His Savage Soul

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Chocolaty Breakfast & Goody Drawer; Denied

(Soto’s P.O.V)

“So you’re telling me there is no clue on who might have killed my assistant?” I ask in an emotionless tone, we were currently seated in my office talking business now that Na and with the help of Natio who got my princess into bed around late ten. “There was no scent or fingerprints, not even a piece of hair.” He told me with a hint of frustration in his tone, I rub my eyes and Natio eyes me cautiously. “When was the last time you fed Soto? You’re starting to look like an old man.” He chuckles along with me, “I will feed soon, go up to your daughter and get some sleep we will need it since we both know she is up as soon as the sun starts rising.” He groans agreeing with me, we stand and I stretch feeling chilly air on my stomach letting me know that my button down shirt was riding up.

“Holy fuck bro!” I open my eyes stopping mid stretch and look at him, “What?” I say quickly, about to rush out the room. “You found your mate and didn’t plan on telling me?!” I sigh and drop myself on my leather seat feeling drained, ‘Damn me and not covering up well..’ I pick up my head from my hands and look at him tiredly, “How?” Is all I can say like the moron I am, his eyes narrow and looks at me as if I was mental asking that question. “Hmm lets see.. maybe because your veins look like fucking lightning!” He says loudly and I growl, I stand and start to walk to the door “Not now Natio, I am tired and need to feed.” I say angrily and a loud sigh is heard, “Very well sir, Goodnight.” A whoosh of air is heard letting me know he retired for the night, I go down to the basement and grab four blood bags and without opening them I bite down and drink greedily as if I was a man who was about to die.

I throw the stupid cold things away from me irritated that it wasn’t enough anymore and it’s all because of the mate bond I growl and step out of the basement locking it just in case, before I could head up stairs Na calls out to me. “I’ve seen and studied your kind for many years son, they think that they can ignore this magical aggressive bond and end up going insane slowly until they reach the point of being alone all because of their egos pushing those close to them away.” I ended up in front of her and she didn’t even flinch, she loved hugs and they brought me a bit of comfort. I hugged her and she returned it, “Na, I don’t want to hurt her or for something to happen like my poor assistant for example.” Those that I made enemies with were after me once again and I feared for those close to me but I mainly feared that I might become the heartless person I was back then and cause a full blown out catastrophe.

“If they are after you, then, let them come and you will be ready but bring your mate into your life for she will be your savior and your strength.” I pull away from her only to see her eyes glowing all white, “Na, what did you see?” She pats my shoulder and walks off, “I must pack dear, I am off tomorrow afternoon remember?” I smiled and I knew soon she would tell me about her mini visions. I went into my bedroom and sat on the bed to open my goody drawer. It had many chocolates. I grab a musketeer and lay back on my bed eating it, I let out a long sigh for tomorrow was to be a tedious day.

A throat clearing was heard making me shift on my California king bed as I was coming out of my sleepy state, “Presenting your royal highness, Queen Nadia!” Playing along I jump off the bed trying to look a bit nervous and bow as my darling God daughter walks into my bedroom with her head high and a small smile. She giggles and I give her a playful glare, “What could be so funny your highness?” She drops her act and runs to me with open arms, “You almost tripped unkie, I saw it!” I gasp in a dramatic way, “I can not have that, it’s a secret!” I pick her up and put her on the bed tickling her as her loud laughter echoes around the house, “What should we do with her Natio? She knows too much.” He comes near his daughter and gives her an evil smile that she knew all too well.

“Oh no!” She jumps off the bed and runs out the door “Na, hep me! There’s twickle monsters after me!” We laugh as we hear Na say “Come little one, let’s get the pillows that we can hit them with!” We stayed like that for an hour until we got hungry and had a chocolaty breakfast. I couldn’t get enough chocolate, it is my weakness...one of them at least. “Wait till she finds that out, it won’t be your only weakness my boy.” Na tells me, wiggling her eyebrows my way and making Natio choke on his hot chocolate, I roll my eyes as I stand to place a gentle kiss on her head. “Have a nice vacation Na, if you want travel to four places this time so you can stop bringing her up every chance you get by all means do it.” She giggles as if she knew something I did not, “Very well, I’m off, goodbye darlings.” She disappears after we all hug and start cleaning, “I have to get ready for work, are you staying another night?” He shakes his head, “Thanks for the stay dearest old friend, but I must go so the faerie healers can check on my little Nadia and make sure she is healing well.” We grasp our arms and nod farewell and he is gone with a sleeping angel in his arms.

I arrived at work in a all black suit my persona throwing out profession and significant as I get off the elevator my assistant stands without look up from her planner I open my office door and walk in with her behind me, “Good morning Mr. Soto, don’t forget you have one meeting today and your free all morning and afternoon and if you want I can pick up lunch for you today?” I frown and look up at her, “One meeting?” She nods and writes something down quickly. “Il Caffè turned your offer down sir and she relayed a message, she said and I quote her shop is not for sale and to stop asking.” I look down at my suitcase zoning out for a second of a moment and think of why out of all the people she kept on saying no, “Very well, I will get my own lunch so don’t worry about that, thank you.” With a nod she walks out shutting my door, “Well doll face, guess I’m going to have to make a small meeting of my own and see why you turned me down.” I say to myself while rearranging the stack of papers on my desk while I planned out the rest of my day in my already cluttered mind.

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