Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 31

The hostess met them just as they walked in and after telling them to follow her, she seated them at a large table close to the back.

“What would you all like to drink?” The hostess asked as she placed menus and silverware on the table.

“I’ll take tea with lemon please,” Stella said.

“I’ll have that also,” Lisa told her.

“I’ll have a regular cola and my wife have the diet cola,” Henry added.

“Mm… I think I’ll have a cola today also. What about you, Melissa?” Trenton asked.

Smiling at him, she turned to the hostess. “I’ll have water with a lemon wedge.”

The hostess nodded and left with the orders.

“You know, I just realized, you never get soda or tea,” Trenton mentioned as they scanned the menu together. “Although, I have seen you drink coffee.”

“I was raised mostly on water and only started adding the lemon to it later. I just don’t care much for tea, but I do drink it now and again. The carbonation in soda doesn’t agree with my… um…” Melissa stopped not sure how to word it. She’d been going to say, ‘my wolven side’, but there were too many unknowing ears around.

“Stomach,” Lisa jumped in to say. “Melissa has a sensitive stomach.”

Melissa gave her a grateful look just as their waitress walked up. She was a pretty, blonde woman, but Melissa narrowed her eyes as she noticed the woman looking Trenton up and down.

“Hi, my name is Tiffany, and I’ll be your waitress today. Are you all ready to order or do you need a few more moments?” The waitress asked, never taking her eyes from Trenton.

“I know what I want,” Henry said.

The waitress finally took her gaze from Trenton and turned toward Henry.

“I want the sirloin steak, rare, with fries and a side salad,” Henry ordered.

The waitress quickly wrote his order down. She took Kay’s, Lisa’s, and Stella’s orders next. Then she turned back to Trenton and Melissa.

“What do you want, Melissa?” Trenton asked.

“I’ll take the T-bone steak, two of them, rare. I’ll also have the potato salad, a double helping, along with baked beans and a roll instead of the toast. I’d also like a piece of your apple pie,” Melissa replied.

“I’ll have the sirloin tips with peppers and onions, salad, and fries. Oh, and I think I’ll have the cheesecake,” Trenton ordered as he closed the menu.

The waitress smiled at him, as she leaned over to pick up the menus.

Melissa’s eyes narrowed even more, and she let out a mostly silent growl as the woman showed Trenton her cleavage.

Trenton ignored her though, quickly turning toward Melissa when he noticed what the woman was doing. “You sure are hungry today, aren’t you?”

Not taking her eyes off the woman until she was out of sight, Melissa answered, “Yeah, starving actually. We missed lunch remember?”

“She’s always been a big eater,” Lisa added. “I remember having to sneak food to her because they were always cautioning her to watch her weight. So, she ate the little bit given while they watched, then ate what I snuck into her when they weren’t.”

“Yeah, always having to diet all the time bites, big time,” Melissa grumbled as she looked around. She noticed Henry looking at her and gave him a slight smile.

He turned away, having been caught, and glanced at Trenton, who was now holding her hand on top of the table. He was rubbing circles on the back of it while he spoke to his mother. Henry gave a pleased looking nod as he turned to his wife and added his comment to their conversation.

Somehow that slight nod she’d caught made her feel as if she were now accepted by him. That had her doing a happy dance in her head. Leaning against Trenton, she once more began to look around, listening to the quiet conversation going on around her.

The waitress was talking to a woman and something in the way they were huddled together had alarm bells going off in her head. The way the woman kept glancing their way, fugitively, and the big notebook in her hand screamed reporter. The waitress gave a big nod and grinned as she also glanced their way. The woman then pulled a cellphone from her pocket as the waitress walked away.

“Trenton, you’ve lived here, do you know who that woman over there is? Reddish-brown hair, green shirt,” Melissa whispered close to his ear.

Trenton casually looked her way, then he stiffened. “That’s Claire Burke. She’d the star reporter for the Boise News Review.” (A/N: Not an actual paper, fictional)

“What kind of paper is it.”

“It’s mostly about big businesses, like News Week Magazine. So, she’s more than likely noticed my father or me, not you,” Trenton responded. He turned back to the table and picked up his glass. After taking a huge swallow from it, he frowned at the table.

“What are the two of you whispering about?” Kay asked.

Melissa turned her head to find Kay and Henry watching them and she silently huffed. It didn’t matter who the reporter had spotted, she felt the need to come clean to her soon to be in-laws. So, she turned her hand over, threading her fingers with Trenton’s, and took a deep breath.

Trenton gave her hand an encouraging squeeze.

“I don’t know how much Trenton’s told you about me, but he told me that telling you my life story was up to me. So, here goes. I was born Melissa Fairington-Jacobs and at eighteen I became a model. To help protect my parents from the paparazzi, I became Foxxy Jacobs and I’ve made quite a name for myself. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to take early retirement because… well, mostly because I was burned out, but also because my ex-fiancé turned into a stalker. Thankfully, the ex is no longer an issue, but I’m not sure about the paparazzi.”

Kay sat narrowed her eyes, then suddenly her face lit up. “I know who you are now. I thought you looked somewhat familiar, but your hair is so short it threw me off a bit. You’re that fabulous lingerie model, and your face is all over the fashion magazines I read.”

“Yes, that would probably be me,” Melissa agreed.

Kay turned to Lisa, mentioning, “You also look familiar.”

“Yes, well, wherever Foxxy… I mean, Melissa went, I was with her. I was her PA, her friend, her closest confidant. I also did most of her PR when the press would catch up with us, so we were very seldom apart.”

Kay nodded before she looked up at someone approaching the table.

Glancing up herself, Melissa saw the reporter.

Clair Burke smiled at everyone before turning to Henry and saying, “Hello, Mr. Davison, sir. My name is…”

“I know who you are,” Henry growled as their waitress brought the food.

Ms. Burke never lost her smile, but she did move back slightly while the food was put on the table. As soon as the waitress excused herself though, she began to speak again. “I couldn’t help but notice that your son is with you, Mr. Davison.” She turned her smile to Trenton. “You’ve been out of the public eye for quite some time now. I’m sure our readers would like to know that you’re back and why you left.”

Trenton never even looked her way, but his hand tightened on Melissa’s to the point if she hadn’t been a wolven he probably would have crushed it.

“I couldn’t care less what your readers want, Ms. Burke,” Trenton snarled. “I want to be left alone, and I would think that my disappearance would have made that very clear.”

“Yes, but you’re back now,” Ms. Burke continued, refusing to back down. “Are you going to rejoin your father in his company or…?”

Trenton turned on her with a glare, obviously having had enough. “What I do, or don’t do, is nobody’s business but mine. Now leave before I ask for you to be removed. I may have been gone a long time but I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate you harassing the clientele here.”

Melissa felt her wolven preen inside with pride for her chosen one. It also turned her on a bit at his alpha attitude, and she pushed for Melissa to show affection to him for her. Moving her free hand over, she gently rubbed his thigh and she felt him start to relax.

Trevor turned to look at her.

As if sensing his complete dismissal, the reporter turned to Henry once more.

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