His Savage Soul

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Hot Cocoa; Reinacting The Black Dalia Murder Case

(Soto’s P.O.V)

A growl escapes my lips as I enter my office... I had ended the meeting prior to what was happening at this very moment, Damn this, I undo my tie and sit hastily on my chair as another irritated growl ripples out of me. As one meets their mate a type of curse happens, I have searched for her a few times and after some years passed of not being able to find my soulmate I just gave up and thought my poor soul did not have another half. Now that I found her she is all that comes to mind more or less I thought about her chocolate colored eyes, the light freckles that run from her cheeks to her nose, her small smile and mainly her scent she smelled of Vanilla and Chamomile with of course a mixture of chocolate, I want to know what her natural scent was after she showered. Damn it to hell...

The thing is as we meet our mates and when we first lay eyes on each other we vampires get a trigger until we feed from them, our veins start to glow all over our body and up to our chests where the heart glows as well. You would think that we were walking glow sticks only mine glowed but since I had dark clothes on that covered me well nobody could see it. My soulmate’s heart does not glow because she is human and the only thing that she feels is the weak mate bond. A knock was heard and I turned away from it, “Come in.” I snapped and in walks my assistant, “Sir, I am leaving but I wanted to say thank you for today and that there is a meeting tomorrow at early six.” I was debating on killing these meeting men but it would be so much work to cover it up, “Very well.” The door closes and I turn again, I gasp as my throat starts to burn making it feel as if I swallowed very hot water and that was another thing, our thirst increased and our minds got clouded by one thing... My mate.

“Fuck!” I say loudly and I was lucky that my office was sound proof, I have to stay away from her or she would end up hurt. I didn’t need a mate right now, I grabbed my phone and my chocolates that were half gone heading out to keep myself busy from my consuming thoughts of her.

When I arrived home my maid walked up to me and I smiled even through my small problems that kept on rising, “Good morning sonny, how was your day today?” She asks me gently while I bend a bit to hug her not missing her eyeing my beautiful veins as she called them, she was an elderly woman who was in her late fifties who seeked a job so she could travel the world but instead I let her tell me where she wants to go while I set her very own bank account with money and let her use my jet for an exchange of her help with her psychic abilities and trust, “It was good granna, how are you feeling today?” She pats me on my shoulder nodding, “I am well and still alive, are you hungry?” I laughed quietly or so I thought, “What is so funny, sir?!” I go up to her and place a gentle kiss on her head. “Nothing Na, why do you scold me so? Are you all packed for the trip to Brazil tomorrow?” She sighs and dramatically puts her hands to her cheeks as her eyes gleam from excitement, “Just need to pack a few essentials dear boy, especially with the Festival coming in in four days.” We walked into the kitchen and she served me hot cocoa and some salad. She knew me well enough to know I wasn’t hungry for food.

When I first interviewed her for the job she seemed like a simple woman but as she sat, her hand out of nowhere was on top of mine stopping me from writing so before I could say anything she said two words, “I know.” My brows met confused and after a second it clicked, she wasn’t just human she was a human with gifts a witch would be over rated to say. She knew who I was and what I was and as I gave her the job she not only cleaned for me but took care of me and so I returned the favor. Keep in mind she’s only two hundred and thirty five years old but stopped aging in her late fifties as she once told me a family gift passed on from generations. “By the way darling boy, there was a big package that came in that was too heavy to bring in so I left it outside.” I stand, “I’ve got it Na, make sure you eat too.” She waves me off nonchalantly, I open the big mahogany front doors and spot the large box.

I pick it up and bring it in, ‘No scent, weird...’ Placing it down; it made a sloshing noise. “What can it be?” Na says from beside me cleaning her hands on her pink sunflower designed apron that I just bought her two days ago, “It has no scent, can you sense anything?” She looked at the box intently and then reached a hand out to touch it. A second passes and then a cautious shake of her head, I rip it open and a gasp escapes her... Inside was my missing assistant that never showed up with my coffee on time today except the monsters that hurt her tried to reinact the black Dalia murder case her lips were cut from the lip to her ears and she was bloody all over her body cut in half, “Call Natio, we are getting threats again.” Na quickly walks off to contact him, her hand placed over her heart. I growl angrily and right on cue my veins and chest glow I walk to a beige door that led to my basement and open it, I go to my steel fridge and as I pry it open the blood bags call to my poor burning inferno of a throat I quickly grab one and rip it open drinking it as if I was a man dying of thirst, she will be the death of me. As I finished two bags I walk out and close the door, “Sir Soto, you asked for my presence?” A male says in a deep rough heavy accented voice bowing quickly and stands straight again, his yellow eyes showing how genuinely happy he was to see me.

“Nateo, how have you been?” He smiles, “Very well sir, watching over my Nadia who keeps asking for unkie Soda.” I laugh, Natio was a Hispanic man I saved when I entered my late thirties and entering his hundred and twenty-fifth birthday he met his mate only for her to die of cancer a month after having their first child. One day his daughter got very sick and the only thing to heal her was a long living vampire with ancient blood or should I say one that earned his powers by killing many powerful vampires, “Bring my darling princess by sometime, Natio!” Na says loudly since she was in the kitchen. “I will Na, how are you?” She comes out and hugs him, “I’m old but living a good life son, take care of yourself okay?” He nods once more and turns to me.

“Straight to business Mr. Soto, you want me to investigate what happened to the woman in the box?” my eyes landed on the box and back to him a simple nod and he along with the box was gone in a blink, he worked quick and he served me well with no complaints and his daughter was my Goddaughter. My beautiful little girl.

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