His Savage Soul

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Almond Coconut Brownies; Smirks

(Lilian’s P.O.V)

What in the world was going on today? My day is just not going well for all God know is that I woke up late which ended up in me opening the store an hour late and now I had very irked early risers who wanted their coffee and to get to work “My apologies mam, here you go!” I say a bit grumpily as my last customer leaves. I sigh and turn to Navaeh as she laughs and nods, understanding me so well....“Yes mam, I’ll take over for you! Now go make yourself look more presentable, that’s an order!” She says in a deep voice, I laugh. “If your father hears you mocking him baby cakes he will put you in the oven and turn it to full blast!” Her loud laughter that resembles her fathers echos around the store only hers was a little more high pitched while her fathers was deep I enter my office and sit thinking of her father who had come in one time to see why my shop was getting more attention then his cake shop so when I gave him a few samples he near almost bought everything on the menu. That is until his daughter reminded him about his cholesterol, “Look child, I am forty-eight years old and if this man wants something he will get it!” And he walked out shoving another peanut filled chocolate piece in his mouth leaving his beautiful daughter shaking her head at him with her hands on her hips.

Later that same day he sent me a mini cake with a long written thank you card it made my day and now every once in a while he comes in to buy at least one item of his liking so he won’t anger his baby girl and so she won’t try to overdose him with his medication as he says, I laugh lightly at the memory. Shaking my head I try my best to ignore the bad that had happened a few minutes ago, I do my makeup and hair. As I finish waving the last strand of hair my eyes slowly move to look at my work calendar and my eyes widen.. I pick up my cell and dial away, “Thank you for calling Soto Hotels and business! How may I assist you today?” I raise a brow at how she just said all that in one breath, “Hello this is Lilian, owner of Il Caffè, I was wanting to cancel a meeting that I had today with Mr. Soto and-” my office door opens without a warning interrupting me mid-conversation.

“We are getting slaughtered boss, we need all hands on deck!” Navaeh’s eyes widen and whispers an apology as she sees that I was on the phone and quickly walks out, “Mam?” The woman on the other end of the phone says catching my attention again, “Oh yes, tell Mr. Soto that my shop is not for sell and to stop asking. That’s all, thank you!” She stays silent except for the scribbling of her pen, “Very well mam, have a good day!” We hang up and look at my reflection one more time on my mirror, satisfied I stand and walk out to help my choco loco family. “So how’s your dad today? I haven’t seen him come in lately.” Navaeh sighs, “He keeps getting order after orders, it’s been busy.” I smile, “Tell him I can close up some days and we can go help him.” She smiles and nods and walks off to attend a customer that came in while I go to the back room to get more coffee cups since we were running low.

As I stack the new ones up a deep voice startles me, “Ciao bella!” I jump, dropping the cups. I picked them up quickly, looked at who spoke and it was the one and only.. “Mr. Soto? How can I help you today?” He smirks and once again I raise a brow, “Just came to get the usual, Cioccolato.” I nod and stack the last cups, I mentally thank the lord they were still in the plastic so it wasn’t unsanitary. “May we talk Ms. Demori?” I stopped what I was doing and met his eyes, “Mr. Soto, my place will never be for sale so there is nothing to negotiate here.” He smirked once again and it made me stop on what I was doing to give him a pointed look, “Seriously a smirk, What are we teenagers still?” A surprised expression appears on his devilishly handsome face, “I see that you are the type to speak out loud on whatever is on your mind.” One of my workers hands him his coffee and a bag of his choosing, “I do, when it comes to men thinking they’re all high and mighty.” His hand lifts and lands on his chest where his heart is, “Ouch darling, you wound me.” He fakes a pained face but I could have sworn his eyes were a different story. He grabs his things and turns and walks off but before he could leave completely he turns to face me again with a serious expression on his face.

“I speak my mind too beautiful, So, I will be back here tomorrow to bother you until we both come to an agreement of sorts.” He walks out leaving me with my mouth agaped and fuming, the nerve of these rich men! They never give up on trying to feel all powerful. I sigh and get back to work since there was still so much to do and such little time since I woke up late. “Well if it isn’t my favorite customer!” I greet Navaeh’s father with a big smile and a hug, “Baby doll, how’s your day going?” He says with that booming voice of his making me laugh softly. We pull away him still holding my hands gently, “It went from a shitty wake up call to a better view, sir.” He laughs and then gives me a glare, “What did I say about calling me sir? Please call me Benjamin honey it makes me feel less old.” I nod and help him sit, “Want the usual Ben? Before Navaeh comes back from her break?” His eyes widens and a big goofy grin makes its show on his dashing face, “Yes doll, make it four, two for right now and bag me the other two!” He ushers me away with a wave of his hands making me laugh at his silly self. He sure loved his almond covered Coconut brownies so I made sure to pack him an extra four more and the letter that Navaeh and I came up with, Benjamin needed all the help he could get and I was fine with extra work.

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