Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 32

Noticing this, Melissa turned to look at Henry. She was curious as to what Henry would say, he didn’t seem like a man to tolerate her ignoring his son telling her to basically mind her own business and leave.

“What about you, sir? Do you have anything to say about your son showing up here after two years of being…” Ms. Burke began.

Henry interrupted her this time, saying, “I think you were asked to leave. Now, be gone, and let me enjoy my steak.” Picking up his knife and fork, he began to eat.

Ms. Burke stood there just staring for a moment before turning to stomp off.

Melissa laughed. “She didn’t want to give up, did she?”

“No,” Trenton agreed in a gruff voice.

Melissa tilted her head and studied him, wondering what was wrong. She couldn’t help but notice how flushed his cheeks were and that his eyes were dilated.

“Melissa, you’ve got to stop that, or you won’t be getting dinner.”

At his words, Melissa looked down and saw that her hand had drifted a bit further up than it should have. It was now far enough up to be brushing against his crotch, causing him to harden into a semi-aroused state. She removed her hand from his person and picked up her fork. Raising her eyes to meet his, she whispered, “Sorry.”

The rest of dinner was filled with quiet conversation, but once everyone was finished, they left and headed for the jet. It didn’t take long for everyone to be boarded and for the jet to take to the air.

It was a quiet ride, everyone doing their own thing. Stella and Lisa had magazines and Henry a newspaper. Kay had brought what looked like knitting and Trenton had his book.

Melissa was just enjoying the peaceful moment and lay her head on Trenton’s shoulder. Then she gently rubbed his chest as she listened to his steady heartbeat. After a while, she closed her eyes, beginning to feel sleepy again. This was a novelty for her though because she’d never been one to sleep during a flight. After all, her wolven didn’t particularly like being off the ground. Yet, for some reason, sleep is all she wanted.

“Are you feeling okay, Melissa?” Trenton asked as he lay his book aside.

Melissa opened her eyes to glance up and found him looking at her concerned. “Yeah, I’m just tired. Well, that and my stomach is feeling a bit strange, but I’ll be okay.”

“Sleep, I’ll wake you when we get there,” Trenton said.

Giving him a nod as she yawned, she lay her head back down. Trenton began to gently rub her shoulder as he picked his book back up. Soon, her eyes were drooping, and darkness swiftly took her.

“Trenton, dear, is she asleep?” Mom asked.

“Yes,” Trenton answered as he glanced up from his book. “It’s been a rough few days.”

“Tell me, when that reporter found us, was that the first time?” Dad asked, laying aside his newspaper.

“No, they found us one time before. Although that time it was both of us, they were interested in. They harassed the folks at the hospital, where Lisa was, trying to find us too. Thankfully they missed us there, so we didn’t have to confront them,” Trenton admitted to his dad.

“Don’t forget the fact that they were camped out in front of your motel,” Lisa said, adding to the conversation.

“I would have thought they would have given up by now,” Mom mused.

“They probably would have, if I hadn’t met Melissa. She has a name of her own and her retiring is big news right now. Unfortunately, that brought me back in their sight,” Trenton admitted.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do, son? It seems to me you’re marrying her mighty fast,” Dad mentioned as he sat studying Trenton’s face.

Trenton smiled down at the woman in his arms. “Dad, I have never been surer of anything in my life as I am about marrying Melissa. The truth is, when I met Melissa, I realized that what I felt for Annie wasn’t love. I was in love with the idea of it, but with Melissa, I can’t imagine my life without her.”

“If you’re that sure about her, then your mom and I support you one-hundred percent,” Dad said with a nod.

“I am that sure, she’s all I want.”

Melissa moaned in her sleep and he rubbed his hand over her shoulder soothingly until she calmed. He then went back to reading his book.

The feeling of the jet landing brought Melissa from her sleep. She sat up and yawned before rubbing at her belly which was still hurting slightly. Well, not hurting exactly, more like a queasy, weird feeling. At that moment, it growled in hunger.

“Hungry again?” Trenton asked, a twinkle in his eye.

He should know by now I’m hungry more than I’m not. “Yeah, I am. Now, come on, let’s get out of here.”

Exiting the jet, they were soon loaded into three taxis and headed for a hotel. Once there, they would change out of their traveling clothes and into their wedding finery. Next, they would head for the chapel Trenton had managed to book at some point.

“Trenton, I-I was wondering if you would mind wearing my dad’s wedding ring,” Melissa said when they were settled inside the taxi. “I know it’s traditional for the male to pass down his mother’s ring and such, but my family’s tradition is a bit different.”

“Tell me about it.”

The taxi driver had music playing softly, so she was pretty sure by speaking low he wouldn’t hear. So, she began, “As you know, the female chooses the male, so a special ring is passed down from a father to his daughter, who gives it to her chosen one. The ring is made from a special material that expands as the male phases. Don’t ask me how this works because I have no idea, but it does. When Dad would phase, the ring moved from the base of his finger to the area between the tip and first knuckle.”

“May I see it?”

Melissa took it out of her purse and holding out her hand, she showed it to him. As he reached for it, she mentioned, “I know it looks huge, dad was a big man, but remember, it will shrink to fit.”

“How big was your dad exactly?”

“Phased he reached almost eight-foot, as a human he was over seven. Mom was taller than me, hitting six feet even when in human form,” Melissa answered.

Trenton turned the ring this way and that and it glowed with a golden light. It was also engraved with vines and the words ‘her chosen love’.

“It is nice, Melissa,” Trenton said as he handed the ring back, “and I would be proud to wear it.”

Melissa smiled and kissed him just as the taxi stopped in front of the motel. The other two taxis with everyone else pulled up right behind them. So, after getting out, they waited for everyone else to join them before going inside. Once inside, Trenton and his dad walked up to the desk to get the room situation settled while the ladies waited.

“Are you feeling any better dear? You look a bit pale,” Kay mentioned from where she stood next to Melissa.

Seeing her concerned look, Melissa smiled. I feel that in her I’ve found a second mother. “Yes, much better, thank you. I think the last week or so has caught up with me. Between Trenton’s accident and Lisa’s, I’ve been under a lot of stress.”

“Mm… maybe you should have waited a bit before getting married, rested a bit,” Kay suggested.

Melissa shook her head emphatically. “Oh, no. There is nothing in this world I want more than for Trenton to be legally mine. I have finally found the one who completes me, and I want the whole world to know he’s mine.”

Kay chuckled softly. “Well, I’m glad you feel so strongly about him. He calls his father and me often and he’s talked about you a lot, so I know he feels just as strongly about you.” She sighed, looking over to where her husband was. “I remember when his dad and I met, I thought the sun rose and set on that man’s head, still do, I suppose.”

“Then you know exactly how I feel,” Melissa murmured as she watched the men walk back over.

Trenton handed Stella a key. “You and Lisa will share a room on the second floor, number 22. Melissa and I will be in room 28, then Mom and Dad have a room on the first floor. We have roughly two hours to get ready and be at the chapel.”

“How exactly did you manage to make reservations anyway?” Lisa asked him.

Trenton grinned, giving her a wink. “I have my ways.”

“Be that way then, keep your secrets!” Lisa exclaimed as she grabbed hold of Melissa’s arm. “We’re stealing Melissa from you because we bought her something special to wear.”

“Be that way then,” Trenton teased back.

Then he quickly kissed Melissa before they pulled her away. Then everyone went their separate ways to prepare for a wedding.

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