His Savage Soul

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Chocolate Fudge Pancakes; Queen Nadia

(Soto’s P.O.V)

I was positioned on the middle of the bed with her elegant frame straddling me I run my tongue over the top of her breasts agonizingly slow while cupping them making her moan in pure sensual bliss, I move my hips up in a thrust and she grabs my shoulders my hands leave her breasts at the electrical contact as I grab the back of her head and pull her down to me attacking her neck with wet kisses. She starts grinding on me and I groan in pain at how hard I was but mostly from pleasure. I gasp very unmanly as someone jumps on my rock solid manhood, “Wake up, unkie soda!” A little voice says and giggles getting off my bed.. running away from me, Natio was on the floor laughing so hard I was sure he almost snorted a lung out.

I lean my head back on the pillow gripping my squashed genitals closing my eyes trying to not groan this time in deep fire burning pain, “I’m so sorry, she just ran off and I didn’t know she would end up in your room.” I glare at him and he puts his hands up in surrender and walks out quickly, his laughter trailing behind the bastard that he is “Dammit!” I hiss as my hard on wouldn’t go down and it was all because of that stupid carnal dream, this meant I was to have a cold ass muscle cramping shower. As the cold water cascades down my back my thoughts went back to the woman that was giving me a hard time, I needed a distraction but it seemed the bond was getting unpleasant every time I delayed having her near my presence, If I could just overcome this damn bond some way...

Then it hit me out of nowhere; I can go and just see her act as a customer and buy my favorite drinks and chocolates. It would calm my inner demons by just having her near us for just a few seconds then I frown, No, It was a bad idea for a vampire like me especially. The bond would still continue to grow and one day I would lose it and do something in front of all the prying human eyes. I lean against the light brown tiled wall and close my eyes, damn, this was going to be hard... For being the second oldest vampire I felt like I was a young boy again and having to handle my human problems like before, I turned off the shower and stepped out grabbing the light green towel on the sink and dry myself well.

A very soft knock was heard and from the soft heartbeat that resembled a hummingbird I knew who it was, “Unkie?” Her voice was a whisper letting me know she was upset. I quickly changed into the clothes I brought with me and opened the door, I caught her before her head hit the floor since her back was on the door as well. “Nadia darling, why the pouty face? Remember royalty never makes ugly faces, they get stuck like that.” Her eyes widen and her tiny arms fly to her face and tears start to form. I sigh, that was not the reaction I was looking for.

“Come now baby girl, what’s the matter? I was just joking about the face thing.” She wipes her eyes and looks at me, “Daddy told me I hurt you and I feel bwad about it, forgive me unkie soda!” Her arms encircle my neck in a tight hug and I laugh gently. “Queen Nadia, I am not mad darling.” She pulls away a full blown genuine smile appearing on her tear stained face, “Really?!” I nod and she places a soft kiss on my cheek and wiggles letting me know that she wanted to be put down.

“I got you something my Queen!” I tell her excitedly and she squealed loudly making me feel as if my ears were going to bleed at any moment, I go to my walk in closet and grab a bright pink bag I turn and bump into a little someone who landed on her little bum “Oh shi-ships Nadia, I’m sorry! Why would you walk so close behind me?” She giggles and stands while dusting herself off, also ignoring the fact that I almost let slip a word the queen shouldn’t have to hear as she has told me many times, “That’s a bad habit of yours, you have to be more careful or you’ll get hurt.” She ignores me, Just then she opens the bag and pulls out a beautiful crown that is real silver and the diamond was real as well. A story behind, one that must be told when my little goddaughter got older.

Tears fall down her face while she hugs the crown to her chest then runs to me hugging my leg, “Queen, why do you cry again?” I whisper tenderly, she looks at me with a smile still plastered on her face, “Thank you so much unkie!” I grab her and place the crown on her head, “It’s real so take care of it, your highness.” I put her down and turned her to face the big mirror inside the walk-in closet I bow and she sees it making her turn to me. “May I just say that your grace looks....” And she giggles again making me smile, “Pwetty! Right, unkie?” I grab her and start tickling her using my speed and she screams as I gently lay her on the bed. I attacked her with what she called twickles. I stop as she starts turning red from lack of oxygen and sit her up, I give her a serious look. “You are not pretty..” I trail off as her smile starts falling, I continue quickly “You are a beautiful, smart and caring queen my darling Nadia.” I hug her and we pull apart as Natio runs in, “Why is my daughter screamin-” he spots her next to me and sighs knowing she was fine but his brows meet as he walks closer to us, “Nadia baby, why are there dry tears on your face?” She looks behind her and pulls up the crown I got her and shows it proudly to her father.

“That is such a treasure, what do we say baby?” She looks to me again “A thousand twimes thank you, unkie!” I get up and stand straight before bowing “Anything for my Queen!” I say firmly but softly in my deep voice. Natio bows as well, “Will my queen like some chocolate fudge pancakes with chocolate sprinkles and hot cocoa?” She nods eagerly at her father. She gets off the bed and gently places her crown on my soft furry blanket and then not waiting for us runs off. “Na, I’m hungwy!” We laugh as we hear Na talk to her about washing her hands first and how important it was. I look at Natio who smiled a knowing smile, “Thank you, for the crown.” I nod and pat him on his back as we both head down stairs to eat, she being my God daughter is now royalty and if anything she was like my own daughter we were bound by blood and if anything happened to Natio I would take her in as my own daughter. Just like my Goddaughter I can never turn away anything with chocolate in it.

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