His Savage Soul

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Chocolate Cravings; Vanika Amystrova

(Soto’s P.O.V)

The glowing of my chest was getting to the ends of my damn nerves it was getting to the point where I was going to pull my own heart out and burn it maybe even laugh while trying to do it before I fall dead, I sign the last document and hand it to my assistant she walks out without a second glance. I take back my bad thoughts that she was like my mother she was nothing like that slutty bitch.. she went off and did her job and not once have I seen her throw herself at anyone or give them a second glance but I wondered why I kept seeing a sad expression every time we did meet eye to eye, it was a little meeting we would have to make in order to ask her what was bringing up this weird behavior. ‘Could it be me? I hope not.’

I sigh and exhale with my eyes closed knowing that my mate bond was going to be hell or I was going to go crazy neither of them sounded pleasant, right now I was a pinch away from murdering all the people that worked in my building and my craving for chocolate grew strong every time I stressed. I lean down and place my cheek on the cold desk and let out a deep growl that would scare a tiger, “Why is she so stubborn!” I say loudly to no one in particular, or so I thought. “Do you always talk to yourself?” I straighten up slowly as my brain registers her voice. “Vanika Amystrov, what brings an immortal Russian royal to America?” I say clipped my eyes staring deeply into her pink ones.

“Lets just say I got bored?” I laughed but it was humorless, “A child like you, bored? Why say it as a question then?” She sits and crosses her legs, her eyes looking at my paintings on the office wall. “Your eyes keep changing color Vanika, it is dangerous for a hybrid to be out of the safety and security of your home!” I snap making her jump, she sighs and finally meets my eyes. They went from a gold, to a sea blue and then settled on her original pink and then jumped to orange and then finally staying a light blue with gold hugging the iris of her eyes.

“I will ask you one more time Vanika, what brings you he-” she stands abruptly interrupting me, “We have a problem big brother and unless you want us all extinct we need your help!” In some cases her tone would get her into trouble but as her eyes changed from red to a sad blue once again I sigh and stay silent letting her know with a nod that she had my full attention.

“What is going on?” I should of kept my mouth shut because what happened next was a whole lot of bat shit crazy, she bursts out crying and not the silent crying but the hysterical one where you are crying out loud with no shame whatsoever my eyes widened a fraction as she gets on her knees and bows her head, “Please don’t get mad!” I stand up fast, my chair falling backwards making a lot of noise in my office. This was no way for a royal to act, whatever she has done must be big.

“Get up!” I say with authority and anger, she looks up her eyes a dull grey almost white filled with tears. “I’m pregnant..” She whispered so low that if I wasn’t an immortal I would have not heard her soft whisper. I walk around my desk and pick her up and sit her down on the chair, “Who’s baby is it?” I say in a cold voice.

She whimpers but doesn’t answer me making me enraged, “Don’t make me repeat myself Vanika, your parents won’t be happy about you being unprotected and being with child!” She flinched at my tone. “Brother please, do not tell them!” I was about to say I was no brother of hers, but her parents did help me at my worst days and raised me as their own. I bit my tongue hard tasting blood, “Who’s the child’s father?” I growl out as my chest glows and I ignore it while her eyes widen upon seeing it.

On cue her chest glows too and she places her pale hand over it as if trying to conceal it from me, “I was out in the forest exploring since it began to snow I hunted off our lands barely escaping my guards and it was a mistake as soon as a white wolf appeared and was about to attack me but froze instead he bowed his head which made me be still at the odd action of an enemy wolf doing such a ridiculous move.” My eyes stared intensely at her as she continued, “He turned human and he came up to me saying two words that changed my life forever, he looked into my eyes and said “родственная душа!” (Soulmate!) I was scared but happy brother.” I lean on my desk and try to ponder all this.
She kept sniffling as tears kept falling down her pale face slowly. “My parents finding out is a death sentence for my unborn child and my husband and they won’t hesitate to torture me forever!” She wipes at her tears angrily, “Don’t you see брат (Brother), The wolves have been enemies with the Amystrov clan for years and for some reason God has paired us!” I growled and closed my eyes tightly, this was getting really messed up. “You married him?” She answered quickly and without hesitation, “да!” (Yes!) I nod and turn away as my chest glows a bit more brighter.

“Damn it!” I say and sigh as my mate bond was going on overdrive, “You’ve met her too haven’t you?” I turn to look at her sad watery eyes “Yes, I have.” I whisper, “Well brother, don’t ignore the mate bond if anything give into it because this is a gift that will keep on making you feel like you’re going insane, until you accept it and once you do you won’t be able to live without it for the rest of your life.” I didn’t show it, but her words struck me and I sigh again and grab her small pale hands, “I will see how I can help you little sister, give me time and disguise yourself for now okay?” She nods eagerly and surprises me by hugging me. I sigh hugging her back feeling the life growing inside her, a small weak heart beat of a child that was still forming at such a slow pace, today was a day full of surprises and I knew deep down that much more was to come.

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