Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 41

Trenton was busy in his office trying to catch up on all the paperwork he’d missed while convalescing at home. He’d just stood up to stretch when someone tapped on his door, so he called out, “Come in.”

When the door opened, it surprised him to see Melissa’s Uncle Landon standing there.

“Can I come in?”

“Of course, but what brings you by?” Then feeling a bit of panic, he asked, “Is everything is okay with Melissa?”

“Everything is fine, that isn’t why I’m here,” Landon quickly assured him. “The reason I came by is that Melissa mentioned you might be interested in selling me your home.”

“Yes, I would be, but why would you want to buy it?”

“Well, right now, we’re renting a place in town. It’s a nice place, but we have nowhere to run. So, we have to wait and go to the national forest when we can.”

“Well, that’s no good. You don’t have to buy the place though, I’ll let you have it. I’m ready to unload it, and your family.” Trenton leaned back in his chair, thinking about how this would solve yet another problem.

“No, no, no, I’m not a freeloader! I’ll buy it, I have money. How much do you want for it?”

Trenton gazed at Landon, seeing how upset the man seemed to be. Leaning forward, so that his elbows were on his desk, he explained, “Look, the truth is, I genuinely don’t need the money. I don’t even need the money this store brings in and donate most of it to charities. However, I like to stay busy and it does that for me. I also pay my workers way over what they would normally make because believe it or not, this place brings in incredibly good money. So, that’s the reason why I said I’d give the place to you.”

Landon laughed. “Oh, come on, Trenton. Everybody needs money and you have a little one on the way. They cost a lot!”

The door opened and Melissa stepped in saying, “I have money too, Uncle, and trust me, between the two of us money is no hardship. Now, what are the two of you talking about?”

Trenton beckoned Melissa over and she sat down in his lap, kissing him. “I told your uncle I’d give him the place, but he wants to buy it.”

Melissa hummed, then turned, and stuck her hand out, demanding, “Give me a dollar Uncle.”

Landon frowned but reached into his pocket and pulled out a wrinkled dollar bill. He handed it over and she, in turn, handed it to Trenton.

“What do I need this for?” Trenton asked, just as puzzled as Landon was.

“Uncle Landon just paid you for the property. Now give him the house keys, so that he and Sonia can get moved before their baby comes,” Melissa answered.

“Are you and Sonia expecting already?” Trenton asked as he pulled the keys from his top desk drawer.


Reaching over his desk, with a keychain full of keys in his hand, Trenton said, “Here you go, Landon. These go to everything from the lock on the pool fence to the shed. There is also a key for the well-pumphouse and the cellar. I’ll be honest, the place needs a bit of work. For example, there’s a guest bathroom that I just turned off the water to it completely. I never used it, but the tub leaks, and the toilet ran constantly. They were little things, but things I just never got around to doing because I was always here.”

“Why didn’t you get someone to do it for you?” Landon asked.

“I don’t like strangers in my home, especially when I’m not there,” Trenton answered, tightly.

Melissa glanced at him quickly, obviously noticing how tense he had become.

“Wait, don’t tell me the reporters broke into your home too?” Melissa asked him incredulously.

Trenton cleared his throat. “No, not exactly.”

“Then what exactly?” Melissa asked. She took a seat, her arms crossed, and stared him down, patiently waiting for him to explain what had happened.

Trenton blew out a heavy breath and scrubbed a hand through his hair. He didn’t want to rehash more of the past, but he knew he had to, so just as well to get it over with.

“We had a big storm come through and afterward my roof began to leak, everywhere,” Trenton began. “So, I called someone to come and fix it while I was at work. I had someone working on the outside while another group repaired the ceilings inside. It took them almost two weeks to get it finished because it was so bad, I decided to have the whole thing replaced instead of just patching it. On the last day of the repair, I came home early, so I could pay the men off and found a young man in my office taking pictures. After I called the police, he admitted that he’d seen the men working, and sometimes they left the door open as they brought things in and out. So, he came in while they weren’t looking and snooped around.”

Melissa stared at him, looking shocked. “Wow, that took some balls on his part.”

“Would someone like to clue me in?” Landon asked.

Melissa and Trenton both turned to look at him.

Seeing the completely confused look on his face, Trenton huffed and said, “I keep forgetting you don’t know who I am.”

“Yes, I do know who you are,” Landon disagreed with a “duh” tone. “Everyone in town knows Trenton Davison, owner of ‘Words Galore’. You’re almost like a local celebrity around here because everyone loves this bookstore.”

“That’s who I am now, not who I was two years ago before I came here,” Trenton said.

“Uncle Landon, Trenton here is Trenton Davison of Davison Engineering,” Melissa explained when Landon continued to look confused. “He’s practically a millionaire. His father is, in fact, a millionaire and owns HD Enterprises.”

“A millionaire?” Landon questioned.

“Yes, that’s why I said I didn’t need your money. Do you truly not know who I am?” Trenton probed, slightly shocked. Of course, maybe it shouldn’t surprise me since no one in this town had ever said anything. No one has ever given any indication they knew who I was.

Landon shook his head. “No, sorry. Before moving here, I was in med school, and I was there for eight years. Then I did my residency for three years before I came across an opening at the hospital here. I didn’t have the time then and still don’t, to worry about business news. Now if you’d been a big name in the world of medicine, that would have been a different story.”

“That I understand,” Trenton commiserated. “Well, long story short, I met a girl, asked her to marry me, she said yes but later changed her mind. I was broken-hearted and the press had a field day. I got tired of them following me everywhere, sold my business, lock, stock, and barrel, and moved here.”

“Oh,” Landon huffed.

“Oh? That’s all you can say?”

“Well…” Landon paused.

“It’s okay, I wouldn’t know what to say to me either,” Trenton chuckled as he closed his eyes. Laying his head back on his chair, he continued, “I’m just glad it’s behind me… mostly anyway.”


“Yeah, between me and Foxxy here, the press is still making themselves known,” Trenton replied.

“It’ll be okay, Trenton. They haven’t followed us here, so I think we’re okay. We should be old news before long anyway,” Melissa consoled him.

“One more question,” Landon said as he stood up. “Foxxy?”

Melissa laughed. “Yeah, that would be me. Well, it was me when I was an international lingerie model. I grew tired of it and retired a few weeks ago.”

“Let me guess, you disappeared just like Trenton here, so the press is in a frenzy to find you also,” Landon confirmed.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Young people these days,” Landon said as he shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Well, I know you two have things to talk about, so I’ll be headed home now. Call me if you need anything, Melissa.”

“Thanks, Uncle Landon, and I will.”

Then, with a wave, Landon left, closing the door behind him.

“Well, how did your first doctor visit go?” Trenton asked.

Melissa grinned as she leaned in and kissed him. “Oh, my sweet man, I hope you’re ready.”

This time, he kissed her, just because he could. Then he ran his hand up under her shirt and rubbed her barely-there baby bump. He pulled away before things became too heated. “Tell me, little momma.”

“We’re having triplets, Trenton, that’s why I’m already showing,” she explained. “Well, that and the fact that they’re wolven, so they’re the size of four months instead of two.”

Trenton began kissing along her neck, unable, and suddenly unwilling to keep his lips to himself. When she whimpered, he asked, “Mm… triplets, should I be scared?”

Turning on his lap to face him, she began unbuttoning his shirt as he unbuttoned hers.

“I don’t know. One is a lot of work, three is going to be…” she stopped talking and gasps when he tweaked her nipple while sucking on her neck.

Trenton pulled back a bit, blowing on her new love bit before saying, “We shouldn’t be surprised considering your dad was a twin. I have a feeling we’ll have lots of help with them though. Between Mom, Lisa, Cindy, and Victoria.”

“Victoria?” Melissa questioned huskily, as she watched him pull her shirt off.

“Mm… the two of you have bonded somehow. She couldn’t sing your praises enough today,” he informed her as he took off her bra. “Now, enough talk, let’s celebrate our babies being healthy, shall we?”

“A wonderful idea.”

Trenton bent her over his arm and sucked a nipple into his mouth. Her hands came up and tugged at his hair as she wiggled her lower body against him. Her movement caused his shaft to harden even more than it already was. He was losing his mind, almost forgetting where they were as she began to tug at his belt, trying to undo it. When her hand made it inside his jeans, he pulled away enough to whisper, “Ah, baby, we shouldn’t, not here, anyone could walk in on us.”

“You started it, my sweet man, when you took off my shirt,” she told him as she slid off his lap. “However, I plan to finish it by doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.”

Trenton whimpered, knowing exactly what she was up to. They’d only done it once, that time in her truck, but his hard shaft twitched just thinking about how her hot mouth had felt on it.

“Lift your hips for me, my sweet man.”

He did as she asked, and she pulled both his pants and boxers down. A deep guttural groan left him, his hips bucking as she pleasured him.

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