His Savage Soul

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Vanilla and Coconut filled Chocolates; Il Cafe

(Lilian’s P.O.V)

It was another busy day at my coffee shop and it was a good day because it wasn’t busy or slow, “Hello! what can I get for you today, mam?” The gorgeous woman with hazel eyes smiles while looking at the menu for a second, “Good afternoon, I’ll have black coffee and some of your famous chocolates with coconut filling in the middle.” I got her order down and looked back at her with the warmest smile I could convene, she was beautiful and from seeing her well and hearing her talk I knew right away she has a gentle soul. “Anything else?” She shakes her head no and I add everything up and print a receipt copy for her as well, “It will be five dollars and fifty cents.” She took out a five dollar bill and was trying to look for change and by the sad look on her face she was fifty cents short so before I could tell her that it was alright and that I had her back, a large hand placed two quarters on top of the five dollar bill stunning the short woman in front of me.

“Mr. Soto! you don’t have to do that, sir!” she says with a panicked expression he sighs and ignores her protest scooting the money towards me, he was a handsome man with his hair cut short and with dashing blue eyes.. The kind of blue that made me wish I was born with those alien eyes, the suit was a bonus although he wasn’t looking at me but at his assistant who as soon as she noticed his cold expression shut her mouth. Finally his eyes meet mine and his dark looking eyes widen a bit, I grab the money not liking the empty feeling I was getting looking at him and put it in the register not giving it a second thought as to why he was looking at me as if I was a ghost and give the receipt to the girl. “What’s your name, miss?” She looks at me again and smiles her billion dollar smile that a Queen should always have, “Alicia, mam.” I nod and write it on her cup, I hand it to one of my workers and they get to making her drink right away.

I look back at the man who went by Soto, “Hello sir, what can I get you today?” He smirks and it lets me know he composed himself from his little rare reaction a few seconds back which was very weird “Are you new? I haven’t seen you around here much.” I shake my head, “Actually, I’m the owner of Il Caffè.” His brow rises and then he gives a curt nod, he stays quiet and I see customers behind him getting annoyed at how long he was taking. “Sir?” He looks at me with such intensity as if he was trying to figure something out, “I would like a coffee with French Vanilla creamer and five of each chocolates that you have on your menu.” I gulp, well hot damn, This man likes his chocolate. I print yet another receipt. I look at him with a smile trying not to show my surprise on my face, “That will be twenty dollars and eight cents, sir.” He takes a silver credit card out from inside his suit coat and hands it to me, “You seem surprised.” My face warms up letting me know I was blushing, I slide the card quickly and hand it back.

I grab a cup and write his name on it quickly and hand it to an awaiting worker, “Well, I’ve never met a man that looks so professional ask for so much chocolate.” He nods, “Not saying it’s a bad thing, I love chocolate and have been obsessed since I first had a piece at age ten.” I was caught off guard as a full blown genuine smile shows up on his handsome face, pearly white teeth showing and all. “Well doll face, that makes two of us except I didn’t have my first taste until I was fourteen.” A short laugh escapes my lips, “Wait over there Mr. Soto, we will have your things shortly.” Another curt nod and he walks off his lavish smile staying strong, I’ve never met a man that was more stiff than a mere brick wall but that smile was sure something.

(Soto’s P.O.V)

When the elevator doors slide open I walked out quickly and entered the garage that held all of my treasured cars, in my head it was ALL which would make others think I had plenty of cars but it was only two cars that I owned for now. I might be rich but I don’t go around buying so much expensive things it wasn’t necessary I get in my black Gallardo Lamborghini and start the engine up, the second car wasn’t at all that much expensive it was a Cadillac Elmiraj and it was my main baby but today I didn’t feel like driving it since I was in a hurry and the Cadillac was more of a lay back going out car. As soon as I was out the garage I speed down the highway enjoying how others pointed my way and tried to take photos, finally I stop at my favorite place and park as someone behind me honks as I sped around them and stole their parking spot I get off and as the angry man looks at me he drives off making me smirk knowing I had won a fight that was never going to start. I button my suit once again and put the alarm on the car “Hello mister! Can I have a picture of your out of this world car?” I nodded at the little boy whose mother looked tired and ran up to him in which I had seen her come out of the destination I was heading to in a hurry the smell of chocolate trailing after her.

“Markus Jr. the second, what did I say about wandering off?!” She turns to me exasperated, “My apologies, sir!” I shake my head, “It’s fine mam, he was not bothering me.” I lean down and take the young child’s camera, “How about I take a picture of you on top of the car?” His green eyes widen and he nods, we walk to the car and I pick him up without difficulty and sit him on top of the matte black Lamborghini. Backing up a bit, I turn the camera on and face it towards him. “Smile!” I say loudly and it was infectious because I smiled as well I got him down and out of nowhere he hugs me catching me by surprise, “Thank you, mister!” He runs off to his mother and they walk off talking happily. I might be known as heartless but when it came to innocent children my life felt a bit more brighter. I open the doors to Il Caffè and the smell of Vanilla and chocolate hits me hard, the first thing I hear is the price of the items my assistant was getting then my assistant takes out a five dollar bill and then begins to rummage in her purse again; after watching her look for a long time I sigh and take out fifty cents and place them on top of the five.

She looks up at me with wide eyes and after protesting I give her my best death glare after seeing the fight leave her I walk a little closer to the counter trying to get my things ordered I lazily move my eyes up at the person who was to take my order and it was as if my blood ignited all of a sudden making my eyes widen a tad bit. I thought out of all my existence that I was to be alone in this ferocious world but today God decided to hit me in the face with this surprise, “Sir?” her melody of a voice calls out to me trying to get my attention with little musical notes coming out of her plump lips and attacking my mind.. After a moment I collect myself quickly and order my things taking her features in, waiting a few seconds I take in her features even more deeply letting my brain take perfect images and pushing them to the back of my mind just to make room to take new photos taking my time doing so, a human?! My mate is a human? When I got bored of life I started searching for my so-called soulmate but after a few years of no luck I gave up and just kept moving on with my life. Will she be worth my demise? “Here you go Mr. Soto and some of the chocolates are still warm and I also put two chocolate muffins with Vanilla chocolate in the center in there that you should try and trust me once you bite into it the filling inside is to die for!” I sigh mentally, she was definitely winning me over already. “Thank you, beautiful.” she blushes, “Have a good day!” she told me as I walked off with her musical vivace musical notes clinging on to me like a drug. Addiction be damned....

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