arouse in her. Mom had spoken of how those feelings had made her feel when she’s met Melissa’s dad. They were feelings that Melissa had never thought she would feel but were now running rampant in her body at this very moment. It was a strong pull toward him, toward his scent, creating an insatiable need for him within her. A wolven female always chooses her male, and her wolven had chosen this man from the moment she had heard his voice.

The only problem was, Melissa’s dad hadn’t been human, he’d been wolven like her mother. So, when Mom’s wolven had chosen him, Dad had known what was happening and accepted it right off. She, on the other hand, had no idea whether this human male would feel the pull of a soulmate or not.

“What’s your name?” Melissa asked as she reached out a hand to place it on his bare wrist.

“Trenton Davison,” he murmured, swallowing nervously, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

Smiling, her thumb rubbing soothingly along the pulse in his wrist, she told him, “My name is Melissa Fairington. I know this is going to sound awfully forward of me, but, tell me, Trenton, are you single?”

He nodded his head.

She smiled at him as she murmured, “Good, because I find I like you, and I don’t like sharing.”

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