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What happens when you meet the person on whom you had a crush on since you were eight and he never knew about your existence till now? Amy was an 18 year old teenager who shifted into a new city for her college and to meet the 'love of her life',a rapper who's 10 year older than her. Let's see what fate has planned for them!

Romance / Erotica
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Amy: Amy was an eighteen years old almost college going girl. A feminist, trying to fight for her rights in her own house! She was the eldest daughter of an orthodox family which had tons of expectations from her. She needed space and time. Failing at many relationships, getting her heart broken twice,she became cold to everyone except her close friends. She had a dark past which no one was aware of. However,her heart flutters for her childhood crush,Krish!

Krish: Krish wasn't an ordinary high school kid like Amy! He was ten years older than her. A successful rapper, partner of a major music label and a playboy. He had a dark history which he kept embedded in his past.

Will Amy and Krish meet? Continue the story to know✨
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