His Savage Soul

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Riches such as a big mansion, suits, expensive things that you can ever imagine. Drowning in all the money he could think of, Alexandrio Marquez Soto has always had what hes wanted and needed but living for so long has made his heart ice cold or so he thought. As he goes about his life he happens to bump into someone he thought never existed, his soulmate. Not wanting to accept her, he goes on with his miserable life her eating at his mind. Until one rainy day they collide paths again, he gives up on pushing her away and invites her over to his place for coffee. As he sets his plan on motion, she agrees and ends up not being let go by Rico suave himself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He gets off the expensive looking car and walks around to the passenger side to open the door for me, he holds his big hand out for me to take and I grab it. We walk towards the big mansion, yea it was nice and all but I wasn't impressed even if I grew up middle class in a farm. He unlocks the front door and steps aside, "Ladies first." He says. I walk in as does he, I hear a loud click of the big mahogany doors as he locks it and I turn to look at him confused. "You shouldn't of agreed to come sweet heart.." He whispered. His eyes turn red as he walks towards me slowly undoing his tie, I stay still afraid of what was to come.

Romance / Fantasy
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Coffee and Chocolate; Rich, but Unhappy..

(Alexandrio’s P.O.V.)

Some say living forever is a miracle heaven sent even but there are others that think otherwise; Before I found out my being was turned my life was hell with all the trash in between..

My nightmare of a life started not long ago; I was born to a prostitute who fucked more men then watched her own child, she never knew who my father was at least that’s what she kept telling me starting at the age of simply twelve. The hatred that rolled off of her was intoxicating to me even when her blue eyes looked into mine that resembled a lot, I could see the vile things she wanted to do and getting rid of me was the strongest emotion that stood out. As soon as I turned fifteen I made deals with her such as going to school, working for myself, and staying out of her way.

So as soon as I earned enough I would travel to find a new home and of course the harlot bitch agreed an let me do as I pleased, I could have murdered many at such a young age and she wouldn’t have worried one bit such a disgrace she certainly was and I could only imagine how disappointed my grandparents were as they found out that she came to be in her adult years. They must be turning in their graves, “Oye yaldson!” I grit my teeth at the loathful name they have given me, “How does it feel to be a scum son of a prostitute?!” they laugh tauntingly.

It became a nickname that the kids living around me learned quickly on who my mother was and what she did for fun and many began to call me the name with such resentment, “Yaldson, tell your mum how much for a feel of my dick in her mouth!” I snapped and went at him, my punch was so fierce he fell to the ground and was bleeding so much from his nose and mouth as I continued to hit him over and over letting my years of such heavy dispirit show with my devilish blows. All my built up anger was being released on my hits to this poor boy’s pig of a face as he should have held his tongue...

I did not pounce on him because of what he said about my whore of a mother, she did not deserve any respect. I was sick and tired of everything that had happened in my life and I sure as hell did not ask to be born from a filthy hating woman; I didn’t fucking ask for non-brained people to mess with me on things I couldn’t control so in the end when I turned I got my very wanted revenge on those that did me wrong and I showed no mercy towards them when I tortured them in the worst way possible before showing them how related I simply was to death.. My dearest most valued companion. It was as if God sent me a gift and a curse towards the end but that’s another story to tell later, my cell phone setting off brings me back to the present making me sit up to retrieve it from my desk. “Soto, speak.” I say clipped getting down to business “Sir, the new assistant for your coffee has not returned yet and it has been more than twenty minutes now.” I hang up as a deep growl escapes me, I stand quickly and button my suit jacket that was an expensive dark navy blue color and made by the finest materials.

Walking towards my door I opened it to see my assistant working nervously but with a satisfied pace and it reminded me why I haven’t killed her yet, she was talented and got things done right away for me just how I liked it. “Take your break Alicia, I will fetch my own coffee.” she frowns at hearing this but nods, still organizing her already tidy desk.

“Sir, I can go get it for you if you like? I am heading out to get food either way.” I shake my head no once mentally beating myself up for sounding like a smelly wolf earlier... who in their right mind goes to ‘fetch’ their own food? what am I, a dog? She grabs her purse from under the desk and looks at me one more time, “Very well sir, if you do need anything else just shoot me a text.” My eyes linger on her back and I scowl I’ve heard of doppelgängers and this girl almost looks like my whore of a mother except she has hazel eyes not blue. Surprisingly she was very respectful and not once has she tried to throw herself at me not even a simple flirt like my past assistants whom I've fired or made disappear. I don't kill, just drink from them and erase their memories as if nothing has happened..

"I'll be back early as expected sir, you have a meeting today in an hour and your house maid called a few seconds ago and told me to tell you that someone came by and left a package." I raised a brow impressed on how on point she was with everything, "Very well, thank you." I walked off, not giving her another glance and hit the down button as I waited for the elevator. I hated how slow they were but if I took the stairs it would risk me speeding off and getting caught on camera even though I owned this very place plus I didn't want to kill anyone today, I was tired and had a feeling that coffee and some chocolate would do me some good.

I had earned the unhealthy obsession when I turned a certain age and tried candy for the first time, I don't like putting trash in my body but coffee and chocolate are an exception even though thinking that makes me such a hypocrite saying I don't put trash in my body when in reality I use to suck the life out of living breathing people and now I have a whole fridge of type O negative blood bags in a fancy freezer in my home's basement. Many of my kind prefer their blood warm or from the source but to me it was just a quick drink and off to work; It was good that I owned my own business. Meetings kept me on my feet leaving me with no time in the world except today it was so agitating that my second assistant was late with my drinks and it didn't help with the headache from lack of blood, I loathed when my things were late. I was going to have to get rid of her, I sigh as the elevator doors finally open and I walk in thankful that it was empty.

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