Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 39

Melissa stared at Sonia in shock as they pulled up in front of the hospital. “You don’t…?”

Sonia shook her head as they hurried out of the truck and toward the hospital doors. “My mom died when I was only five. Dad didn’t do too well after that and sent me to live with his sister. She didn’t like me much, and so she did as little as she could with me. She barely told me what was going on before my first phase at seven. As soon as I turned eighteen, I went to the police academy and tried to forget my pitiful family.”

Entering the hospital, they headed straight for the ER. Walking in, Melissa saw a nurse and quickly headed her way. “Ma’am, I’m looking for Trenton Davison.”

The nurse smiled at her and stated, “Ah, you must be Melissa. He’s been awake for a few minutes and has been asking for you. Follow me.”

“Melissa?” Sonia called. “I’ll catch up with you, I need to check in with my partner whose here with Billy and Carl.”

“Okay,” Melissa agreed, then quickly followed the nurse who was waiting on her.

After a couple of turns, the nurse-led the way over to a curtained space. Walking behind it, she said, “I found her for you, young man.”

Stepping out from behind her, she found Trenton laying pale on the bed. He held out his hand. “Are you okay, little momma?”

Melissa gave a strangled laugh. “Me? You’re the one they were beating on and you’re worried about me?”

“Of course, I’m worried, I was worried about you and little you! I was worried about the stress…”

Taking his hand, she kissed it and whispered, “I’m fine, and so is little you.”

A throat being cleared turned her attention to the doctor she’d somehow missed seeing when she’d walked in. When she glanced over at him, the air left her lungs and she stared.

“Melissa, are you okay? You’ve gone pale. Melissa?” Trenton asked worriedly.

Melissa swallowed hard, trying to speak, and finally squeaked out one word, “Daddy?”

Then for the first time in her life, Melissa fainted.

Melissa groaned as she awakened to find herself laying down with a man crouched over her. She stared up into a familiar face and felt tears began to roll down her cheeks. His hair was as black as hers with a hint of grey, his eyes just as blue. His features were just the same as hers too, without the more feminine shaped lips.

“Sweetheart, I’m not your dad. I’m your Uncle Landon. Do you remember me?” He asked softly.

Melissa shook her head, “no”, but then a vague memory of him fluttered through her mind. She changed that to a, “Yes, sort of. I remember Daddy had a brother, he went off to college and never came back. I don’t… I don’t remember him looking like…” her words tapered off as emotion clogged her throat making it impossible to talk.

Landon sighed and pulled her into his arms. He smelled of family, of wolven, a smell she’d all but forgotten, until now.

“We were twins. I felt his death, our bond breaking, and I should have come home. Your dad and I had… a bit of a falling out, and although we later mended our fences, I still felt awkward about coming back. I shouldn’t have let that keep me away though, I should have come for his funeral, and for that, I apologize. I’d met Sonia by then and she helped me through my grief. I suppose in my heartbreak I didn’t think about how you might need me. I also figured you and your mom had each other.”

“It’s okay,” Melissa whispered. “I honestly had forgotten about you until tonight when Sonia and I were talking. Mom passed not long after dad though, she just couldn’t deal with life without him.”

“Oh Melissa, I’m so sorry. I should have been there for you.”

“Honestly, it’s alright, Uncle Landon. I have you now.” Melissa gave a soft sigh as she continued to stare at him. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you…”

“Melissa?” Trenton called from the bed.

Melissa jumped up then and went to his bedside. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and he carefully moved his arm up to hold her. “Oh, Trenton.”

“You still have family,” Trenton whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, a family I didn’t remember until now.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that you have him,” Trenton added. “Since he’s a doctor, perhaps he knows about…?”

Melissa raised her eyes to meet Trenton’s gaze, then glanced back at her uncle to ask, “Uncle Landon, what do you know about babies?”

“Is that a trick question?” Landon asked, cocking his head.

Melissa shook her head. Not wanting anyone to overhear them, she softly said, “No. I’m going to have a baby and need a doctor. I worry about…”

Landon nodded, understanding without words. “I’m not a baby doctor, but I know enough to deliver one if needed.”

Melissa’s body sagged in relief. Now I’ll have a doctor to help me through my pregnancy. That leaves me one less thing to worry about. Turning back to Trenton, she asked, “Now tell me, what happened tonight?”

Trenton groaned and closed his eyes when Melissa asked him what had happened.

“I went to the house to get some things, but when I got there, those two lowlifes were trying to break into my shed. Why, for the life of me, I don’t know, there isn’t anything worth anything in there. Anyway, when I confronted them, they became aggressive, and I think Billy was about half-lit with something. So, maybe they were looking for something to pawn for money.”

“More like trying to start something.”

The three of them turned at the sound of Sonia’s voice.

“What do you mean?” Melissa asked.

“Carl is making a lot of noise about a giant furry dog-like man coming to eat him.”

“A dog? A man? Should I be insulted he doesn’t know the difference between a dog and a wolf or male and female? Or should I just be relieved?” Melissa muttered quietly.

Sonia heard her though and laughed. “Luck is on your side because they both have a high blood alcohol level. So, no one is taking what they’re saying too seriously.”

“So, why did you say they were going to start something?” Trenton asked.

“Well, Carl is ready to talk, if, the police agree to protect him from the giant dog. He’s saying it was all Billy’s idea, the board with nails in the road, the brick through the window of your store, and if you hadn’t caught them, the burning of your house would have been added to that. Billy wanted revenge against Mr. Davison for punching him, that’s how it started. Then, when he found out the two of you had married, he wanted revenge for you taking his cousin’s woman. Do the two of you know anything about that?”

Melissa turned, her body stiff with fear as she looked at Trenton.

Trenton squeezed her hand as he turned to Sonia and said, “Melissa was engaged to a man named Chad. I believe she filed a report with you about him stalking her.”

“Oh, yes, I remember him,” Sonia agreed. “So, Billy is his cousin?”

“I don’t know if he truly is, or not,” Melissa murmured. “Although, Billy truly looks enough like Chad to be his twin, only a few years younger, maybe.”

“Okay,” Sonia huffed. “Well, I’ll check into whether that’s true or not.”

Melissa turned to Uncle Landon. “I just thought of something. Sonia told me in the car that she was married to a man named Landon, is that you?”

Uncle Landon laughed and walked over to hug Sonia. “Yes, that would be me.”

“Good to know.” Melissa then asked, “Will Trenton need to stay overnight?”

“No. He shows no signs of a concussion and I’ve bandaged his ribs. He’ll be in a lot of pain though, so I’ll write him a prescription for pain meds,” Uncle Landon said as he pulled a prescription pad out of his pocket. “I would like to get together soon though and discuss things better said elsewhere.”

“Yeah, me too,” Melissa agreed as she helped Trenton sit up. “I have a lot of questions that perhaps you could answer for me.”

Sonia spoke up, asking, “Melissa?” Melissa glanced over at her and Sonia said, “Let me walk you out. I wanted you to tell me what you were talking about earlier.”


Sonia kissed Uncle Landon then and walked out ahead of them.

Melissa quickly signed the papers to have Trenton released. She then pushed his wheelchair to the truck. Once he was safely inside, she said, “I’m going to take this back inside, I’ll be right back.”

Trenton nodded.

Melissa jerked her head at Sonia to follow her. As they walked back to the hospital entrance, she asked, “Okay, first let me ask you this, did you mark Uncle Landon?”

“No, was I supposed to? If I was… wait, he marked me, I think…?”

Dropping the wheelchair off at the front door, Melissa paused. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, thinking. Then she continued to walk as she said, “Okay, Uncle probably knew he was to mark you, but without you marking him, his mark must not have been enough to jumpstart your first heat.” She hummed, then said, “Alright, here’s what you need to do.” Then, Melissa explained the marking and mating to Sonia, for her and him, asking, “Do you understand all that?”

“Yeah, I do, and thank you!” Sonia said excitedly. “I believe my chosen has tomorrow off, so you know what we’ll be doing.”

“Good luck,” Melissa said before climbing into her truck and taking Trenton home to rest.

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