Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 5

Turning slightly in her seat, Melissa saw a young boy come out of the back with a trolley for dishes. She figured he must be the busboy, but who is he to Victoria?

“Shut up Elliot! Nobody wants your opinion on the matter being discussed!” Victoria snapped at him.

Elliot rolled his eyes before looking at Melissa and telling her, “Miss, just tell her to go away if she’s bothering you or tell Ms. Naomi. Victoria has no boundaries when it comes to Trenton, even though he won’t give her the time of day.” He cocked his head and began to smirk as he took in Melissa’s features. “You though, you look like you might be exactly his type.”

“Exactly his type! What makes her more his type than me?” Victoria practically screeched her questions, drawing the gazes of the other diners.

“Yes, his type. She’s more his type, mainly because she’s a woman, not a teenaged girl!” Elliot said with a laugh. He continued to laugh as he walked away leaving Victoria who was now red-faced and almost breathing fire.

Melissa couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped her, causing Victoria to return to glaring at her. She quickly put on a blank face, wiping all laugher from her face.

“You stay away from my Trenton!” Victoria sneered vehemently, while practically sticking her finger in Melissa’s face. Then with a huff, she turned and left.

Naomi walked over bringing lunch, giving a sad sigh as she sat it down and said, “I’m sorry about my daughter. She’s been crushing on that man since the day he arrived. I keep telling her he’s too old for her, to find someone her age, or at least closer to it, but…” She trailed off as she stared after the girl.

“It’s alright Naomi. I remember being that age and crushing on my Science teacher. His name was Mr. Jackson, and he had the most beautiful curly brown hair and soulful dark brown eyes,” Melissa smiled at the memory. She then continued, “I followed him around all summer long trying to convince him that since I wouldn’t have him for Science that year that it was okay for us to be together.”

“What happened?” Naomi asked.

“Sadly, he ended up moving before the start of the school year. My heart was broken until I caught my first glimpse of the new Science teacher.”

Naomi laughed and asked, “What did he look like?”

Cocking her head, Melissa thought back, bringing up a picture of the man in her head. She then answered, “I believe he had brown hair also, though it was a lighter shade and brown eyes. I’m beginning to realize I seem to have a thing for brown-haired, brown-eyed men.” She then muttered to herself, “Huh, maybe that’s why things didn’t work out between my ex and me, because deep down I didn’t want a blond guy.”

“Well, maybe a certain brown-haired man will return the feelings this time,” Naomi said softly. “I think Trenton is a bit lonely, he just won’t admit it.”

Giving Naomi a sad smile, Melissa picked up her fork as she said, “Yeah, I’ve been a bit lonely myself lately.”

“So, want to tell me what that was all about?” Cindy asked from behind him.

Trenton turned from staring out the window after Melissa to face his friend and employee, Cindy. He found her propped up against the counter, elbow on it with her chin in her hand. He asked, “What was what?”

Cindy laughed at his avoidance and answered, “That little drama that just happened. The girl I’ve never seen before looked as if the two of you had been making hot and heavy in the back. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much steam come out Victoria’s ears!”

Trenton laughed, a good full belly laugh, as he remembered the look on Victoria’s face. When he’d calmed, he agreed, “Victoria’s reaction was priceless.”

“Mm-hm… it was. Now, tell me who the other girl was,” Cindy demanded.

“The “girl” as you call her is Melissa and she’s new in town,” Trenton informed her.

Cindy shrugged, saying, “Hey, I’m almost sixty, any woman under fifty is just a girl to me. I already know she’d new because as I mentioned, I’ve never seen her before. Now, answer me, were you in the back canoodling with her?”

Trenton rolled his eyes before asking, “Does anybody even use the word canoodling anymore? However, to answer your question, no, we were not. She was just getting rid of the pest for me, although, I do think she wanted to kiss me.”

“I agree, I believe that the girl indeed wants you, young Trenton. In fact, I think she wants you worse than Victoria does, but hey, at least she looks closer to your age.”

“Yeah, well, you know women confuse me, Cindy,” he reminded her with a heavy sigh. “I’ll go to lunch with her this once though. I figure that once she figures out what a nerd brain, I am she’ll probably never bother me again anyway.”

Cindy tutted as she headed back to the back while mentioning, “You may not realize it, but when the right woman comes along, she won’t confuse you. You’ll know exactly what to do with her.”

Trenton turned back to gaze out the window toward the diner where he’d watched Melissa go. He then muttered to himself, “I hope you’re right Cindy, I hope you are.”

The next day at exactly eleven, Trenton watched Melissa walk through the door of Words Galore.

“Good morning!” Melissa chirped at Cindy who stood at the front counter. “Is Trenton here?”

“I’m here,” Trenton answered as he walked the rest of the way the aisle where he’d paused to watch her walk in.

Melissa turned and leaned on the counter as she gave him a sexy smile. She then said, “Hello there, sexy thang.”

Cindy cackled, covering her mouth to muffle it as she winked at Trenton.

Trenton felt heat mover up his cheeks, embarrassed for being called a “sexy thang” for the first time in his life. Clearing his throat as he ran a hand over the back of his neck nervously, he asked, “Ah…hello. Are you ready to eat now?”

Melissa smirked, saying, “Mm… I am. However, it’s too bad you aren’t on the menu because I could just eat you up.”

“Oh… oh… Trenton, I like this one! Can we keep her?” Cindy asked, her eyes twinkling as she tried not to laugh at Melissa’s outlandishness.

Melissa turned toward Cindy and cocked her head a bit, studying her.

Cindy studied her back, then muttered something Trenton didn’t quite catch. She then asked, “Who was your family child?”

Melissa narrowed her eyes as she asked, “Who wants to know?”

“My name is Cynthia Reynolds.”

Melissa nodded and her face lit with a smile. She then told Cindy, “Mom was really good friends with a Cynthia Reynolds her name was Rita.”

Cindy gasp before saying, “You’re little Melissa?”

“Yes, I am, though not so little anymore,” Melissa answered.

Cindy hummed as she looked at Melissa, then at Trenton. Giving a knowing smile, she turned back to address Melissa, saying, “Your mom and I were good friends, incredibly good friends. We told each other everything, and I mean everything. So, trust me when I say, he’ll be good for you.”

Melissa gave her a strange look before shaking her head slightly. Then she turned to look at Trenton as she replied, “I hope so, it’s been a long search.”

Trenton cocked an eyebrow and asked, “Would someone like to clue me in?”

Melissa walked over to stand in front of him, running her hand over his chest as she softly answered, “Someday soon I will. For now, how about some lunch?”

When Trenton gave her a nod, she took his hand and practically pulled him out the door. As they walked, she talked, saying, “Okay, I’m new in town, so the only place I know of to eat at is the diner.”

“Well, that’s pretty much it as far as decent food goes. Unless you want the questionable food at the ‘Jolly Jug’ or fast food,” Trenton informed her as they walked down the sidewalk.

Melissa wrinkled her nose in disgust as she told him, “I’m not big of fast food, too much grease and I’m hungry again in an hour. Hm… the ‘Jolly Jug’ sounds more like a biker bar than a place to eat. Although, I was invited to go dancing there on my first visit to town.”

“It is a bar,” he said. “Let me guess, it was Billy doing the asking?”

She nodded.

“Yeah, he hits all the girls up. I think he tries to get them drunk enough they won’t realize what an idiot he is behind those good looks of his,” Trenton enlightened her as he opened the diner door.

“Well, he isn’t my type, I’ve sworn off blonds,” she mentioned to him. She then gave a slight shudder as she said, “His eyes are creepy too!”

Trenton let her lead the way to a table close to the back. They’d barely sat down when Naomi walked over with a glass of water and a glass of tea in her hands.

Sitting the glasses on the table in front of them she exclaimed, “The third day in a row, you must really like us!”

Melissa smiled at her, then said, “Yep, best steak in town.”

“Is that what you want today? I know Trenton here will.” Naomi said smiling at him.

“Oh yes, only could I get fries with it today?” Melissa asked.

Naomi gave a nod and left to fill their orders leaving, Melissa and Trenton softly conversing.

“Well, well, I see you managed to wrangle the guy away from my sister after all. Hooray!” A male voice jokingly said from close by no more than a few minutes later.

Trenton looked up to find Elliot standing next to the table. Melissa gave a low laugh drawing his attention back to her.

“Yes, I suppose so, if Victoria is your sister,” Melissa answered.

“Unfortunately, yes, she is. Oh, and just you a heads up, she’ll probably be here today and there’s an awful lot of room on the end of lover boy’s bench!” Elliot said before he left whistling.

Melissa turned her narrowed eyes toward Trenton before standing up. She then moved to stand next to him saying, “Scooch over just a bit won’t you.”

He moved over and she sat down, but he was slightly confused by her move. So, he asked, “Um…why are you over here?”

Melissa leaned her head on his shoulder and gave a contented sounding sigh as she told him, “I’m not leaving anything to chance. That heifer would probably bebop in here and sit herself down next to you.”

Trenton couldn’t help but grin at her possessiveness. It did feel good to be wanted by a woman and not by a child such as Victoria. So, he teasingly asked, “We can’t have that, now can we?”

Melissa turned her head slightly and he heard her take a deep breath as she rubbed her nose along his neck. One of these days I’m going to ask her why she does that when I’m coherent enough anyway, because when she does it…I think it scrambles my brain! He thought as his heart pounded. He then felt her place a soft kiss on his pulse point that was now racing.

“No, no we can’t, because I told you, I don’t share,” she murmured before kissing his neck again.

Once more his brain was scrambled all because of those kisses she had given him. They sent shivers down his spine, the good kind, the kind he’d not felt in an awfully long time. The last girl that had made him feel this way was Alice, his ex-fiancé, and that was over two years ago before he’d moved here.

The truth was he’d sold his home and his business in Boise because of Alice. The break-up had been bad, and he’d left town a broken man. All he’s wanted was to go somewhere and lick his wounds where no one knew his.

He wasn’t a poor man, not then, and not now. Because of that fact, his engagement to Alice had been at the top of the high-society news. So, when she’d broken the engagement off the rumors had spread like wildfire turning his life into total chaos. Everywhere he’d turned, he’d found a camera or a mic in his face.

The facts were, she didn’t love him, not really, not the way she should have since they were to marry. When he’d asked her to marry him, she’d said yes, but only because her parents had pushed her too. They were hoping to merge his business and her fathers. She told Trenton that the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to marry for love, not a business merger. That’s when she decided that instead of marrying him and causing them both miseries, to just break it off.

He’d genuinely loved her though and the breakup had broken him. So, he’d moved here where no one had heard of him or were too polite to say they had, and he’d ended up happy here, at least for the most part. Here I’m just Trenton Davison, book nerd, and bookstore owner, not a millionaire and jilted.

“Trenton?” Melissa whispered.

Trenton looked down to find those big blue eyes watching him. “Sorry, I spaced out a bit. Did you say something?”

She shook her head, still gazing at him as she answered, “No.”

Trenton had just opened his mouth to speak when he heard the familiar squeal.


At the girl’s shout, Trenton watched Melissa curl her lip back in what looked like a silent snarl and gave an irritated grunt of his own before turning to look at the girl now standing next to the table.

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