Chosen by a Wolven

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Chapter 9

Two days later, Melissa awakened with a bad feeling that had her stomach in knots. Chad had been blowing up her phone with text messages for two days because she still hadn’t changed her number.

Sadly, she still hadn’t heard anything from Trenton though. Although, she shouldn’t have been surprised since she’d forgotten to give him her number. So, she’d gone to have lunch at the diner hoping he would see her there and make the effort to come over and speak to her, but he didn’t.

Then yesterday, Victoria had been in the diner when she’d arrived. She’d smirked at Melissa the whole time she’d been there eating as if she knew Trenton was avoiding Melissa. As she was leaving, Victoria had walked over to the bookstore and dared to turn and wave at Melissa through the diner window before entering.

Putting those depressing thoughts aside, Melissa sat up in bed and picked up her phone cautiously. She saw it was once more filled with messages from Chad. This time she decided to glance at a couple of them before erasing them. She felt the need to know exactly what she was dealing with.

The first text message read it’s time to come home now.

The second text message read; I miss you, darling.

The third text message continued with, I’m sorry for what I did. No, you know what? Actually, I’m not sorry. You need to bring yourself home or I’m coming to get you! Trust me, you won’t like what I have in store for you if you don’t come home on your own.

Melissa shuddered at the last one and the threat it represented, deciding it was time to go to the local police. That threat sounded as if he might have an idea where she was, or it could be his fishing, but she couldn’t take the chance. So, getting up, she showered and dressed, then headed for town.

She’d traded her SUV rental for a truck the day before. The memories of her and Trenton in the SUV were just too strong and made her heart hurt. She needed to get her own set of wheels soon, but rentals would just have to suffice for now.

Pulling up in front of the local PD, she got out. She then quickly walked inside before she could change her mind.

“May I help you?” A woman in uniform asked, even as she gave Melissa a calculating look.

It made Melissa wonder if the woman recognized her as Foxxy Jacobs, but she wasn’t about to ask. Instead, she shrugged the thought off and handed the officer a folder, saying, “Yes ma’am. I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll start with this. This is the paperwork on my restraining order against my ex-fiancé.”

“Where was this taken out?”

“New York and the reason I came in this morning is that I think he might have found me. He’s been texting me, even though the first thing I did was change carriers on my cellphone along with my number. I really have no idea how he’s getting my number.”

The officer flipped through the papers then said, “Alright, come sit down over here, and let’s get started.”

Melissa followed her over to a desk and they sat down.

The officer folded her hands on the desk, saying, “There isn’t much we can do unless he does follow you and tries something. You realize this right?”

“Yes, ma’am, I know. However, in the event, he does do something to me, I want the police to be aware of the problems I’ve had with him. That way you can go after him and he’ll get what’s coming to him. The reason I say this is because this morning I read a few of the texts he’s been sending and this one makes me think he’s possibly found me and intends to do me harm,” Melissa answered before she handed over her phone.

The officer sat, reading over the text on Melissa’s phone, her eyebrows scrunching slightly. She then looked up for a moment before opening a desk drawer. She then pulled out a bunch of papers as she said, “It does sound a bit threatening. So, I think it is a good thing you came in. Now, let’s get started.”

An hour later, Melissa was finally finished. By that time, she was starving, so she quickly headed for the diner to eat.

“Good morning Melissa. What’ll you have?” Naomi asked.

“I’ll have the steak and egg, with hash browns. Also, give me a couple of pancakes.”

“And to drink?” Naomi asked then.

“Milk sounds alright,” Melissa decided.

Naomi gave a nod as she turned to leave but paused. Turning back, she leaned over and whispered, “Go see him. He’s stubborn and proud but he looks awful. He needs you.” Giving Melissa a nod, she turned then and left to place her food order.

Maybe Naomi is right, Melissa mused as she stared out the window at the bookstore across the street. I’ve always been the bold one, the confident one, yet one man has brought me to my knees. I need him! If Chad does find me and… and somehow manages to kill me, I don’t want to leave this world without making things right with Trenton.

“Here you go.”

Turning from the window Melissa glanced at Naomi as she set my plate down. “Thanks.”

Naomi smiled at her, saying, “Just make him happy, that’s all I ask.”

Giving her a nod, Melissa picked up her fork and ate her breakfast. It wasn’t long though before her eyes moved to the bookstore once more and a plan began to form in her head.

Melissa ate in a hurry because now that she’d decided to talk to Trenton, she didn’t want to wait. So, once she finished, she quickly paid for her meal and walked across the street to step into the bookstore.

Cindy was upfront ringing up a customer but glanced up when Melissa walked in. With a grin, she pointed toward a door behind her and to the left.

Moving quickly, Melissa walked over and grabbed the doorknob only to pause. She then gave herself a mental pep talk. You need to do this, even if he kicks you out at least you tried. So, after taking a deep breath, she opened the door and walked into the office, shutting the door softly behind her.

Trenton looked up from the ledger in front of him and he looked bad. He was unshaven and his hair looked as if all he’d done that morning was run his fingers through it instead of using a comb. His face was pale and there were bruises under his eyes, which were red from lack of sleep.

“Oh, my sweet man,” Melissa whispered at the sight of him. She walked around the desk and turned his chair. She then seated herself in his lap and removed his reading glasses. Pulling his head toward her, she placed it in the crook of her neck before placing her own head in the crook of his.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “It just scared me, the thought of all those media people coming for you and finding me and… I know you don’t understand why it freaks me out and I should explain…”

“Hush, my sweet man, hush, it’s okay. You can explain it to me later because for now I just need you to understand that I can’t live without you. In such a short time, you have become to mean so much to me. It almost killed me to walk away from you that day,” she whispered in return.

She took in a deep breath, enjoying his scent she had missed so much. Her wolven groaned in happiness at him being in their arms once more. Kissing his neck, she felt her need of him building in her belly, a need that told her she needed so much more than just kisses.

So, she stood up, taking his hands in hers and encouraging him to stand to his feet. Once he had, she began tugging him toward the door as she murmured, “Let’s get out of here, I need you to myself for a while.”

He offered her no resistance at all and she soon had him in her truck. Once there, she quickly took off for home. When they arrived, they climbed from the cab, and meeting him in front of the truck, she took his hand. Next, she led him inside her home, not stopping until they were in her room. There, she gently pushed him onto her bed and began removing his shoes.


“Hush, you look like you need sleep,” she told him as she lay down next to him. “Just rest, sweet man, we’ll talk when you wake up.”

She then began to rub her hand on his chest and heard his breathing steady out as he fell asleep. Relaxed, with her mate next to her, she fell asleep too.

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