Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 4

“But-but you don’t know me,” he whispered.

Leaning in closer to him, Melissa began to run her nose along his neck. At five foot six inches, she had to stretch upward a bit to reach, which put him at a few inches over six feet. Drawing his scent into her nose, she memorized it. She then gently nipped at the pulse point at the base of his neck causing him to jump and his heart to race, though he didn’t pull away as she feared he would. Not wanting to completely scare him away, she pulled back and murmured, “Don’t worry, I won’t mark you mine, yet.”

He gave her a wide-eyed and puzzled look but said nothing.

Taking this to mean she hadn’t completely freaked him out, she decided to push her luck a little bit by asking, “Go to lunch with me tomorrow?”

Trenton continued to gaze at her, puzzled, as if trying to figure her out. He then cleared his throat slightly before asking his questions. “Why? Why would you want to go out with the book nerd? You look like a supermodel who could have her pick of men, so why me?”

Melissa laughed at how close he was to the truth before she answered, “I want you because… well because you are the one, I’ve searched for my whole life. Now, say yes.”

Trenton opened his mouth to speak but before he could the bell on the door went off.

“Oh Trenton, where are you hiding?” A girlish voice called out.

Trenton gave a good imitation of a growl as he muttered under his breath. Murmuring, “excuse me a moment,” he walked off toward the front of the store.

Melissa walked silently behind him a few steps, curious as to who the girl was and what she wanted with Trenton.

“Oh, there you are! I thought you were attempting to hide from me,” a young brunette girl, who looked all of about sixteen, said.

“Victoria, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in school?” Trenton asked politely, a blank look on his face.

“It’s my lunch hour, plus I have a free hour this year, remember?” Victoria replied as she scooted close enough to touch his arm. “It gives me plenty of time to come and visit you.”

A growl of possessiveness almost escaped Melissa as she watched the girl fawn and touch Trenton through narrowed eyes. Anger spiked as she glared at the girl, Trenton is mine and that girl has no business touching him! I must put a stop to this. Suddenly, a plan to get rid of the girl, at least temporarily, formed in her mind and she smirked.

She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse before pulling a bit of her shirttail out. This would make it look as if Trenton had tried to get to her bare skin. She then mussed up her hair, creating the illusion he’d had his hands in it too, possibly tugging at it. Next, she bit her lips repeatedly to make them swollen and red, as he’d kissed her thoroughly. Satisfied with what she’d done, she walked up the aisle toward the two, her hips swaying provocatively because Trenton had suddenly turned to watch her as if he’d somehow known she was there.

Giving him a wink, basically telling him to relax because he had a helpless look on his face, she glanced down at the books she had in her hand. Coming to a stop right in front of them, she said, “Trenton, love, I’ll take this book and the others. I do love a good…” she looked over then, faking surprise when she looked at the girl. “Oh, I’m sorry, am I interrupting something?”

Victoria glared as she said, “Yes, you are! Who are you anyway? I haven’t seen you around town before, and I know most everyone.”

Melissa snickered internally as she moved forward just enough that she was now standing in front of Trenton. Then, removing Victoria’s hand from his arm, she said, “Oh, it really doesn’t matter who I am, dear, just know I don’t appreciate you putting your hand on Trenton.”

She narrowed her eyes at the girl, conveying her displeasure before turning back to Trenton with a smile. “So, lunch?”

Trenton smiled as he watched Victoria stomp her foot and flounce out the door. He answered, saying, “Sure, and thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” she told him. “Is she part of your fan club?”

“Just a pest who doesn’t seem to understand I see her as nothing but a child,” Trenton replied before turning back to look at her once again and took the books she held out. Walking around the counter, he rang them up before taking the credit card she held out to him. He continued, “Women, in general, make me nervous, girls like her make me break out in hives.”

Melissa laughed, as she took back her credit card, putting it in her purse. She then took the bag of books he handed her and walked around the counter, rising on tiptoes to give him a light kiss on the cheek. Dropping back to stand flat-footed once more, she solemnly informed him, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. Now, I’ll see you at lunch tomorrow.”

He nodded.

With a wink, Melissa turned and walked out of Words Galore with a big smile on her face. The feelings her wolven had been pushing at her the whole time she was in the bookstore clued her in to the fact that Trenton was the one she’d been searching for her entire life. He was without a doubt her chosen one, her soulmate, her other half.

Melissa sighed as her stomach gave a hungry growl. Looking both ways to make sure no cars were coming; she made her way across the street and went inside the diner. Just as it had the day before, all conversation stopped as they turned to look at her. She hoped that would stop as soon as people got used to seeing her around.

Noticing a group of teen girls giggling over a fashion magazine, she quickly found a seat near the back. She’d cut her, once mid-back length, hair off into a fashionable bob, and wore no make-up, but that didn’t mean people wouldn’t recognize her as Foxxy.

“Back again so soon?”

Glancing up, she found Naomi standing there with a glass.

“Water with lemon?” Naomi asked holding up the glass.

“Yes, thank you,” Melissa agreed, and Naomi put the glass down on the table. “Today, I’ll have the steak with a baked potato, salad, and whatever pie you have.”

“Today, it’s blueberry.”

“Sounds delicious,” Melissa informed her before watching her leave. She then took a big swallow of her water before looking down at the bag of books on the bench next to her. Thinking she might start on one of them she pulled the bag closer, opening it up to pull one out only to pause when she felt the presence of someone standing near the table. Raising her eyes, she saw Victoria standing there. Laying the book on the table, she crossed her hands over it, and with a fake smile, she said, “Well, hello again. Can I help you with something?”

Victoria sneered as she said, “Yes, actually you can. You can stay away from Trenton because he’s mine, always has been, and always will be.”

“Really? Does he know that?” Melissa asked her calmly. Leaning back, she crossed her arms over her chest and smirked at the girl’s doggedness.

Victoria straightened up, and pushed out her non-existent boobs, as she stated, “Yes, he does. Trenton is just a bit shy, but he’ll come around and when he does, I’ll be waiting.”

“Like you’ve been waiting for two years now, ever since he moved here?” Someone asked from behind Melissa.

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