Love at first Nipple

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A bout a girl who meets the man of who dreams. He has every quality she could ever ask for. It’s about all the greatness to their relationship, also all their weaknesses which could possibly lead to an end of what we thought could be a happily ever after. During this story you will meet a man and woman who have gone through what you may think is the worst Amy relationship could go through... well think again. You will never expect how this couple power through their obstacles. Or do they?

Romance / Drama
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I’ve had enough. This is it! I’m leaving and never looking back, never looking at the past mistakes I’ve made. Whether it’s been a boyfriend, or regret. I’m saying no today and I’m moving on. You can’t change my mind. I’m quitting my job, packing my car as full as I can. I’m leaving
I’m Gone.
It was a Wednesday morning. Very early morning. The kind of morning, if I called any of my closest friends, and they saw my name on their phone.. they would be worried. I called my girlfriend Jamie. I asked if we can meet for coffee. Immediately without hesitating, she told me to come pick her up and let’s talk. She knew something was up. I never just randomly ask her or ask anyone else at 7 am to go have coffee and talk. I told her everything. And said I have to leave. Today. She helped me pack my things up. Load as much into my car. And I said farewell.
I stopped by my old job to say goodbye to my close friends and regulars. A couple told me I was being rash and should sleep on it. But most knew, I had to do this. Or it would continue to get worse. Only a few knew what I had been through. Only a few knew everything. Or what only I wanted them to know about my situation.
I was a complete fool and was so embarrassed how I let myself be with a man who walked on me, used me, lied to me, even hurt me. I couldn’t care telling or sharing the whole truth. So I had to leave I had to get out, out of Florida and take a chance that was a 48 hour drive, to the beautiful state of California.
Anyone who knows me, I’m stubborn. My car started dying the day I was planning on leaving. Do you think that stopped me? No! I had $700 in my bank account. Money I had also hidden in a stuffed unicorn. My ex always took my money so I had to find a way to hide the extra savings he wouldn’t be able to notice. All I could think of once I get out of Florida, I’ll get it looked at! But please let me get out of Florida. I knew deep down if I waited any longer I would have changed my mind.
I ended up driving all the way to Louisiana, fell asleep at a rest stop with my car running. When I finally a woke, my car died. I started walking around and asking people for jumper cables. Everyone was in a hurry or didn’t want to take the time to jump me. Finally I walked up to one couple and asked if they could help me. I even offered them $10 for their time to jump my car. They were so nice and got my car started for me. And the man even had one of those devices to check what was wrong with my car. He told me I needed a new battery. I tried to hand him the money I offered earlier. And he told me to take that ten dollars. Put it towards my new battery, then he handed me a $20. And said “i hope California brings you unexpected happiness. And get me a new battery ASAP!”
Like I said earlier I’m stubborn and want to get as far as I can with what I have. Well... it came to the point where my car was having a hard time even running. I finally sucked it up and bought a new battery. Oh forgot to mention it’s not just me traveling, it also my ride or die. My beloved cat, Deja. You might think traveling 4 days in a car with a cat would be the worst thing possible. But, after I got my car fixed. And got a good night sleep. Her and I became quite the road trip adventurers. We took our first hike together in Texas. We stopped at our first “historical marker” and it was the saddest thing ever. I wish this wasn’t the first landmark my cat and I stopped at, but it was definitely one for the books! It was a graveyard for still born baby boys back in the 1800’s. However we made up for it with another hike taking photos in Arizona with cactuses and mountains. We refrained from any historical markings from that point on.
After 4 days zero showers and 3 nights of sleeping in my car. Finally crossed the California border! Now only to get to LA, where my fabulous best friend lives!
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