His Savage Soul

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Stickiness; Enough, No more Fighting It


(Soto's P.O.V)

It was raining for the past two weeks and the cloudy days made work drag especially for the humans, they seemed more tired then the usual but they kept on as if it was background noise. The lightning was a pain in my poor ear drums I can hear it loud and clear as if I had headphones put in and turned up to full blast. "Mr. Soto?" I was brought back from being zoned out, "Yes?" I say with a sigh and I notice the irritation in my throat from not feeding myself blood for quite a while now. "Did you want me to get lunch for you today? I'm going on break soon and you look swamped from paper work." Her eyes widen a fraction as she points with her eyes at the pile of files sitting on my desk as if trying to prove her point. 'All I want is warm blood to sooth my throat, not lunch....'

I shake my head in a no gesture and she nods once, "Very well sir, I'll be taking my break now then." I nod twice not wanting to talk and all that is heard are the clicking of her heels on the marble floor as she turns away from me and walks out my office. I look down at my paper work and pick up my black pen once again and get to finishing what I had started before break came around, "Sir, I'm back, are you ready to take a break? If you want I can take the rest of these files and have them ready by tomorrow." I nod sharply and wait for her to collect all the files and walks out.

I fix my self appearance before walking out my office and locking the door, "Have a good and safe break Mr. Soto!" My assistant says not looking up from the files she took from me, I smirk, she didn't waste time at all I believe it is time to give her a raise that would have to wait until another week after her three month probation was up. The elevator dings open and I get in with just two strides, being tall had its perks but not when I was a child.

(Flash Back..)

"A new student?!" "He looks older then a regular kid!" I walk past kids that stared at me like one would at a museum artifact and It made me feel a type of way sort of like I was a piece of food they were trying to pick out. Who knew middle schools were such a big drama television drama...

I get my lunch and turn to look for an empty table to sit, I spot a place in the far corner of the small cafeteria near the window before I can sit someone calls out to me, "Hey tallness!" I smirk as I set my food down and my things before I give the young boy my full attention. It was a blonde haired boy with electric blue eyes and full lips he walks up to me and grabs my pizza as if he paid for it. I raise a brow as he shoves it in his mouth; Humans were disgusting creatures some not all and this one idiot who had yellow teeth showed that he didn't have a brain and probably didn't own a tooth brush as well.

He smiles his teeth on full display this time with pieces of chewed up pizza showing on them I push my lunch towards him as he studies my every move, "Sure, help yourself." I say with a smooth voice and his smile starts to drop slowly at how calm I was; anger was starting to show in his sky blue eyes he of course wasn't getting the reaction he wanted from me. I try not to laugh at this weak human boys pathetic attempts of trying to get me heated, "You think I want your shitty lunch?!" He shoves the tray towards me harshly and it ends up falling on my chest the fruit leaving wet stains on my button up uniform shirt.

He laughs with his two mentally challenged followers behind him and I smirk at them this time letting them see it, I collect the fruit that fell all over my shirt and go to stand in front of the insolent children who sensed danger and it made me laugh loudly at the sound of their heart beats racing away. I walk up to him and slam my both hands on the table making everyone in the cafeteria go quiet I look deep into the blue eyed bully as he takes a step back I laugh at how stupidity always gets in the way of people that don't like to use their minds.

"I'm sure you heard me the first time I said, 'Help yourself' right? So-" I walk around the table and in front of his short frame then I grab his hand in a harsh grip his bones cracking causing the reaction I was hopeful for.

Before a single sound could come out his dirty mouth I shove the handful of sticky can fruit into his open mouth and as he starts to choke on them from being shoved down his esophagus forcefully without chewing I wipe my hands on his shirt as I finish I look at the two other goons and smile at them. "Hello!" I say loudly in my accent and I take a step towards them only for them to turn around and run away. I turn back to gather my things and walk away to wash my hands and change shirt the rest of the day went by with kids looking up at my tall frame in fear.

(Flash Back Ends)

I didn't end up making friends until freshman year... I went to school a lot after I turned and I found out that somethings were taught differently and many things were updated the world changed and there was a lot to learn, it was never a problem to me to keep learning if anything after I turned I learned slowly that it was a gift to live as an immortal I get to keep learning about many things and what was to come but I also felt like something was always missing the older I got.

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