Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 8

Melissa somehow made it home without breaking down, but as soon as she walked into her house the sobs brought her to her knees just inside her front door. She sobbed, the wolven in her howling her pain, with her head thrown back, as she rocked back and forth on her knees.

This feeling of heartbreak was so much stronger now than what it had been with Chad. With him, it had been just her pain, and hers alone. With Trenton though, it was her pain and that of her wolven combined because he was ‘the one’, her chosen. It was like getting a double dose of pain.

Finally, when her sobs lessened enough for her to stand, she stripped and phased before running out the door and into the woods. She stayed in the woods all day, and far into the night. When the fatigue was finally too much she headed for home and took a quick shower.

Once she was out and dress, she grabbed her cellphone and settled onto her bed, snuggled into her blankets for comfort with every intention of calling Lisa. However, when she looked at her screen, she found the phone flashing with numerous voice messages and text messages. The first three were from Lisa asking her to call ASAP!

The last voice mail was almost frantic with Lisa, saying, “Foxxy, please, please, call me! Chad has lost him mind! We need to talk, now! Call me!”

She also had one from her agent, so she listened to it next.

“Foxxy, Madeline here. Listen, I wouldn’t bother you, but I think you should know that Chad is showing himself again. I believe he’s lost his mind because the way he’s going on is as if he thinks you just forgot to tell him you were leaving. Regardless, I’ve had to cut him loose from his modeling contract because he’s become a loose cannon, harassing everyone in his efforts to find you, and I didn’t know what else to do. I’ve had to have security come get him numerous times because of his actions and I’m worried that if he ever finds you… well, I fear for your safety, Foxxy. So, please, be careful and stay safe.”

Why would she tell him where she was going? Why would he even think she would tell him since she had a restraining order to keep him away from her?

Shaking her head and letting out an annoyed huff at Chad’s audacity, she glanced back at her phone and saw the numerous text messages from an unknown number, and after opening the first one she realized they were from Chad. How did he even get my new number? Now I’ll have to change it yet again.

Deciding to leave that for another time, she quickly dialed a number she knew by heart and put the phone to her ear.

It rang once before a sleepy voice answered, saying, “Hello?”

“Hi, Lisa, it’s me.”

“Foxxy, where have you been? I’ve been trying to get up with you!” Lisa exclaimed in a now frantic voice. “Chad has been on a rampage trying to find out where you are.”

“I know, I got a message from Madeline. What’s he been doing to you?”

“He started almost blowing up my phone hourly at the beginning. Then yesterday, he showed up at work. Security had to remove him because he systematically went around asking everyone where you were. I’m telling you, he’s worse than the paparazzi parked out front!” Lisa ranted.

“Wow. He never quits, does he? He’s managed to somehow get my new number too, meaning, I have at least a dozen texts from him along with your messages. I deleted them once I realized that’s who they’re from. I had hoped, out of sight out of mind, but guess that isn’t going to work. So, it looks like I’m going to have to go talk to the local police and warn them about him. I was hoping to be anonymous here for a bit longer.”

“I hope he doesn’t find you,” Lisa whispered, “but he isn’t giving up. You realize, in his mind, you’re his meal ticket.”

“I know, especially now that Madeline had to let him go. Oh, Lisa, I don’t want to leave here, but if he finds me…”

“You’ll have to.”

“Yeah,” Melissa agreed with a heavy sigh.

“Mm… you know, I have a feeling answering my calls isn’t the only thing you’d like to talk about. Am I, right?”

“Yeah, you know me too well, Lisa. See, I met this guy…” Two hours later, Melissa cried again after pouring out her heart to her best friend.

“Oh, Foxxy, I… honestly, I’m actually not sure what to say. He sounds like a good guy who is confused about what he’s feeling. I might be wrong, but… his reaction… it makes me wonder if he’s been hurt by the press. If he has… well, the truth is, after dealing with them myself for the past couple of days I’d want to steer clear of them too.”

“But he didn’t say anything about the press Lisa!”

“No, but why would he have a problem with having a beautiful model on his arm if not for the press she’d bring his way? Nevertheless, only he knows why he’s upset, Foxxy, and hopefully, he’ll clue you in soon.” Lisa sighed, “I will say this though, and since I’ve never had a serious relationship, I’m just taking a wild guess, but… here it goes anyway. I think he’ll realize what he has and come crawling back.”

“Come crawling back?”

“Well, yeah! I mean, you are beautiful, inside and out, what guy wouldn’t?”

“Oh, well, that is true. I mean, mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Why I am of course! Mwahaha!” Melissa exclaimed, still laughing.

Lisa laughed with her then questioned, “Your ego knows no end, does it?”

“Hey, if I don’t build myself up who will? Seriously though, I hope you’re right, and he does come back because my wolven is as heartbroken as I am, actually I think she more broken.” Lisa yawn then making Melissa feel bad, so, she whispered, “I’ll let you get some sleep now, good night Lisa. I miss you.”

“Good night and I miss you too.”

They hung up then and Melissa took her brokenhearted self to bed for a few hours of sleep.

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