His Savage Soul

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Snickers Bar; Recklessness

(Soto's P.O.V)

Today was a day of recklessness, why? Well lets just say that it wasn't a good start of the day and I was ready to go back to bed. I slam my metal fridge and sigh, I was out of blood bags... "Who runs out of eight-hundred thousand blood bags?!" I yell to no one in general, grumpily I walk out of the small room slam the door and head upstairs to get ready for work. Sometimes I hated being my own boss and the existence of mates.

I was beyond being irrational these passing days since my lust for blood was just over psycho limits, when I enter my room I grab for a snickers chocolate bar and unwrap it taking a big bite I sigh as I chew looking around my room, I think... No, I was not about to give in and accept the one thing I've been avoiding. But what if.. Not a damn chance! I sigh like a dramatic bitch once again as I chew the last bite quickly and start getting ready to head out.

The elevator dings as the double doors open right away my assistant is in front of me with her pink planner. "Good morning sir, you have someone waiting for you as we speak and after all that your clear for the day." I raise a brow, "Who's this person that is waiting for me?" Her eyes widen a bit and she closes her planner not looking at me anymore she stays quiet for a long time. "Alicia, as my assistant I expect you to answer me." She bursts, "I can't say Mr. Soto, I'm sorry!" She looked like she was about to cry on all the pressure I am putting her in and so I nod not liking how she was reacting to my intimidating persona. "Very well, I want full reports on my launches and how back ground reports are going on my desk before lunch, yes?" I say sternly my brows almost connecting.

With a quick nod she is off getting straight to what had to be done making me sigh I unlock my office door and step in placing my suitcase down flat on my desk and opening it to get my stuff out as everything is organized I reach over to my office phone and press the white button, "Hello Mr. Soto, how can I assist you today?" I smile "Good morning Maria, how's your morning going?" Maria was a Spanish speaking woman from El Salvador and she was like another mother to me. For a woman in her late fifties she sure is fast paced, "You know mij- I mean sir, all is good and I got to see my grand kids finally!" She full on laughs and I join her. "That's good, do you need anything Mari?" The line stays silent and I knew she wanted something but would never bother to tell me or ask.

"Maria, tell me and don't even try to lie since your a very bad liar." She huffs and I knew she was picturing herself pulling my ear like a parent would to their misbehaved child, "Mira aquí cipote, me está diciendo que soy una mentirosa?!" My eyes widen at her angry tone and I shake my head as if she were scolding me in person, then I remember that we are on the phone. "Not at all Maria, perdóname?" Then I knew what was coming this is how she bribed me, "I will, if you give me two weeks of vacation payed?" She answers my question with a question making me roll my eyes, "Sí Maria, all you had to do was ask." She laughs happily and then, "Oh! Mijo I almost forgot a Miss Demori is here to see you!" Confused I shake my head at her silliness, "Send her in Mari, and have fun on your vacation with your grand kids!" She laughs, "I still wonder how you find things out without me telling you, love you mijo take care." We say our good-byes and hangup at the same time my office door opens, I quickly fix my tie and look up and do a double take.

A full on smirk appears on my face, "Well what do we have here? Hello, Ms. Demori nice to see you again." She closes the door and sits without waiting to ask if she could, "Don't mind me, just sit." I say with sarcasm. "Look Mr. Soto I am here to put my fucking foot down once and for all, my place has been out there selling goodies for years! Most of the recipes come from generations of my family so no I will not sell you my property and I will continue this business like I promised my father on his death bed!" As she finished her rant angry tears started falling down her face leaving me stunned, not giving me time to retaliate she is on her feet and power walks to the door and sees herself out her demeanor hostile.

I blink twice trying to comprehend what just happened, "I will continue this business like I promised my father on his death bed!" I sigh "Fucking moron!" I growl, scolding myself. Today was just turning out so damn dandy, after rubbing my hands down my face I get back to work or more of getting distracted as her words kept jumping around my head.

A few hours later someone knocks at my door, "Come in." I say business like, as I assumed that it was my assistant but as the door opened I was wrong. "Hello mijo!" Maria says eagerly with joy a big smile on her tan face, it was so infectious that a genuine smile appeared on my what must of looked like grumpy old man face making me look like an old fart. 'I feel like an old fart..' "Oh mijo, what's with the long face?" I close my eyes and it felt as if I always did this when I had no words to form in these situations.

"You hurt her feelings didn't you, cipote?" I nod and a soft sigh is heard from her, "We all learn from our first time mistakes darling boy, so don't worry so much about it. It is not the end of the world." I finally open my eyes, "What can I help you with at the moment?" She smiles, "I came for a hug of course!" We laugh together and I stand to walk around my desk to hug her and it made me feel a bit better as we said our good-byes in person this time knowing she wouldn't leave without the hugging and smiles she always gave. Another mother figure leaving to live life to the fullest, something that strikes me as another lesson and should learn to do better.

Question! : What will Soto do to fix his mistakes? (:

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