Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 30

Trenton focused back on her, giving her a small kiss before saying, “Baby, you need to calm down. I know you want out, but right now isn’t a good time for that to happen.”

She whined again as she leaned in and nipped at his neck. Trenton hissed out a breath even as he groaned. This only encouraged her, so she unbuttoned his shirt and moved it out of her way. Once she had it off his shoulders, she began nipping her way across the left shoulder, leaving red marks where her teeth had been.

Trenton gave a low groan when her thumb over his nipple. Suddenly, he was standing with her in his arms and moving across the jet. When they came to a stop in the back of the jet where the large en-suite bathroom was, he pushed her up against a wall after closing the door.

“Like that is it, baby. Okay, I’ll play, but since my parents could walk in at any moment, you’re going to have to be quiet,” he demanded before nipping at her ear. “We also don’t have a lot of time, so I suppose it’s a good thing you’ve already got me up and ready to go.”

Then he was tugging down her pants just as fast as she was pulling his off. They were panting and giving sloppy kisses as they stripped each other. Their hands moving, arousing each other even more. Soon, he was turning her around, her back to his front, and bending her over the sink counter.

Melissa whined as he kissed along her shoulder, his fingers beginning to move along her woman folds stretching her in preparation. Then he was thrusting into her, hard and fast. It took everything in her not to howl out her pleasure, but she managed, barely. As aroused as they had both been, it didn’t take long for them both to find their release. Then they stood, waiting for their bodies to calm in the aftermath.

Trenton kissed along her shoulder as waves of pleasure continued to flow through her. Her body continued to hold tight to his as he twitched inside her, filling her, and creating a feeling of pleasure that moved through her body.

“You’ve worn me out, baby, but in a very good way.”

Melissa looked up to meet his gaze in the mirror, her amber and red eyes unblinking. She gave a low whimper when he pulled out as if begging him for more.

Turning her to face him fully, he kissed her gently before saying, “I love you, my wolven woman, and I would love to take this to the bed in the other room. However, I think it’s time for us to get dressed before we get caught with our pants down, literally.”

She shorted at him before giving him a teasing bite on his shoulder. All the same, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, pushing hard to get her wolven to recede. When she reopened her eyes she murmured, “I know you’re right, but like you, right now all I want to do is tug you down onto that bed.”

“I know, and trust me when I say, I’m all for that. However, if my parents find us, Lisa can only stall my dad for so long.”

So, they quickly redressed and walked out of the bathroom just in time to hear Lisa say, “Yes, sir they’re still in there.”

Melissa felt her whole body stiffen and her breath hitched for a moment before she relaxed. Trenton is my chosen, and I’m not letting him go for anything or anyone. I’m not even going to let the lack of blessing from his parents stop us from being together if it comes to that.


Melissa stared at the man who had just walked into the sitting area where they now stood. She couldn’t help the sound of appreciation that escaped her lips. Continuing to stare at Trenton’s father, she whispered, “Oh, my sweet man, you are going to age well aren’t you.”

Trenton’s father was an older version of him. It even looked as if they were the same height. I don’t know how old he is, but he has very little gray hair and looks like he could be Trenton’s older brother rather than his father.

Trenton chuckled and squeezed her around the waist as she finally looked up at him. “Don’t be lusting after my dad, Melissa, my mom will beat you with that huge purse she carries.”

Melissa put her hand to her chest as she pouted, saying, “Me? Lust after another man? Blasphemy. You, my sweet man, are all the man I will ever need, and you know it.”

“Mm…” He leaned close and whispered. “Yes, I do believe I just proved that to you not long ago, didn’t I?”

“Hu-hum…” Someone cleared their throat.

Melissa and Trenton looked over at his father who had a scowl on his face as he said, “Well, son, are you going to introduce us?”

“Henry! Don’t be rude, they’re young and in love,” Trenton’s mother scolded.

Melissa took the chance then to look at his mother, who she sadly hadn’t even noticed earlier because she’d been busy staring at Trenton’s father. She was tiny, with white-blonde hair that would never show any gray and pixie features. She was beautiful.

“Hello,” Trenton’s mother said. “You must be Melissa, I’m Trenton’s mother Kay and the grumpy one is Henry.”

“Yes, I’m Melissa and it is very nice to meet you both,” Melissa said with a smile. “If you don’t mind my saying, I think Trenton must have gotten his personality from you because he doesn’t seem to have a grumpy bone in his body.”

Kay laughed. “Oh, I know. He always was a pleasant child and he never outgrew it.” She sighed. “Even when… well, even when things got bad and he was so hurt, he still managed to smile for me.”

Melissa looked up at Trenton. She could feel his sadness through their bond and knew he was remembering those dark times. Wanting him to not be sad, she hugged him tight.

“I’m alright, I have you now,” he softly said.

“Mm… and you know what I want right now?” Melissa asked, still watching him.

He shook his head and just as he did her stomach let out a huge growl and she grinned. His eyes widened and he said theatrically, “Why, goodness there, miss, is that your stomach or a mini lion hidden in your pocket?”

“I want a steak, a really big, thick, and juicy one.”

“You still eat those steaks half raw Fo…Melissa?” Lisa asked.

“Oh yeah,” Melissa agreed, licking her lips. “Just cut off the head and tail.”

“You should have heard her the first time we had a steak at the diner,” Trenton said with a chuckle. “Hey, Mom, do you remember me telling you about Victoria.”

“Yes, little teeny-bopper with a crush on you,” Kay said with a smile.

“That’s her.” Trenton widened his eyes, and in a high feminine pitched voice, he said, “Eww… it’s all bloody! How can you eat that stuff? Don’t you know it isn’t good for you? Salad is better.” He changed his voice just a little, still feminine but not as screechy. “I’ve eaten enough salad to last me a lifetime because it was expected of me…”

Melissa interrupted him to finish the sentence. “Now shut up and let me enjoy my bloody steak.”

Everybody except his dad laughed, he just raised an eyebrow.

“Problem?” Melissa asked.

“Mm… do you really eat your steak that way?” Henry asked.

“Yep, the bloodier the better,” Melissa informed him.

“Alright, then I have the perfect place for us to go eat. The best steak you’ll ever put in your mouth.” Then Henry turned and headed for the door.

“You heard the man, let’s go eat!” Melissa shouted as they all trailed along behind him.

Within just a few moments, Henry had called for his limo to come for them. By the time they were at the front of the airport, it was waiting, and they were soon on their way to the restaurant. Arriving just a few minutes later, Melissa stepped out of the car and lifted her nose. The smell of steak waffled from the building, stirring her hunger. Leaning against Trenton, she licked her lips and said, “Mm… steak… so hungry. Feed me, my sweet man, I’m starving here.”

Trenton chuckled and wrapped an arm around her, leading her toward the door. “Well, we can’t have that, now can we?”

Then he hustled her inside with everyone else trailing behind them.

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